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RX-5000i Digital Refractometers

Experience the ease of touch-screen technology

Complies with: HACCP; GMP; GLP Standards

RX-5000i Series  
4 Measurement Mode Options
MODE-1 For maximum accuracy
  • Displays the measurement value once the sample reaches the target temperature
MODE-2 For fast results
  • Measures refractive index and temperature at fixed intervals and displays the estimated measurement value at the target temperature.
MODE-S For emulsion samples
  • Displays the measurement value once a certain level of sample stability is achieved.
MODE-3 For no temperature control
  • Provides an option to turn the thermo-module off. Without temperature control, the measurement value is displayed in 4 seconds after the START key is pressed.
Comes standard with a 2 year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects on everything but the touch screen from the date of the original purchase. The warranty period can be extended to 3 years if the product is registered with ATAGO. Register your instrument at:



Technical Data

Technical Data
Measurement System: Optical-refraction critical-angle detection system
Light Source: LED
Materials: Sample stage - SUS 316 Prism - Artificial sapphire
Display: 7.5 inch color LCD (touch screen)
Power Supply: AC 100V to 240V
Power Consumption: 50/60Hz, 70VA
Ambient Temperature: 5 to 40°C
Output Terminals: Printer - RS-232C, Computer - USB
Temp Control Range: 5.00 to 75.00°C (No lower than 10°C below the ambient temperature and no higher than 55°C above the ambient temperature)
Dimensions and Weight: 37x26x14cm • 6.6kg (Main unit only)
Model Measurement Items & Ranges Min Indication Measurement Accuracy *Repeatability
RX-5000i Plus Refractive Index (nD) : 1.32422 to 5.58000
±0.00002 *±0.00001
Brix: 0.000 to 100.000% 0.005% (The third decimal place is 0 or 5) ±0.010% *±0.010%
Temp.: (Auto Temp. Compensation) 0.01°C ±0.05°C
User Scale: 100 -
RX-5000i Refractive Index (nD) : 1.32422 to 5.58000 0.00001 ±0.00004 *±0.00002
Brix: 0.00 to 100.00% 0.01% ±0.03% *±0.01%
Temp.: (Auto Temp. Compensation) 0.01°C ±0.05°C
User Scale: 100 -



Refractive Index

Refractive index is a common quality standard measure for pharmaceutical or chemical products. Measurements need to be taken at a constant temperature, commonly 20°C, 25°C, and 40°C.

The Rx-i series are equipped with the internal Peltier Thermo-Module, and measurement starts once the target temperature is reached.

Refractive Index
Brix is measured for quality control purposes in the food and beverage industries. Brix
The concentrations of industrial solutions are often monitored. Examples include water-based cutting oils and cleaning solutions, hydrogen peroxide, coolants, and alcohol solutions. Although the Brix scale is commonly used, user scales can also be programmed to display converted sample values. Concentrations



Home Screen Measurements Measurement History High Security
Home Screen Measurements Measurement History High Security
The illustrated home screen makes it easy to identify the operation of your choice. All basic operations - selecting scales and modes, taking and recalling measurements, and zero-setting - are at the tip of your finger. Recall last 500 measurements. Exporting data to a USB drive or a printer is only one touch away. The RX-i series is also equipped with a RS-232C port for direct computer connection. 4 levels of access control and 5 unique user passwords provide data security. The settings are user-configurable.
Editing User Scales 4 Measurement Modes User Scales Special Scales
Editing User Scales 4 Measurement Modes User Scales Special Scales
There is no need to re-set the scale, mode, and temperature of programmed user scales each time. With the RX-i series, entering, editing, and copying user scales is a breeze. Up to 100 scales can be programmed. Select the measurement style that is most suited for the sample. Using the ten key pad, choose the measurement mode, enter the wait time, number of continuous measurements, and target temperature. In addition to the refractive index (nD) & Brix scales, concentration scales for specific samples can be configured easily. Simply program corresponding refractive index values and concentration data points. The RX-i series comes pre-programmed with 22 of the most commonly used concentration scales.
Self Assessment Manual Calibration Settings Menu Theme Options
Self Assessment Manual Calibration Settings Menu Theme Options
The instrument can detect irregularities with the intensity of light or waveforms. Perform this assessment regularly to ensure accurate measurements. When measurement values differ among multiple units, manual calibration can be performed within the accuracy range to provide consistent readings across all units. Navigation through the settings menu requires no effort. The icons provide quick and easy visual identification of operation. Choose from 6 different theme options for the home screen. Customize it to your taste or change it daily to fit your mood.


Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
This is a newer Version of the RX-5000α. Compare both models here - Comparison Chart.
RE-3275 RX-5000i Plus Digital Refractometer with Touch Screen $16,014.00
RE-3276 RX-5000i Digital Refractometer with Touch Screen 12,138.00
RE-3279 RX-7000i Digital Refractometer with Touch Screen 12,138.00
RE-56167 Volatile sample adapter (metal) Sample Adapter P.O.R.
RE-56168 Volatile sample adapter (resin) P.O.R.
RE-3118 DP-63 Digital Printer, for printing on thermal paper DP-63 1,566.00
RE-111001 10% Sucrose Solution (±0.01%) Sucrose Solution P.O.R.
RE-112001 20% Sucrose Solution (±0.01%) P.O.R.
RE-113001 30% Sucrose Solution (±0.01%) P.O.R.
RE-114002 40% Sucrose Solution (±0.02%) P.O.R.
RE-115002 50% Sucrose Solution (±0.02%) P.O.R.
Shelf life is 10 days. (Calibration certificate optional for above Sucrose Solutions)
RE-56172 Funnel-type Flow Cell (RX-5000α Series/ RX-5000i Series) No need to clean prism between measurements Funnel-Type Flow Cell P.O.R.
RE-56173 Funnel-type Flow Cell (RX-7000i Series) No need to clean prism between measurements P.O.R.
RE-3123 DP-AD Digital Printer, for printing on regular paper DP-AD 1,632.00


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