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RF-IT Insulator Tester

RF-IT Insulator Testers

The RF-IT Insulator Testers allows you to verify that there are no shorts in your above ground pipeline. It is a highly sensitive device used to test above ground pipeline insulators. The automatic RF-IT allows the operator to pinpoint the precise contact point. The RF-IT emits an audible beep and when the operator gets closer to the point of contact the unit starts beeping faster. At the same time the sliding scale LCD meter moves from left to right. This affordable unit is also fantastic for flange bolts.

The RF-IT has an internal band-pass filter which will filter out all the frequencies above and below 221kHz. This allows taking measurements on pipelines that are under cathodic protection or have other induced or impressed currents or signals. It is important to note that because the RF-IT uses Radio Frequency to measure the effectiveness of an insulator, the measurement results can not be displayed in Ohms.



  • Hand held instrument
  • Easily locates shorted bolts, replaces bolt to bolt
  • Move bolt to bolt to find contact
  • Use on structure regardless of CP
  • Uses Radio Frequency to test effectiveness of above ground insulators
  • Auto Shut-Off feature
  • Battery Operated
  • Audible Beep
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use this instrument in an explosive environment.
RF-IT Insulator Testers RF-IT Insulator Tester Above Ground

Technical Data

Technical Data
Dimensions: 8" length x 4" width x 3" depth
Operating Weight: 2 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.
Battery Operated: 6 Alkaline "AA" batteries (replaceable)
Cables and Probes: Included

Instructions for Use

  • The RF-IT uses Radio Frequency to operate.
  • Place one probe on each side of the insulator/pipe.
  • The RF-IT will apply radio fenquency between the two probes, if a signal is able to travel between the probes easily, the device will receive a strong signal.
  • An alert tells you that there is a short somewhere betweeen the two probes.



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Item Number Item Prices

6 AA Batteries (installed), Probe (red with lead wire and needle point tip), Probe (black with needle point tip), Additional needle tips (stored in small black vinyl tubes), Instruction manual and Warranty Card
CD-RF-IT ABOVE GROUND Insulator Tester $600.00


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