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Sling Psychrometers

Model 1330P (red alcohol filled)

This streamlined, compact sling psychrometer measures the wet and dry bulb temperature of the surrounding air and permits immediate conversion of the readings to relative humidity percentage on the"slide rule" scale which is an integral part of the case. Relative humidity is a ratio of the amount of water vapor in a given volume of air to the amount that would be the evaporation of water from the wet bulb thermometer and the resulting cooling effect on the thermometer.

Sling Psychrometer

How to use the 1330P Sling Psychrometer:
  1. Pull shaft from the case to the locked position.
  2. Remove the thermometer slide from the case and fill the reservoir with clean water saturating the full wick. Close the reservoir cover and snap the slide hook over the extended shaft.
  3. Hold the case and whirl the thermometer as rapidly as possible (at least two revolutions per second) to effect evaporation around the wet bulb reducing the temperature to its lowest point. A substantial air velocity at the bulbs is necessary to obtain maximum accuracy.
  4. When no further reduction in the wet bulb temperature is noted, read first the wet bulb and then the dry bulb temperatures. A minute or more may be needed. The time necessary to bring the wet bulb temperatures to its lowest point will vary depending upon the temperature of the water in the reservoir; for minimum delay the water should be at ambient temperature.
  5. To read the relative humidity, insert the thermometer slide into the case, scale side up. Set the arrow on the slide at the dry bulb temperature. The relative humidity is then read at the intersection of the Rh scale and the wet bulb temperature. Self-contained sling pocket case and slide rule sling psychrometer. High-impact plastic. White on black scale markings. 5/8" x 1-5/8" x 6-7/8" for easy pocket carry. Red alcohol liquid filled. Wt. 3 ozs. Thermometers Scale is 20° - 120°F.


Taylor 1328 Series Sling Psychrometers

Taylor 1328 Sling Psychrometer

1328 Sling Psychrometer…9" tubes recessed in gray metal back. Folding swivel handle. 20° to 120°F and 5° to 50°C.

1° divisions. Boxed with spare wicks, charts and instructions. 1 lb.



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Item Number Item Prices
WE-1330P Mocel 1330 Sling Psychrometer Range 40° to 100°F, scale 20-120°F $110.00
WE-97S231 Extra wicks 12.00
WE-1328 Taylor 1328 Sling Psychrometer, 20-120°F 165.00
WE-1328C Taylor 1328 Sling Psychrometer, -50-50°C 165.00
WE-1328P Taylor 1328 Sling Psychrometer Organice filled, 20-120°F 175.00


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