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NewPaint & Coating Testing Manual

After 16 years, ASTM has published a 15th edition of the venerable Gardner-Sward Handbook, encompassing the latest information on significant paint and coating test methods and technology. It contains 79 chapters, written by experts, on new and updated technologies within the paint and coatings industry.

The manual is a comprehensive guide to the paint and coatings topics, test methods, procedures and standards of ASTM and other national and international organizations.

New and updated topics include measurement of gonioapparent colorants, surfactants, powder coatings, osmotic activity in coatings, coalescing aids, and radiation-curable powder coatings.

Click here to see the full Table of Contents.

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Item Number Item Prices
PU-A002 New ASTM Paint and Coating Testing Manual $332.00





Standard Method for Evaluating Degree of Rusting on Painted Steel Surfaces


This recently revised and expanded edition of SSPC's popular rust standard features a series of 27 full color images and 27 black and white diagrams representing various degrees of spot, general, and pinpoint rusting on painted steel surfaces. 

Test and tables provide a guide to the use of the reference photographs; a scale and description of standard rust grades; a comparison of SPPC, ASTM, ISO, and other rust grade scales; and other useful information.

Item Number Item
SSPC Visual Standard For Blast Cleaning - Guide to Pictorial Surface Preparation Standards for painting steel surfaces.
PU-SSPC-VIS-1 SSPC Visual Standards
PU-SSPC-VIS-2 Visual Standard Method For Evaluating Degree of Rusting
PU-SSPC-VIS-3 Visual Standard for Power and Hand-Tool Cleaned Steel
PU-SSPC-VIS-4/7 Visual Standard for Steel Cleaned By Water Jetting
PU-SSPC-SPSS-1 Surface Preparation and Best Practice Standards
Other Manuals Available
PU-SSPC-PM1 SS Painting Manual, Vol 1, "Good Painting Practice"
PU-SSPC-PM2 SS Painting Manual, Vol 2, "Systems & Specifications"
PU-SSPC-PM3 SS Painting Manual, Vols 1 & 2
PU-K003 Coatings Inspection Instrument Use Handbook, Volume 2




Fitz's Atlas of Coating Defects

Fitz's Atlas 2 is a loose leaf pocket size book which is ideal for site and office use. The Atlas has been completed by industry experts and supported by coating suppliers, consultants and engineers. Fitz's Atlas 2 is the most comprehensive book on coating and application defects world-wide. It is divided into a number of sections covering Welding Faults, Surface Conditions, Coating and Application Defects, Microscopy Marine Fouling and an Appendix with breakdown scales, paint characteristics, paint compatibility, calculations and formulae. This Atlas is a comprehensive publication for use across the whole of the coating industry and would provide useful reference material to:

Fitz's Atlas of Coating Defects
  • Engineers
  • Coating Inspectors
  • Consultants
  • Asset and Plant Managers
  • Paint and Coating Suppliers
  • Coating Contractors
  • Architects
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Students and Graduates
  • Marine surveyors

Fitz's Atlas 2 was written by recognized coatings experts Brendon Fitzsimons and Trevor Parry and contains 93 categories of coatings defects with fully detailed descriptions, probable causes, preventions and methods of repair. There are over 200 high quality color photographs of the coatings defects.

Fitz's Atlas 2 also contains comprehensive sections covering welding faults, surface conditions and marine fouling, illustrated with 51 high quality photographs.

Item Number Item
PU-F502 Fitz's Atlas 2 of Coating Defects




Failure Analysis of Paints & Coatings

Failure Analysis of Paints & Coatings

Revised edition, Failure Analysis Of Paints And Coatings is intended to provide an understanding of how to investigate, and solve, the premature failures of industrial coatings. The cracking, peeling, and blistering of coatings can result in widespread damage to the substrates which they are intended to protect, and can result in serious financial consequences.

A sound knowledge of coatings chemistry, coupled with a firm understanding of the many field and laboratory techniques available for analyzing such problems will aid the investigator in solving such failures.

Beginning with a basic review of coatings technology and the chemistry of commonly encountered coatings types, this latest edition of this book:

  • Contains new material on surface preparation, transfer of salt to steel from contaminated abrasive, effect of peak density on coating performance, on galvanizing, silane-modified coatings, polyurea coatings, polyaspartics, and powder coatings and on dry spray
  • Balances scientific background and practical advice, giving both the theory and applications in a slim, easily readable form
  • Looks at both the field and laboratory practices leading to the eleucidation of failure mechanisms
  • Combines coatings chemistry and analytical techniques
  • Gives both theory and applications
  • Discusses both the advantages and limitations of various analytical techniques
  • Discusses the thought process involved in solving coating failures
  • Incudes step by step examples of case studies

Item Number Item
PU-W30105 "Failure Analysis of Paints and Coatings" by Dwight G. Weldon, revised edition




Coatings Encyclopedic Dictionary

Coatings Encyclopedic Dictionary

(Editor:Stanley LeSota)

This solid resource contains over 6,000 terms related to the paint, coatings, ink, art, visual, and related industries. A comprehensive reference, the Coatings Encyclopedic dictionary is perfect for professionals and students in marketing, sales, R&D, chemists, government and regulatory workers, architects, manufacturers, and technicians.

Terms are cross-referenced for synonyms and related categories, and are classified into one or more of 75 categories (color, pigments, additives, methods of application, and more). Terms defined under each category are included in a thesaurus for keywords, research papers, and literature searches.

Item Number Item
PU-F002 FSCT Coatings Encyclopedic Dictionary, Softcover




Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference

The single indispensable resource for professionals who work with chemicals.

Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference

The sixth edition of "Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference" features entries on approximately 5,000 chemicals.  Each entry features safety profiles, synonyms, physical properties, and the standards and recommendations of government agencies and associations.  Totally updated and totally reliable, this book serves as the ideal quick-reference resource for anyone working with hazardous chemicals.

About the Author: Richard J. Lewis, Sr., is a chemist with extensive experience in air and industrial pollution measurement,industrial hygiene research, and toxicological and chemical information systems. He is the author and co-author of several books regarding Industrial chemicals. Published by John Wiley & Sons

Item Number Item
PU-W312 Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference




Automotive Paint Handbook

Paint Technology for Auto Enthusiasts and Body Shop Professionals

Automotive Paint Handbook
  • Full Color Paint Trouble Shooting Section
  • Comprehensive Paint Industry Glossary
The "Automotive Paint Handbook" is a comprehensive resource that covers the entire field of automotive paint technology, from types of paint and how to perform a complete paint job, to  advanced OEM factory paint techniques, paint care and inspection.For years, paint professionals from companies such as DuPont have used this book for training.  Now fully revised and updated this best selling HP Book now has the latest information available from the paint industry.  John Pfanstiehl owns and operates Pro Motorcar, a manufacturer of professional paint and body tools.  He is also the technical editor of "Corvette Fever" magazine, and the author of HP Books' "Corvette Weekend Projects."

Item Number Item
PU-P002 2nd Edition "Automotive Paint Handbook"




Guide to Chemical Incompatibilities

3rd Edition

Automotive Paint Handbook

This Third Edition has been rewritten and expanded to broaden coverage and improve its usefulness. Alphabetical organization provides concise incompatibility profiles for thousands of commonly used commercial chemicals, allowing readers to look up a given substance and instantly learn whether it is incompatible with common materials, other chemical substances, structural materials or personal protective equipment.

With thousands of new entries and easy-to-use organization, the Third Edition of the Wiley Guide to Chemical Incompatibilities remains a handy resource for all safety, first-response and plant management professionals responsible for the handling, storage and conveyance of chemical materials.

Item Number Item
PU-W314 Guide to Chemical Incompatibilities, 2nd Edition




The Measurement of Appearance

2nd Edition

The Measurement of Appearance

This second edition of a unique text/reference  identifies the appearance attributes of objects and the methods available for measuring them, bringing together much material not previously organized for ready reference.  The primary premise here is that "object appearance" involves not only color, but such attributes as gloss, luster and translucency. 

The first part of the book, concerned with nature of appearance draws from the fields of physiology  and psychology and considers the eye-brain  combination and the way it receives and interprets alight signals.

This is followed by a consideration of the optical properties of objects from the physical standpoint.  The second part of the book deals with the numerical scales used to measure object appearance.  The discussion here draws on psychophysics in describing the uses of physical techniques to give numbers having psychological significance.  The third part of the book covers instruments for the measurement of the attributes of object appearance, their principles of design, and a survey of the major ones in use.  The final chapter discusses specific applications of appearance measurement.  Includes appendixes and a glossary.By:  Richard Hunter &  Richard W. Harold, 1987, 432 Pages.

  • Other scales for Color Identification
  • Instruments for the Measurement of Appearance
  • Instrument Classification and Components
  • Instruments for the Chromatic Attributes of Object Appearance
  • Specimen Selection, Preparation and Presentation
  • Applications of Appearance Measurements
  • Appendix
  • Glossary
  • and so much more!

Item Number Item
PU-W320 The Measurement of Appearance, 2nd Edition.




Handbook of Fillers

Handbook of Fillers

This book is on up-to-date reference on all solids capable of changing the physical and chemical properties or materials. Technical data from over 160 manufacturers, clear organization and plain language make this a must-have information source for both novice and experienced practitioners.

By: George Wypych, William Andrew Publishing, 1999, 910 ppgs.

Item Number Item
PU-W405 "Handbook of Fillers"




Handbook of Solvents

Handbook of Fillers

This is the most comprehensive and extensive analysis of the principles of solvent selection and use. It is a balanced presentation of solvent performance, processing characteristics, and environmental and health issues.

The book helps formulators select the ideal solvents, safety coordinators to protect workers, legislators and inspectors to define and implement technically correct public safeguards on solvent use, handling and disposal. The companion Solvents Database contains extensive property data on more than 1,000 solvents.By George Wypych, William Andrew Publishing, 2001, 1,650 ppgs

Item Number Item
PU-W407 Handbook of Solvents
PU-W490 Solvents Database




Dictionary of Paint & Coatings Tech


Dictionary of Paint & Coatings Tech

No doubt that the Chinese paint and raw material industry plays an exceedingly increasing role in the international trade market. Mostly every European paint manufacturer and raw material supplier tends to expand its business operations into this fast growing, up-and-coming market. Therefore, a unique dictionary has been published which puts together more than 33,000 Chinese and English terms, naturally all of them strictly related to coatings technology.

An indispensable reference source for all those who have already made their first steps into the exciting Chinese market and want to intensify these business relations accordingly. Naturally also for all those who are planning to make their first Chinese experiences: The dictionary may be an enormous assistance for better mutual understanding. Simply the ultimate reference book for everyone involved in the Chinese coatings market. William Andrew Publishing

Item Number Item
PU-W481 Dictionary of Paint and Coatings Technology, English-Chinese-English




The Handbook of Green Chemicals

2nd Edition

The Handbook of Green Chemicals

More than 7000 trade name products and more than 2500 generic chemicals that can be used in formulations to meet environmental concerns and government regulations.

This reference is designed to serve as an essential tool in the strategic decision making process of chemical selection when focusing on human and environmental safety factors.

  • Part 1: Regulations
  • Part 2: Naturally Occurring Materials
  • Part 3: Synthetic Materials
  • Part 4: Plasticizers
  • Part 5: Solvents
  • Part 6: Pigments
  • Part 7: Additives
  • Part 8: Physical Characteristics of Liquid Paints and Coatings
  • Part 9: Films for Testing
  • Part 10: Optical Properties
  • Part 11: Physical and Mechanical Properties
  • Part 12: Environmental Resistance
  • Part 13: Specific Product Testing
  • Part 14: Analysis of Paints and Paint Defects
  • Part 15: Instrumental Analysis
  • Part 16: Specifications

Item Number Item
PU-S105 (Book) Handbook of Green Chemicals 1362 oversized Pages
PU-S106 (CD) Handbook of Green Chemicals




The Handbook of Solvents

2nd Edition

The Handbook of Solvents

This reference serves as an integrated reference tool for decision making in formulation, purchasing, and the understanding of safety issues by providing current and in-depth information on solvent products.

It comprehensively describes more than 3000 trade name products and chemicals that are used as solvents in all aspects of industry.

Item Number Item
PU-S110 (Book) Handbook of Solvents 764 oversized Pages
PU-S111 (CD) Handbook of Solvents




Paint & Coating Raw Materials

2nd Edition

Paint & Coating Raw Materials

The Handbook of Paint and Coating Raw Materials, in its second edition, contains more than 50% additional trade names and generic chemicals with expanded information for individual entries. It describes more than 18,000 trade name and generic chemical ingredients that are used in the formulation of paint and coating products available from international manufacturers.

With a worldwide focus on new or alternative materials for the development of efficient coatings, it is essential for professionals associated with this industry to have immediate access to current, accurate, and comprehensive information on these ingredients in order to make informed decisions on their selection. This reference provides such a resource.

Item Number Item
PU-S210 (2 Book Set) Handbook of Paint & Coating Raw Materials. 1833 oversized Pages
PU-S211 CD Handbook of Paint & Coating Raw Materials




Handbook of Industrial Surfactants

5th Edition

Handbook of Industrial Surfactants

An International Guide to More than 33,000 Surface Active Compounds by Trade Name, Chemical Component, Function/ Application, and Supplier. Available in a 2-Volume Set of Books or CD.

This reference is the standard source for anyone involved in the formulation, research, marketing, or procurement of surfactant materials.

Item Number Item
PU-S221 (Book) Handbook of Industrial Surfactants
PU-S222 (CD) Single-user Software Industrial Surfactants




Industrial Chemical Thesaurus CD

5th Edition

Industrial Chemical Thesaurus

Linking 75,000 Trade Name chemicals to 16,000 chemical
components. The Thesaurus serves as the most comprehensive source for linking trade name chemicals to generic chemicals and manufacturers. This resource contains over 75,000 trade name chemicals linked to more than 16,000 chemicals with contact information on more than 5,500 manufacturers that produce these chemicals under their trade name or generic names.

In the Fifth edition of this unique reference, more than 66,000 generic chemical and 57,000 trade name synonyms are cross referenced back to the main generic entry.

Item Number Item
PU-S226 Single-user Software Industrial Chemical Thesaurus CD




Surface Contamination & Cleaning

Surface Contamination & Cleaning

Generally speaking, there are two broad categories of surface contaminants: film-type and particulates.

This book addresses the sources, detection, characterization and removal of both kinds of contaminants, as well as ways to prevent surfaces from being contaminated. A number of techniques to monitor the level of cleanliness are also discussed. Special emphasis is placed on the behavior of nanoscale particles. The book is amply referenced and profusely illustrated.

Item Number Item
PU-W415 Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning




Metallic Effect Pigments

Basics and Applications

Metallic Effect Pigments

Basic knowledge to students and laymen with technical interest and, on the other hand, enable qualified personnel to deepen their knowledge of individual topics.

Silver cars, shiny metallic mobile phones, gold labels on beer bottles, glittering lipsticks and fireworks are just a few examples of the everyday uses of metallic pigments which are becoming ever wider and more diverse. This book gives a comprehensive overview of metallic effect pigments. Starting with manufacturing processes through properties to areas of application, the individual chapters offer condensed specialist knowledge based on many years of experience at ECKART. The importance of metallic effect pigments, their wide range of applications and related specifications as well as their development potential are elucidated. By Peter Wissling

Item Number Item
PU-W419 Metallic Effect Pigments





Concepts, Methods and Applications

Explains the meaning of the science of rheology, a science that many scientists need to use but only a few can fully grasp. The authors’ systematic presentation enables the authors to include all components of Rheology in one volume. The first four chapters of this book discuss various aspects of theoretical Rheology and, by examples of many studies, show how particular theory, model, or equation can be used in solving different problems. The main emphasis is on liquids, but solid materials are discussed in one full chapter as well.

By Alexander Ya. Malkin and Avraam I. Isayev

Item Number Item
PU-W423 Concepts, Methods and Applications




Handbook of Toxic & Hazardous Chemicals & Carcinogens

6th Edition

Toxic & Haz Chem & Carcinogens

Sittig's Handbook is a globally recognized reference source, providing full listings of the 2,000 most common hazardous chemicals - making it the essential handbook for the first-line response to chemical spills and day-to-day chemical plant reference.

Entries have a full range of synonyms for each chemical, including trade names to avoid confusion and enable quick and accurate location of the right information.

Authoritative and frequently updated, Sittig provides a fully accurate source of information that engineers and emergency response services look to as a highly dependable reference both for emergencies and dayto- day engineering decisions.

Edited by Richard Pohanish

Item Number Item
PU-W428 Sittig’s Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and Carcinogens, 6th Edition




Nano Coatings

Nano Coatings

Chemical nanotechnology is a special area within the very wide range of nanotechnology. It is a process with which materials, such as coatings or 3D objects, can be developed from minute nanocomponents of just millionths of a millimeter in size. By varying the composition, shape, size or character of the surface, these nanoparticles can be shaped again and again like small building blocks, resulting in unprecedented scope for material design.

This book was written to both provide information to practicing engineers and students alike on topics such as basics of inorganic/organic nanocomposites; processing coatings; analytical methods; and characterization of cured coatings. By Stefan Sepeur

Item Number Item
PU-W429 Nano Coatings




Special Effects Pigments

Special Effects Pigments

Many rapid developments have taken place in the area of special effect pigments since the 1990s. This book describes the changes of the special effect pigments, regarding their characteristics, manufacturing processes and application type. Furthermore it gives an overview of the areas: “color metrics for special effect pigments” and “application of the decorative and maintaining cosmetic”.

It is particularly meant for color designers, application technicians and product developers in the ranges of lacquers, plastics, printing inks and cosmetics. Even the responsible persons in Marketing and Sales will receive useful information for customer discussions into the range of the special effect pigments. By Gerhard Pfaff

Item Number Item
PU-W430 Special Effects Pigments




The Paint Inspector’s Field Guide

Powder Coatings Chem &Technology

By Lee Wilson

The inspection of protective coating systems for corrosion control includes a wide range of test methods and techniques. In the Paint Inspector’s Field Guide a wide range of these inspection methods are covered in an effort to aid individuals with the basic fundamentals of protective coating inspection while in the the field.

The Painter’s Field Guide covers all aspects from specification review and surface preparation works all the way through to application and final reporting.

The Paint Inspector’s Field Guide is complemented by a wide range of inspection and experience notes making it easy to solve those special problems which are commonly encountered in the field.

Item Number Item
PU-T101 The Paint Inspector's Field Guide


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