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CAM-PLUS Film / Micro Contact Angle Meter

CAM-Plus is designed for test methods: ASTM D20.19, D724, D5946 and TAPPI T458 cm-94

CAM-PLUS Film / Micro Contact Angle Meter
CAM-MICRO Contact Angle Meter

The CAM-Plus is contact angle meter that provides a patented method ("half angle") for quantifying surface energy relative to other measurements on other surfaces. This information makes it possible for accurate prediction of a surface reaction to coatings, eliminating costly trial-and-error methods. It eliminates the difficulties associated with tangent angle measurement methods. Consistent functions, coating operations of all types can quickly determine surface energy measurements.






Surface energy is most evident in how a surface interacts with an applied liquid. Like color and texture, surface energy is a physical property. When paint is applied to a sheet of glass, it will typically "ball up" because it does not stick well to the surface. This is surface energy in action. Conversely, when liquid is applied to a different material and disperses, this is also surface energy.

  • Easy "half angle" determination
  • Operator independent consistent measurements
  • Dyne level readings from 10 to 70
  • Simple finite liquid dispensing that employs delicate liquid placement (sessile drop)
  • Bright, clear image on a large screen for display
  • A remote light source keeps heat away from the sample
  • Platform configurations for small samples, films, printed circuit boards (PCB), plastic ball grip array (PBGAs), round samples (spherical and tubular)
  • CAM-PLUS’s unique rail loading system allows you to quickly and easily load samples and push them into the “measuring” position. This facilitates easy sample loading, separated from the measuring location. The syringe can be easily loaded by loosening its hold-down thumb-screw, sliding out the micrometer syringe assembly and charging it with the test liquid.
  • The newly developed fiber-optic light source increases the light intensity for easier measuring in brightly lit rooms and defines the image more crisply. The micrometer syringe assembly assures measured droplets can be formed time and time again.
  • The CAM-Plus uses two techniques:
    • Half-Angle Technique - Repeatability in Measurements - By drawing a line through the Apex of the droplet from the interface point between the liquid/solid surfaces, the contact angle can be more absolute and repeatable as compared to the tangent line approaches. This eliminates potential sources of human error measurement of finding the tangent line.
    • Projection Technique - Simplifies Discussion of Results - By projecting the image of the droplet as it sits on top of the substrate, several students, researchers or QC personnel can simultaneously discuss the results of the work. The droplet image is magnified and displayed right-side-up for simpler measurements.


Technical Data

Technical Data
Measuring Method: Sessile Drop, Half-Angle™, Tangent Line
Measuring Range: 0-180°
Repeatability: ±2°
Accuracy: ±1.5°
Magnification: 6x (standard), 12x (optional)
Sample/Specimen Stage Sizes: CAM-Micro - 2" x 2" x 1"D (50 x 50 x 25mm D) - (Micro)
CAM-Film - 10mil max., 1” strips - (Film)
DOSING: 50-75 droplets
Input Voltage: 120V/50/60Hz or 240VAC (only)
Dimensions: 8” W x 15” L x 13” D (PS separate) CE approved
Weight: 30 lbs., including power supply



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Syringe assembly, post holder for Cam Syringe Micro and Film Specimen Holder Stage, Dove Prism, 6x Projection Lens and Ionizer, Manufacturers Certificate of Inspection
FT-6113 CAM-PLUS Film/Micro Combo, 6x Projection Lens, 120V (includes ionizer) 10,973.00
FT-6131 Glass Syringe w/22 GA Stainless Steel Needle 78.00
FT-6133 Stainless Steel Needles 22 GA (Set of 5) 99.00
FT-6163 Projection Lens Assembly 12x (optional) 491.00
FT-6173 Certification of Calibration (for Annual Re-Calibration Only) (performed at factory using NIST traceable measuring tools) 543.00


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