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PosiTector® SPG

Surface Profile Gage - measures and records peak to valley surface profile heights

ASTM D4417-B, AS-3894.5-C (with optional 30° tip angle), U.S. Navy NSI 009-32, SANS 5772 and others

SPG Fast measurement rate of over 50 readings per minute - ideal for quickly and accurately measuring large surface areas. Large, easy-to-read, graphics LCD, enhanced one-handed menu navigation and RESET feature instantly restores factory settings. All PosiTector Advanced models now have WiFi technology.




  • Solvent, acid, oil, water and dust resistant - weatherproof
  • 60° angle tungsten carbide tip for long life and continuous accuracy - field replaceable.
  • Rugged, outdoor/indoor instrument - ideal for field or shop use
  • Shock-absorbing, protective rubber holster with belt clip and wrist strap
  • Two (2) year warranty on body AND probe
  • Universal gage accepts all PosiTector 6000 (coating thickness), SPG (surface profile) and DPM (environmental) probes
  • 30° angle interchangeable probe tip available for special applications
  • Selectable display languages
  • Hi Contrast backlit display for bright or dark environments
  • Flip display enables right-side-up viewing
  • Uses alkaline or rechargeable batteries (built-in charger)
  • Built-in temperature compensation ensures measurement accuracy
  • Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST included
  • Glass Zero Plate and metal shim included
  • Conforms to national and international standards including ISO and ASTM
  • Continually displays/updates average, standard deviation, min/max thickness and number of readings
  • HiLo alarm audibly and visibly alerts when measurements exceed user-specified limits
  • USB port for fast, simple connection to a PC and to supply continuous power. USB cable included
  • USB mass storage - stored readings and graphs can be accessed using universal PC/Mac web browsers or file explorers. No software required
  • PosiSoft.net - a free web-based application offering secure storage of thickness readings
  • Software updates via web keep your gage current
  • Every stored measurement is date and time stamped
NEW WiFi features allow users to wirelessly...
  • Synchronize stored measurement data with PosiSoft.net
  • Keep your PosiTector up-to-date with the lastest features and functionality
  • Connect to all PosiTector instruments located on the WiFi network to browse stored measurements,
    update batch names/notes, capture photos and more



Technical Data

Technical Data
Measuring Range: 0 - 500 μm (0 - 20 mils)
Accuracy: ± (5 μm + 5%) ± (0.2 mil + 5%)
Size: 5.4” x 2.4” x 1.1” (137 x 61 x 28 mm)
Weight: 4.9 oz. (140 g) without batteries
Conforms To: ASTM D 4417-B, AS-3894.5-C (with optional 30° tip angle), U.S. Navy NSI 009-32, SANS 5772 and others


Gage Selection - Choose Standard or Advanced

Standard Model
Includes ALL features listed above...
  • Monochrome display
  • Storage of 250 readings - stored readings can be viewed or downloaded
Advanced Model
Includes ALL features listed above...
  • Hi Contrast reversible color LCD
  • Storage of 100,000 readings in up to 1,000 batches and sub-batches
  • Smart Batch allows entry of user-defined parameters and criteria to conform to international standards
  • On-Screen help, real time graphing, picture prompting and batch notes
  • Data transfer via USB to a PC or via Bluetooth Wireless Technology to a PC or printer.


Certified SPG Standards

Used to verify the accuracy and operation of depth micrometer surface profile gages including the PosiTector® SPG and are an important component in fulfilling both ISO and in-house quality control requirements. SPG
  • Ideal for use in calibration labs
  • Standards consist of 4 sapphire test plates mounted in a precision ground steel base and supplied in a hard shell case
  • Sapphire test plates are individually serialized for traceability to PTB-includes a Certificate of Calibration
  • Certified and labeled in both Metric and Imperial units
  • Comes with a sample of Accuracy
  • Made in U.S.A

Standards Data
Plate 1 Plate 2 Plate 3 Plate 4 Accuracy
0 50 µm
(2 mils)
175 µm
(7 mils)
500 µm
(20 mils)
(±0.03 mils)
*Certified SPG Standards and included sample Certificate of Accuracy allow the user to certify the accuracy of depth micrometer surface profile gages in-house



SPG Separate - Same measuring specifications as the built-in SPG probe above but with a 3ft/1m cable for easier handling and greater accessibility onto a variety of surfaces.

SPG-C Separate - Similar in appearance to the SPG Seperate probe but with an extended measuring range and rounder tip. Ideal for measuring the profile of textured coatings and other surface profile applications. Range: 0 to 60 mils/1500 microns,
60° tip with a 500 micron radius.

SPG-T Separate - The new PosiTector SPG T Separate probe brings the ease and convenience of the PosiTector SPG family to concrete surface profile measurement. Measure up to 6 mm (250 mils) of profile without the hassle of replica putty or the vagueness of comparators.

Ideal for measuring the surface profile of concrete created by blasting, scarifying, grinding, acid etching and more.


PosiTector® Inspection Kits, that include all three probe attachments and more, are now available click here for more information.





Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Gage, Glass zero plate, Metal shim, Protective rubber holster with belt clip, Wrist strap, 3 AAA alkaline batteries, Nylon carrying case with shoulder strap, Protective lens shield, Long Form Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST, USB cable, Two (2) year warranty, Instructions
SU-650101 SPG1-E Standard PosiTector® SPG Gage w/Probe, 60° Tip $645.00
SU-650103 SPG3-E Advanced PosiTector® SPG Gage w/Probe 60° Tip 1,045.00
SU-650104 SPGS1-E Standard PosiTector® SPG Gage w/Seperate Probe, 60° Tip 775.00
SU-650105 SPGS3-E Advanced PosiTector® SPG Gage w/Seperate Probe 60° Tip 1,175.00
SU-650106 SPGCS1-E Standard PosiTector® SPG Gage w/Seperate Probe, 60° Tip 775.00
SU-650107 SPGCS3-E Advanced PosiTector® SPG Gage w/Seperate Probe 60° Tip 1,175.00
SU-650108 SPGTS1-E Standard PosiTector® SPG Gage w/Seperate Probe, 60° Tip 875.00
SU-650109 SPGTS3-E Advanced PosiTector® SPG Gage w/Seperate Probe 60° Tip 1,275.00
Probes Only
SU-650110 SPG Removable Probe only 60° Tip 365.00
SU-650111 SPG Removable Probe only 30° Tip 365.00
SU-650112 SPG Separate Removable Probe only, 60° Tip 495.00
SU-650113 SPG Separate Removable Probe only, 30° Tip 495.00
SU-650114 SPG-C Separate Removable Probe only, 60° Tip 495.00
SU-650115 SPG-T Separate Removable Probe only, 60° Tip 595.00
DF-656621 PosiTector SmartLink - Click for more info (does not work with SPG-C Separate Probe) 495.00
SU-650121 60° Replacement Tip 55.00
SU-650123 30° Replacement Tip 100.00
SU-650125 60° C Replacement Tip 100.00
SU-650131 Glass Plate and Shim (Replacement) 15.00
SU-650191 Certified SPG Standards 995.00


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