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Using a Krebs Stormer Viscometer

The viscosity of paint is important for many reasons. For example, if viscosity is too low the paint could sag when brushed, rolled or sprayed. If viscosity is too high the paint might not level properly and leave visible brush or roller marks.

A typical paint Reaserch and Developement (R&D) department will optimize viscosity for these factors during the product development process, with the viscosity specification depending on how the paint is designed to be applied. This parameter is then written into the product specification and monitored and controlled as part of the production QC process.

Viscosity can be determined using a variety of methods. The most commonly used method to determine viscosity of paint uses a Krebs Stormer viscometer as described in ASTM D 562.

The Stormer viscometer uses a paddle that rotates through the paint at 200 rpms in a standardized container. The resistance created by the paint is measured and expressed in Krebs units, or KUs. The higher the KU number, the more viscous the paint. Modern Krebs Stormer viscometers such as the BYK byko-visc DS Stormer Viscometer also simultaneously display viscosity in centipoise (cP) and grams (gm). The BYK unit is useable with viscosities in the 40-141 KU range, which is equivalent to 27-5274 centipoise (cP) per ASTM D 562. They are simple, easy to use, and yield operator independent results with no calculations needed.

Krebs Stormer viscometers are typically used in QC applications to ensure that paints meet production specifications, and in R&D to develop new coatings. They are best used with paints that will be spread with a paint brush or roller, that is paints that will be applied at a medium shear rate from 10 to 100 s-1, depending on speed of brushing and depth of coating applied. They can also be used in other applications, such as raw material, slurries, and some food applications within the specified viscosity range. Paints that will be used in high shear applications, for example paints that will be sprayed with a high shear spray gun should be tested with high shear viscometers such as BYK cone and plate viscometers, as described in ASTM D 4287.

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