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H-1200 Universal Penetrometer

H-1200 Penetrometer

Direct reading unit accurately determines consistency of bituminous materials, cement, petrolatum and waxes, as well as food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products. Unit has accurately machined aluminum base with grooved table surface ground to ±.005" (0.127mm) and stainless steel support guide rods perpendicular to the base for rigidity. Built in spirit level has two adjusting leveling screws. Cast aluminum head features fine adjustment, plunger mechanism and depth gage. Dust-proof 5" (127mm) dia. indicator dial is graduated into 400 divisions of 0.1mm, corresponding to 40mm penetration, and has zero reset to eliminate errors.

Locking collar or plunger weighs 47.5g and is supplied with 1/8" (3mm) dia hole for use with standard needles. Two additional loading weights (50g and 100g) mount on base when not in use. One H-1280 penetration needle (2.5g) is furnished. Overall dimensions: 10-1/2x13x22". Meets ASTM D5, D217, D1168, D1191, D1321, D1403, D1831, D1855: AASHTO T49, T187: others Shpg wt. 30 lbs. (13.6kg). Cube. cont. 4 cu ft. NOTE: Special cones and needles available on request.


H-1202 Penetrometer (Battery Paste Preparation & Plate Control)

This instrument (similar to H-1200) offers a rapid, direct, and accurate determination of battery paste consistency. Included is a 50 and 100 gram weight, a special plunger and cone-shaped penetrating needle. Shpg. wt. 30 lbs. (13.6kg.) Cube. cont. 4 cu. ft.


H-1240 Electric Penetrometer

H-1240 Penetrometer

Automatic unit for penetration tests described for H-1200 Penetrometer. Digital timer, with release mechanism, is switchable to seconds, minutes or hours. Timer can be set in 1/10th second intervals from 0.1 seconds to 09.9 seconds, 0.1 min. to 09.9 min. and 0.1 hr to 09.9 hrs. Plunger releases with push of a button and automatically stops after the preset time duration is achieved.

H-1240 Electric Penetrometer 110/60/1ph. AC
H-1240.4F 220V/50/60Hz Electric Penetrometer is same as H-1240 and includes voltage adapter and internal switch on tuning mechanism to change cycle to 50Hz.

Shpg. wt. 32 lbs. (14.5kg) Cube cont. 4 cu. ft.


H-1240D Digital Penetrometer


The H-1240D Penetrometer adds a digital gauge to the H-1240 electric penetrometer to provide precise at-a-glance readings, as well as the ability to automatically start a test with a button push and have the test end after a preset duration.

H-1240D Digital Penetrometer
H-1240D.4F 220V 50/60Hz Digital Pentometer



H-1250 Portable Penetrometer


Similar to H-1200 but lighter and smaller size for field work. Micrometer adjustment for accurate settings as well as coarse adjustment for approximate settings.

Easy to disassemble. Also, only one additional 50gm. loading weight is furnished. Over-all dimensions, 7" x 7" x 16"H (178mm x 178mm x 406mm) Meets same specifications as H-1200

Shpg wt 8 lbs. (3.6kg). Cube cont. 2 cu. ft.

H-1250 Penetrometer


H-1252 Portable Battery Paste Penetrometer

A light weight compact model (similar to H-1250) supplied with the same special plunger and cone-shaped penetrating needle and one 50gm weight. Shpg wt. 8 lbs. (3.6kg). Cube cont. 2 cu. ft.


H-2510 Grease Penetrometer

H-2510 Penetrometer

Determines the consistency of hard lubricating grease and soft petrolatum. Same as improved Humboldt H-1200 Universal Penetrometer, except furnished with an H-2520 Grease Penetration Cone.

Meets ASTM D217, D937; IP50: ASA Std. A11.3.

Shpg. wt. 30 lbs. (13.6kg.) Cube cont. 4 cu. ft.


Technical Data

Technical Data
Model Applications Description Meet Specs.
H-1280 BITUMINOUS Materials Hardened stainless steel needle, brass ferrule, 3.2mm dia. Wt. 2.5gm ASTM D5: AASHTO T49, IP49; ASA Std., SS-R-406C Meth. 214.01
H-1300 Same as H-1280. Certified for accuracy by independent laboratory
H-1310 WAXES with 250 or more penetration Hardened stainless steel wax penetration needles with tapered point, hollow shaft, blunt tip of truncated cone. Ferrule is approx. 2.3mm dia. Wt. 2.5g ASTM D1321
H-1317 Same as H-1310, but with certification by independent laboratory.
H-1255 BATTERY Paste Hardened stainless steel tip with special plunger. Total wt. 60 gm ±.050g. N/A
H-2520 GREASE-testing penetrometers Hollow 90° brass cone, highly polished stainless steel tip. Removable nut and stem. Wt. 102.5g.
ASTM D217, D937; ASA Std. Z11.3
H-2522 Same as H-2520, except stainless steel. Wt. 102.5g
H-2525 REPLACEMENT tip, nut & stem for H-2520 cone Stainless Steel. Total weight meets prescribed ASTM requirements.
H-2524 GREASE-testing penetrometers Magnesium cone, same dim. as H-2520. Total wt. cone 30.0g. ASTM D2884
H-2529 FOOD products & paste paints Aluminum. Same dimension as H-2520. Total wt. 35g. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
H-1270 Measuring firmness of solid and plasticized FATS (shortenings, margarine, butter, etc). 10° aluminum cone 1/8" (3.2mm) ferrule, 1/32" (0.8mm) stainless steel blunt tip Overall length 4-3/16" (106mm) Wt. 45gm AOCS cc-16-60
H-2519 SMALL obtainable samples (i.e. recovery of used grease) 1/4 scale. (not considered a substitute for full-size cone specified in ASTM D217.) Wt. 9.38g ASTM D1403


For use with Models H-1200, H-1240, H-1250, and other Penetrometers

Penetration Needles and Cones Penetration Sample Cups

Sample Cups



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
PE-H-1200 Universal Penetrometer, with H-1280 needle $2,491.65
PE-H-1202 Penetrometer, with H-1255 cone shaped needle 2,728.95
PE-H-1250 Portable Penetrometer with H-1280 needle 1,677.90
PE-H-2510 Grease Penetrometer, with H-2520 brass cone 2,926.35
PE-H-1280 Penetrometer Needle, ASTM D5 90.30
PE-H-1300 Penetrometer Needle, ASTM D5, with certification 176.40
PE-H-1310 Wax Penetrometer needle, blunted cone tip 194.25
PE-H-1270 20" Aluminum cone, s/s blunt tip 396.90
PE-H-2519 1/4 scale cone, ASTM D1403 1,174.95
PE-H-2520 Hollow 90 brass cone, ASTM D217 340.20
PE-H-2522 Grease cone, hollow s/s, ASTM D217 340.20


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