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PGX+ Contact Angle Goniometer

PGX Contact Angle Goniometer


A portable,video-based goniometer designed for quality control applications, to provide dynamic and static contact angle measurements, surface tension and surface energy.

  • Portable Instrument - Easy to use even in the field. This small Goniometer is connected to a PC or laptop and gets its power through USB.
  • Static & Dynamic Contact - Both Contact Angles are measured. Almost every 1 hundreds of a second an image is taken capturing the change of contact angle.
  • Surface Energy - Surface "free" Energy (SFE) is the available force on a solica surface to attract the liquid molecules. The SFE is calculated after performing the test.
  • Surface Tension - The shape of the pendant droplet is registered by the camera. The shape of the droplet gives information on the intermolecular forces.
  • Test Results - 80 frames per second gives a great opportunity to physically see how the drop shapes. The computer uses the frame to give 80 calculations per second.
  • Dosing Unit - The optional Dosing Unit enables you to use fluids with higher viscosity. Because of the more precise dosing this option is also more consistent.





The PGX+ Goniometer measures contact angle (dynamic and static), surface tension, and surface energy. The PGX+ Goniometer makes a drop in µl according to the size that is set. The drop is automatically released and 80 images per second are made. The PGX+ is used for paper & board, solar cell panels, windshield, metal cylinders ad similar surfaces. For more tests deionized water is used, however using other liquids is also possible. Contact us for use on other liquids.

During testing the PGX+ Goniometer is connected to the special PC software. The software gives you an easy overview of the possible tests. During the test the data is transferred to the computer. The pictures taken and the results can be store and analyzed. Thanks to the direct feedback, adjustments to improve the results can easily be made.

  • Complies with test method Tappi T458, ASTM D 724, ASTM D 5946
  • Easy to handle, small sized
  • Full control of the test
  • No sample preparation
  • Registration with 80 frames/second
  • Static and Dynamic Contact Angle, Surface "free" energy, Surface Tension
  • Multiple test fluids possible
  • Runs on every Windows computer
  • Power from USD connection
PGX+ Contact Angle Goniometer Case PGX+ Contact Angle Goniometer Close Up

PGX Screenshots


Technical Data

Technical Data
Operation: Automatic
Sampling: Specimen Size: Any size sample
Max Specimen Thickness: Unlimited
Pump: Automatic
Drop Applicator: Automatic
Contact Angle Readings: Automatic
Contact Angle Range: 0.5 - 180°
Accuracy: ±0.5°
Repeatability: ±1°, when measuring on a steel ball (calibration tool)
Power Supply: via USB-A Cable
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm: 90 x 55 x 90
Weight: 400 grams
Shipping Weight: 1200 grams
Droplet Volume: 0.5 - 10 microliter
PGX+ Software: Included
International Standards: TAPPI T458; ASTM D724, ASTM D5946
Program Functions: Static Contact Angle: Yes
Dynamic Contact Angle: Yes
Surface Tension: Yes
Surface Free Energy: Yes


PGX+ Goniometer Dosing Unit

Dosing Unit Kit This testing instrument is used to determine the interaction between a liquid droplet and a surface. Liquid droplets can be applied by means of a manual dispenser (syringe) or in some of the models an integrated miniature pump. When tacky liquids or many different liquids are used, it is necessary to clean or replace the liquid system to avoid contamination Dosing Unit Kit
  • Disposable Liquid System with low cost syringes and pure PTFE tubings
  • Small and portable size
  • Affordable and versatile
  • Programmable droplet size and cyclic pump sequences
  • Automatic testing of advancing/receding contact angles

Dosing Unit Technical Data
Pump Functions
Preset Droplet Volumes: At 2, 4 and 8 μL
ProgrammableVolumes: Three user-defined (0.1 …20 μL)
Programmable Pump Cycles: Three user-defined (0.1 …20 μL)
Top-Up Function: Yes
General Specifications
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC or 12 VDC
Power Consumption: 2W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.3" x 2.2" x 2.2" (160 x 55 x 55 mm)
Weight (Incl Syringe): 0.7 lbs. (500 grams)


Dosing Unit Concept


The new concept ‘Disposable Liquid System’ is an attractive alternative to tedious cleaning and replacement of expensive parts. In addition the new PG Dosing Unit will offer new opportunities not yet available with the standarrd instruments.


The PG Dosing Unit is based on a standard syringe pump for low-cost disposable syringes. The complete liquid system consists of a one mL syringe, a dispensing tip and a PTFE tubing. This standard syringe produces more than two hundred liquid droplets of four microlitres and when the syringe is emptied or not required any more, the entire liquid system is disposed of. A new syringe is then filled with the new test liquid, a new dispensing tip with tubing is attached and the syringe is put intoi the PG Dosing Unit. Disposable items like syringes, dispensing tips and PTFE tubings are offered in economical bulk packages.

The PG Dosing Unit can be operated in many modes. The most comon use is to set the pump to a preset droplet volume and pump out a new droplet for each new test position. The PG Dosing Unit can also be programmed for sophisticated analysis of the “wetting hysteresis” using the advancing/receding contact angles to characterize the surface properties.

Here the dynamic contact angle is measured as the droplet advances across the test surface (top view). The pump flow is then automatically reversed at a user-defined volume and the liquid droplet is now receding on the surface (center view). Finally the droplet will release from the dispensing tip (bottom view) and the test is aborted.

Dosing Unit Concept






Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

PGX+ Goniometer - PGX+, carrying case, user's manual in English, software for XP - Vista, Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) and Windows 10, calibration kit, spare pump tubing, droplet dispenser.

Dosing Unit - Plastic Case, 5 disposable syringes, 5 PTFE tubings with LILAC Dispensing Tip 0.2 mm, Power Adaptor 100-240 VAC, 5 PTFE tubings with RED Dispensing Tip 0.5 mm, 5 PTFE tubings with PINK Dispensing Tip 0.9 mm

FT-302510 PGX+ Pocket Goniometer $14,101.50
FT-305201 PG Dosing Unit $4,194.75
Disposable Items:
FT-305035 PTFE Tubing Kit with +L - Cannulas and Pump Tubing 669.90
FT-305911 Syringe w/o tip, 100 pcs, one mL volume 110.25
FT-305921 PTFE tubing, 1.5/0.2 mm, 100 pcs, L=250mm 187.95
FT-305931 PTFE tubing, 1.5/0.5 mm, 100 pcs, L=250 mm 187.95
FT-305941 PTFE tubing, 1.5/0.9 mm, 100 pcs, L=250 mm 187.95
FT-305961 Dispensing tips 0.5mm, 50 pcs, RED 249.00
FT-305971 Dispensing tip 0.9 mm, 50 pcs, PINK 187.95


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