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TQC Cone and Plate Viscometer

Cone and plate viscometers or viscosimeters are rotational viscometers that use a narrow-angled cone placed on a horizontal flat plate. The generator of the cone makes a very small angle, one to two degrees to the plate. The wedge-like space between the cone and the plate is filled with liquid to be investigated. With the cone fixed; the plate rotates with a constant angular velocity around the axis of the cone. With this system, the shear rate between the geometries is constant at any given rotational speed.

With this Cone and Plate viscosimeter the viscosity measurement can easily be calculated from shear stress (from the torque) and shear rate (from the angular velocity). The viscosity of coatings, such as paint, show typical changes when applied with brush, roller or spray gun under high shear rates.

This standard test for dynamic viscosity measurements is now faster and more accurate by use of new high precision microprocessor controls.

TQC Cone and Plate Viscometer




TQC Cone and Plate Viscometer Close Up
  • Interchangeable cones, simple to install with quick release chuck for easy cleaning
  • Reading in P, cP, Pa.s, or mPa.s
  • Pre-selected or adjustable run-times 5-59 seconds, with manual or automatic start
  • Rapid temperature control with adjustable pre-heating time 0-59 seconds
  • Adjustable limit/tolerances setting with warning
  • Calibration by user: viscosity (for any cone used with certified oils), and temperature
  • Memory for 100 readings, with 3-digit adjustable sample identification, RS232 PC/printer data output
  • Easy menu-guided/soft-key operation: cone range, parameter setting, reading, set point and plate temperature, speed, viscosity, sample identification, calibration, date
  • Selectable modes: fully functional or simplified routine, security protected.
  • Note: Suitable cone kit for your application (including 5 certified calibration oils) to be ordered as a separated accessory.

As non-Newtonian fluids exhibit different viscosities relative to the shear rate applied, the Cone and Plate Viscometer tightly controls it to the standard test methods; 10,000S-1 (B.S./ISO requirements) or to 12,000S-1 (ASTM).

These are generally accepted to be representative of paint application via a roller or brush and so reflect ‘real world’ application. As most viscosity measurements are highly temperature sensitive the samples are placed on a temperature controlled plate which can be set from 5 to 65°C.

The combination of the Cone and Plate Viscometer's two standard speeds and the choice of five viscosity ranges allow precise testing of a wide range of products in compliance with national test methodologies.

Technical Data

Technical Data
Dual Speed (Standard): 750rpm = 10,000 s-1 900 rpm = 12,000 s-1
Viscosity: 5 cone/measuring ranges: 0-5, 0-10, 0-20, 5-50, 10-100 P
Resolution: 0.001 P / 0.1°C
Accuracy: <±2%
Repeatability: <±0.5%
Temperature Control: Built-in 5° to 65°C
Electrical Supply: 90-240 AC - 50/60 Hz
Standards: Complies to BS 3900;A7, ASTM D 4287, ISO 2884



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Cone and plate Viscometer price includes electrical power cable, PC/printer cable, Manual, Cone kits of your choice (to be ordered separately) Calibration Certificate (subject to cost)
VI-SH1693 TQC Cone and Plate Viscometer $7,140.00
VI-SH1429 0-5 Poise Cone Kit with 5 certified oils 987.00
VI-SH1432 0-10 Poise Cone Kit with 5 certified oils 987.00
VI-SH1428 0-20 Poise Cone Kit with 5 certified oils 987.00
VI-SH1427 5-50 Poise Cone Kit with 5 certified oils 987.00
VI-SH1434 10-100 Poise Cone Kit with 5 certified oils 987.00


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