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Brookfield Model DV3T™

Programmable Rheometer

Brookfield Model DV-III Ultra

Concentric Cylinder version shown


The DV3T Rheometer has a 7-inch Full Color Touch Screen Display. It can operate as either a stand-alone instrument or under computer control to provide accurate and reproducible data for laboratory applications in R&D or QC. The DV3T Rheometer has built-in rheological algorithms to allow rapid and repeatable material characterization, including flow curves, yield points, time dependencies and temperature profiles. Overall viscosity range capability is 0.1 to 800 million cP (mPa•s). Speeds can be selected in steps as small as 0.01 rpm, shear rates from 0.002 to 1875 sec-1.

Brookfield's optional RheocalcT software can be used to control the DV3T from a PC for complete automated laboratory analysis. Plus, the DV3T Rheometer can also store up to 10 customized programs in stand-alone mode for structured tests on the production floor or in the QC lab. Up to 800 data points per test can be captured. Also included is the EZYield Software for conducting yield stress tests. The DV3T Rheometer works with Cone/ Plate and coaxial cylinder geometries as well as standard Brookfield LV/ RV/ HA/ HB spindle sets.






Stand Alone Operation - The DV3T can run in a programmable "stand alone" mode or under direct PC control. Tests that require mulitple data points can be run and the data acquired, stored, displayed or printed with minimal operator involvement.

RheocalcT Software (Optional) - allows lab personnel to operate the DV3T from a PC so they can do other work while tests are running. After testing is complete, RheocalcT can analyze the accumulated data. It can generate multiple plot overlays to compare test studies, print tabular data, run math models for comparative "fit" analysis, and perform other important time-saving routines.

User-Friendly Display and Keypad - An easy-to-read gas plasma display and intuitive tactile keys lead operators through test programs by providing visual guides for selecting geometry, rpm (speed), viscosity, temperature, shear rate, shear stress, % torque, and print and alarm status.

2600 Speeds at a Touch - from .01 through 250 rpm in steps as small as 0.01 increments.

Temperature Monitoring -
The DV3T is supplied with an accurate RTD probe for monitoring sample temperature. Optional remote probes are available that provide temperature status and enable control of Brookfield accessories.

USB PC Interface - provides optional computer control and automatic data collection capability.

PG Flash Software (Included) -
This exclusive Brookfield software supplied with the DV3T allows you to create customized programs, each with as many as 50 commands. Once a program is downloaded from a host computer, up to 800 data points can be collected and automatically stored in DV-III Ultra memory.

EZ-Yield Software - Allows for yield stress testing.

Built-in Microprocessor -
runs up to 10 complex test programs set from the DV3T keypad or downloaded from a PC using Brookfield PG Flash software. Test data can be output directly to a printer in real time, viewed on the DV3T display, or stored in memory and downloaded to a PC later.

Built-in Math Models - Models provide data analysis without the use of external software. Casson Yield Values, NCA/CMA Casson (chocolate), Power Law, Bingham Plastic and IPC Paste Analysis calculations are included.

Applications - The Rheometer is ideal for analyzing fluids in various applications in many industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food products, chemicals, paints, inks and other coatings.


Technical Data

Technical Data
  Viscosity Range
(2600 available)
Shear Stress Range
Model Min Max RPM Number of increments Pa dyne/cm^2
LVDV3T 1† 6M .01-250 2.6K - -
RVDV3T 100†† 40M .01-250 2.6K .5-100 5-1K
HADV3T 200†† 80M .01-250 2.6K 1-200 10-2K
HBDV3T 800†† 320M .01-250 2.6K 4-800 10-8K
† 1 cP achieved with UL adapter accessory. 15 cP on LV with standard spindles.
†† Minimum viscosity is achieved with optional RV/HA/HB -1 spindle.


Available Geometries

Cone and Plate       Concentric Cylinder
Cone and Plate
for determining absolute viscosity of a small sample volume.
Vane Spindles Concentric Cylinder
Available in Brookfield standard and DIN geometries.
Disc Spindles Vane Spindles
for use with paste-like materials, gels & fluids where suspended solids migrate away from measurement surface of std spindles.
Spiral Spindle
Disc Spindles
offer versatility for general purpose use. Relates to many ASTM.
Spiral (Pump) Spindle
for pastes, creams and gels.






Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Instrument, 6 spindles (RV/HA/HB) or 4 spindles (LV), PG Flash Software, RTD Temperature Probe, Spindle Guard Leg*, Lab Stand (Model G), Carrying Case. *Not applicable to HA or HB torque models
VI-083110 LVDV3T $5,605.00
VI-083120 RVDV3T 5,605.00
VI-083130 HADV3T 5,605.00
VI-083140 HBDV3T 5,605.00
VI-0834XX Wells-Brookfield Cone/Plate Available 6,860.00
With optional temperature probe embedded in Cone Plate sample cup
add 262.00

Must be ordered with Rheometer. Cannot be purchased separately.
Ball Bearing Suspension available (RV/HA/HB models) - Click for more info
EZ-Lock Option Available - call for pricing
RheocalcT Software.Vane spindles are optional.

DV3T Extra Models Available
This rheometer is similar to the standard DV3T, but comes with extra features such as:

• EZ-Lock spindle connection for rapid attachment of spindle
• Model Q Lab Stand for quick up/down movement of rheometer head
• Ball bearing suspension for added durability in instruments with RV torque & higher
• Ball bearing suspension NOT available on LV Models (equipped w/standard point & jewel suspension.)
• FREE RheocalcT software

Most DV3T customers buy RheocalcT with the instrument - it is FREE with this model!! Another key advantage of the DV3T EXTRA is the feature for measuring yield stress with vane spindles. The Model Q Lab Stand will prove highly beneficial for this purpose since the instrument head can be lowered quickly and easily into the sample. Also, the EZ-Lock connection and Ball Bearing Suspension (BBS not available on LV Models), which are optional accessories for other models - are conveniently INCLUDED in the EXTRA models.

VI-083150 LVDV3T EXTRA model $6,647.00
VI-083160 RVDV3T EXTRA model 6,754.00
VI-083170 HADV3T EXTRA model 6,754.00
VI-083180 HBDV3T EXTRA model 6,754.00
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