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RX-5000α Series Automatic Digital Refractometers

Automatic Digital Refractometers

RX- 5000a RX-5000a-Plus RX-5000a-Bev

RX- 5000α

RX- 5000α-Plus

RX- 5000α-Bev




Easy to Use - Operation consists of placing a sample on the prism, pressing the START button and in a few seconds the result is displayed on the large LCD screen. The unit automatically calibrates with distilled water.

High Precision - Featuring wide ranges and high resolution / accuracy for both Refractive Index (nD) and Brix, the RX-5000a offers the highest level of precision available in a digital refractometer.

Digital Accuracy - The LCD digital display and push-button operation both enhance overall precision - no dials to turn, no analog scales to read.

Flow Cell Attachment - This attachment allows customers to pour the sample onto the prism surface, take a measurement and then flush the flow cell with water. Then they can take their next measurement. The operator will no longer have to wipe the prism surface after every measurement.

Internal Heating/Cooling Mechanism - Featuring Peltier technology, the internal heating/cooling mechanism completely eliminates the need for an external constant temperature bath. Any temperature value between 5-60°C can be entered as the target temperature. After the START button is pressed, The RX-5000a displays the reading when the prism and sample are heated or cooled to the target temperature (MODE 1).
Note: The RX-5000a has two additional modes: MODE 2 displays readings based on a calculation of the target temperature entered; MODE 3 switches the internal heating/cooling mechanism off entirely, with readings based on the current temperature of the prism.

Professional Features - Large, menu-driven LCD display; push-button operation; contrast setting for the display; wait-time setting (0-99 seconds); measurement history (last 30 readings); centronics printer port (parallel); RS-232C computer port (serial); built-in clock displaying date and time.

User-Defined Tolerance Levels - Allows users to quickly monitor the readings of samples by individually setting upper and lower limits for the Brix, Refractive Index (nD), and the 60 user scales. Whether sample readings remain in or fall out of the specified tolerance, the results are digitally represented through the use of a horizontal bar graph on the LCD display.

Programmable User Scales - 60 programmable user scales are available for the custom concentration levels of specific solutions. Scales are easily entered manually with the use of the keypad & LCD display. A backup battery stores the scales and any other custom information.
Note: 3 points of actual measurement data, corresponding to refractive index (nD), are required for each custom scale. Upon completion of data entry, the RX-5000a automatically calculates the scale for immediate use. Scale units available: %,g/100g, g/100ml, mol/l, %mas, & %vol.

LED Light Source - The long-lasting LED light source with a 589.3nm (Sodium D-line) interference filter is intended to last the life of the instrument.

Automatic Temperature Compensation - Features Automatic Temperature Compensation for the Brix scale with 20°C as the reference temperature. The effective compensation range for the Brix scale is 5-60°C.

  • Automatic measurement at your targeted temperature
  • Measurements can be started without worrying about current temperature.
  • Brix and the refractive index at your targeted temperature are quickly displayed.
  • Constant temperature water bath is not necessary
  • Since the RX-5000a has a thermo-module to control temperature, the measurement starts after the sample reaches your targeted temperature.
  • Raising and lowering of the temperature are possible in a short time.
  • High Accuracy with the latest technology
  • High Brix ±0.03% and refractive index ±0.00004 accuracy can be obtained.
  • Up to 60 kinds of user scales are made by this machine.
  • Sixty kinds of user scales can be input according to your sample. If 3 points of actual measurement data corresponding to the refractive index are input, the RX-5000a makes your customized scale automatically.
  • Flow Cell Attachment
  • This attachment allows customers to pour the sample onto the prism surface, take a measurement and then flush the flow cell with water. Then they can take their next measurement. The operator will no longer have to wipe the prism surface after every measurement.
  • History function
  • The RX-5000a is capable of calling up 30 latest measurements.
  • With an optional DP-62a Digital Printer, measurement data can be printed out.
  • New user-friendly function
  • The RX-5000a displays the top-and-bottom-limit-bar for your set control range (tolerance).
  • You can see at a glance whether the measured value is within the tolerance.


Technical Data

Technical Data
Measuring system: Optical-refraction critical-angle detection system
Measurement Range: Refractive index (nD) 1 .32700 to 1.58000


0.00 to 100.00%
Resolution: Refractive index (nD): 0.00001
Brix: 0.01%
Accuracy: Refractive index (nD): ±0.00004
Brix: ±0.03
Programmable User Scales: 60
Wait Time Setting: 0-99 seconds
Internal Clock: Date & Time Indication
Temperature Control: Heating/Cooling Mechanism (Peltier)
Temperature Control Range: 5-60°C
Temperature Compensation: 5-60°C
Ambient Temperature: 5-40°C
Measuring Temperature: 5-60°C (±0.05°C)
Measuring Time: 4.0 seconds
Sample Quantity: >0.1 ml
Relative Humidity: 90%
Altitude: <5000m Above Sea Level
Auto-Calibration Liquid Distilled Water
Custom Calibration Liquid: Liquid Standard or User-Prepared Standard
Display: Backlit LCD
Measuring Light Source: LED w/ interference Filter (589.3nm) (Sodium D-Line)
Prism Assembly: Standard w/ Cover Plate
Prism: Synthetic Sapphire
Stage: SUS316 Stainless Steel
Input Voltage: 100 to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 8.5V DC, 1 .5A for Printer
Power Supply: 100 to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 480V A
Printer (Optional): Thermal Dot Matrix (Model DP-62a)
Printer Port: Centronics (Parallel)
Computer Cable (Optional): Serial (9-Pin or 25-Pin)
Computer Port: RS-232C (Serial)
Dimensions: 26(L) x 37(W) x 14(H) cm
Weight: 9.0kg
Supplied With: Power cord (1), Keyboard Mask (1), Plastic Sampling Spoon (3), Instruction Manual (1).


Printing of Contents

Name of sample, as well as the number of samples, date, month, year, time, measurement value and temperature can also be printed out. Display



RX- 5000a
The RX-5000α (ALPHA) Digital Refractometer has an internal heating/cooling mechanism, providing the ultimate in digital accuracy and precision for the Refractive Index (nD) and Brix testing of dissolved solids.
  • Internal Heating / Cooling Mechanism
  • Constant Temperature Bath Not Required
  • 60 Programmable User Scales



The RX-5000a-PLUS has all of the same great features of the traditional RX-5000a, but also boasts the unheard of accuracy of ±0.00002 nD and ±0.01% Brix across the entire measuring range.




FLAT sample stage design
Answering the demand for a quick and easy sample clean up. A smooth clean surface for any beverage

Technical Data
Range: Refractive Index (nD): 1.32700-1.58000 / Brix: 0.00-100.00%
Resolution: Refractive Index (nD): 0.00001 / Brix: 0.01%
Accuracy: Refractive Index (nD): ±0.00004 / Brix: ±0.03%
ATC: Refractive Index (nD): No / Brix: Yes
Dimensions: 26 x 37 x 14cm
Weight: 9.0kg



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
Newer Version available with touch-screen technology, RX-5000i. Compare both models here - Comparison Chart.
RE-3261 RX-5000α Automatic Digital Refractometer 12,300.00
RE-3266 RX-5000α-PLUS Automatic Digital Refractometer 16,000.00
RE-3271 RX-5000α-Bev, Automatic Digital Refractometer 11,900.00
Options for α (Alpha) models
RE-3121 DP-RX Digital Printer, thermal dot matrix 1,535.00
RE-56180 Adapter for volatile samples (metal) P.O.R.
RE-56185 Adapter for volatile samples (resin) P.O.R.
RE-3127 Data Transmission Software P.O.R.
RE-55201 Cable, RS-232C P.O.R.


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