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Sensadyne Surface Tensiometers

SensaDyne Tensiometers are the only commercially available instruments that replicate ASTM test method D3825-90 Standard Test Method "Dynamic Surface Tension by the Fast-Bubble Technique"


The SensaDyne Surface Tensiometers are instruments that can continuously monitor surface tension within fluid sample streams, using a flow-through cell arrangement. The measurement is taken within the body of the fluid and is unaffected by any surface contaminants. SensaDyne Tensiometers use a patented technology that is a refinement of the Maximum Bubble Pressure Method.

Click Here for Information on Accuracy, Stability, and Software for SensaDyne Tensiometers




  • A mid-range instrument which adds independent bubble rate mass flow controllers, to the basic features, allowing a wider monitoring range with increased precision and accuracy.
  • It's compact design combines simple operation with fast and accurate results.
  • It can generate data for characterizing surfactant formulations for Research and Development, or it can be easily modified for use in an on-line environment with a variety of configurations.
  • Measure both dynamic and static (equilibrium) surface tension
  • Accurate, continuous real-time measurements
  • SensaDyne Tensiometers interface to a personal computer using a plug-in computer interface board. The included software program allows display, storage and collection of data, redisplay of stored files, and graphing of surface tension related data.
  • Operates with external regulated air, nitrogen, or inert process gas supply
  • The unit functions as a computerized sensor with the ability to store real-time surface tension values, and provide visual displays of the monitored parameters. Each time a bubble is generated at the orifice, the SensaDyne makes a discrete surface tension measurement. This is output as a moving average surface tension value. If the process changes, the tensiometer readings will track the change. The instrument can be used for simple, quality control measurements or integrated into the most complex closed-loop process control system. Click Here for more information on software.
  • Adjustable bubble rate:
    • Max: 40 bubbles/second
    • Min: 1 bubble every 120 seconds
  • Automatic surface age (surfactant diffusion) determination
  • Software peak detection accuracy within ±0.1 dynes/Cm
  • Applications: Inks, paints, chemicals, semiconductor/Plating baths, adhesives, printing, oil, coatings, detergents, aerosols
  • The SensaDyne does not require a skilled, experienced technician for operation. Calibration is entirely a function of two known standard fluids and the surface tension values of each. The computer program calculates and stores the required calibration curve. Each step of the calibration procedure is displayed and operator-prompted on the computer terminal in a step-by-step sequence.


Bubble Pressure Method

  1. The maximum bubble pressure method avoids error-causing effects by measuring surface tension within the body of the fluid. It is the "Simplest Accurate Method" for measuring surface tension.
  2. Two glass probes having orifices of different diameters are positioned below the surface of the liquid. A pressurized process gas source forms bubbles in the liquid, and the differential pressure of the bubbles is measured and equated to the surface tension of the measured liquid. Unlike other maximum bubble pressure methods, the SensaDyne's patented double probe method allows complete independence of immersion depth, for accurate repeatable results.
  3. The Tensiometer's pneumatic system provides constant volumetric gas flow, making the flow independent of down-stream pressure. Flow rate to each orifice is adjustable through external valves. This allows interface formation time (bubble rate) selection from up to forty or more bubbles per second to one bubble every two minutes. Bubble rate, surface age, fluid temperature and fluid surface tension are displayed on the computer's video terminal.
  4. The surface tension of a liquid generally increases as the temperature decreases, and vice versa. In the SensaDyne, a temperature probe is immersed in the fluid at orifice level to always provide a temperature reading with a resolution of 0.1 degrees C.



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Item Number Item Prices

Model 6000 - Model 6000 Sensor/Flow Control Unit, Computer Interface Board and Cable, Compact Probe Stand with Temperature Probe, Quick-Connect 1/4" Fitting for Air/Gas Input, SensaDyne QC6000 Operating Software, Interface Board Utility Software and Manual, SensaDyne QC6000 Operator/Instruction Manual, 2- Glass Probe Set (4.0mm, 1.0mm, 0.5mm)
FT-6026 Model QC6000 Mid Range Surface Tension Monitor $12,075.00
Click Here for Information on Accuracy, Stability, and Software for SensaDyne Tensiometers


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