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Viscosity measurement of coatings is essential at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality standards. Many parameters can affect the rheological behavior of a finished coating resulting in undesirable effects such as inconsistent performance, poor levelling or sagging. The use of high precision measuring instruments is therefore essential in quality control to prevent such problems occurring during formulation, manufacture and application.

The Paintlab+ Viscomixer is a versatile instrument used to measure the change in viscosity during the addition of a solvent or thinner. Three Viscomixer models are available each offering a different measuring range according to the viscosity of the test sample.

A sample from a production batch can be quickly and easily measured in a 250ml tin and the required thinning ratio determined for scaling into the production process. The instrument operates at a fixed speed of 562 rpm to directly measure the viscosity in Poise (P).






Precise measurement - High stability motor speed control ensures accuracy and repeatability during each test. Real-time high resolution graphing allows monitoring of changes during measurement providing identification of inconsistencies between samples. Measurement results are displayed instantly on screen after tests.

Advanced temperature monitoring - An integrated temperature probe accurately measures and records sample temperature for each test. As sample viscosity is influenced by test temperature, accurate monitoring and recording ensures reliability of test results.

Automatic operation - Fully automated operation saves time by accurately lowering the rotor into the sample to the correct height. Once the test has completed the rotor automatically raises to drain off, saving time during cleaning. The easy to use quick release magnetic rotor holder allows rapid removal for cleaning after use.

Easy clean design - Lab-tough glass allows easy removal and cleaning of unintentional splashes and smears from the capacitive sense buttons and screen. The solvent resistant anodized aluminium instrument chassis ensures the instrument can be cleaned and restored to pristine condition even in the toughest working environments.

Flexible range configuration - The viscomixer can be configured to use multiple ranges by purchasing additional rotor kits. User selectable ranges with calibration profiles for each rotor.

Calibration - Annual calibration can be performed remotely by the user with the Rhopoint certified recalibration kit. Step by step instructions and automatic verification ensure accurate, traceable results





Technical Data

Technical Data
Standards: BS EN ISO 2884-2:2006, BS 3900-A7-2:2003
Range: 0.1 - 15 P
0.1 - 65 P
1.0 - 340 P*
Resolution: 0.1 P (*1.0 P)
Accuracy: +/- 2%
Reproducibility: +/- 1%
Repeatability: +/- 1%
Speed: 562 rpm +/- 0.1%
Container Size: 250ml
Operating Temperature: 15°C to 35°C
Power: 90-240V AC - 50/60 Hz
Weight: 7.25 kg
Size: (H) 460 x (W) 320 x (D) 190 mm
Packed Weight: 10 KG
Packed Dimensions: (H) 680 x (W) 460 x (D) 380 mm



  • Paints and coatings
  • Inks


Test Types


Run to stable - Tests for shear thinning or shear thickening to determine the time it takes to reach a constant value. User-defined test time and stability time, result given in Poise at the end of the test.

Run to change - Tests for the modulus point (change in viscosity) in the sample. User defined test time and percentage change, result given in Poise at the end of the test when percentage change is reached

Run to greater than value - Tests for shear thickening. User selectable test time. During this time instrument will look for an increase in reading to target value viscosity reading. This target reading is user selectable. Result is in Poise at the end of the test.

Run to less than value - Tests for shear thinning. User selectable test time. During this time instrument will look for an decrease in reading to target value viscosity reading. This target reading is user selectable. Result is in Poise at the end of the test.

Run to set time - User defined test time, results in Poise at the end of the test.



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Viscomixer rotor, Temperature verification probe and Traceable calibration certificate, 2 Year Warranty

Optional Accessories - Results printer, Data transfer cable, Certified recalibration kit (3 x traceable viscosity oils, USB calibration key, Recalibration certificate) - Please call for pricing

VI-975010 Viscomixer with 0-15 P Rotor $4,250.00
VI-975020 Viscomixer with 0-65 P Rotor 4,250.00
VI-975030 Viscomixer with 1-340 P Rotor 4,250.00
VI-975041 Additional Rotor 0-15 P 310.00
VI-975043 Additional Rotor 0-65 P 310.00
VI-975045 Additional Rotor 1-340 P 310.00
VI-975051 Recalibration Kit, 0-15 P 488.00
VI-975053 Recalibration Kit, 0-65 P 488.00
VI-975055 Recalibration Kit, 1-340 P 488.00
Recalibration Kit includes 1 USB calibration card and 3 oils
We are an established North American Distributor for Rhopoint Instruments, and have been providing, servicing, calibrating and certifying their high quality instruments for over 33 years.


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