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Oven Tracker XL2 Systems Temperature Profiling

Dependable, Reliable, Rugged, and Accurate

Datapaq's Oven Tracker XL2 temperature profiling system offers revolutionary new functions, while ensuring routine oven profiling is easier, quicker and more comprehensive. This system is suitable for automotive, appliance and can manufacturers, architectural metal finishers, paint suppliers, custom coaters, powder coating or paint lines, or any producers needing accurate process information to improve productivity or to prove compliance to industry specifications. Available in 6 or 8 channels, with up to 16 channels supported with the use of the Dual Interface Block, the XL2 features:

- LED indicator tells you immediately upon oven exit if your process is in control and your run was successful based on your choice of pass/fail criteria.

Multiple Run Capability
- Enhanced memory is capable of handling 10 consecutive runs before the information needs downloading to a computer.

Hardwired Telemetry - use outside your batch oven and transmit live data directly to your computer.

Oven Tracker XL Systems
The XL2 System consists of MemoryPaq programmable datalogger,
Transducer Interface in 6 or 8 channels, Thermal Barrier and Heatsink,
Computer Interface, Thermocouples, Oven Tracker Insight analysis software,
On-screen user manual, Quick reference guide, hard carrying case and
One Year Warranty.


The standard XL2 thermal barrier has a patented Silicone free construction that eliminates the worry of contamination issues, paint finish defects and helps you to provide the high quality you are required to achieve. Weighing less than 9lbs (4kg) ensures easy, safe handling and transportation.
  • Thermal Protection you can Trust - ceramic insulation and phase-change heatsink technology provides dual heat protection and enables safe data logger operation for 3 hrs at 400°F (200°C).
  • No Paint Contamination - patented Silicone free barrier construction eliminates worry of contamination issues and paint finish defects.
  • Safe Handling - aluminum construction ensures the barrier is lightweight, compact and easy to handle
  • Secure Lid - strong, secure latches with locking pins guarantees the lid remains securely in place.
  • Open multiple Paqfiles and instantly compare data from one run to another.
  • Analysis Tabs run along the bottom of the screen to facilitate the following functions: select Max/Min, Times at Temperature, Rise/Fall, Slopes, Peak Difference, Datapaq Value, View Data and Alarms.
  • Setup process files with oven, product and recipe information with the help of a Wizard. These details are saved and can be modified at any time.
  • On-screen help - each screen has a context sensitive help button that will take you directly to the help category for that function.
  • Set up your own “alarm” system to alert you when a process is out of specification.

1. Plug & Go

1. Plug & Go

Attach the thermocouples to the workpiece. Plug the MemoryPaq and Transducer Interface together and place inside the heatsink "cradle" in the Thermal Barrier.
2. Send through the oven 2. Send through the oven

Run the workpiece through the oven. The Oven Tracker XL2 records temperature readings at the time intervals you’ve selected. At the end of the run, unplug the MemoryPaq from the Transducer Interface. Check the SmartPaq LED. Green shows that your oven process is in control. Monitor your next process without any need to first transfer data to your computer. Red warns you that something in your process has created a problem. Download data to your computer to discover what the issue is.
3. Analyze and Report 3. Analyze and Report

Transfer MemoryPaq information to your computer. View and analyze data with Datapaq's intuitive insight software. Report your profile findings and share with a simple emailed PDF file which can be read by anybody.

Technical Data

Technical Data
Accuracy: ±0.5°F (±0.3°C)
Resolution: 0.2°F (0.1°C)
Number of Channels: 6 or 8 channel Transducer Interface. Up to 16 Channels can be supported with the use of the Dual Interface Block
Sampling: 0.5 sec to 50 min (up to 8 channels)
Memory: 4MB (Capable of 10 runs before information needs to be downloaded)
Temperature Range: -328 to 2498°F (-200°C to 1370°C)
Start Option: Plug & Go, Temperature Trigger
Temperature Interlock: MemoryPaq deactivated if temperature exceeds 185°F (85°C); erroneous data collection prevented, but memory maintained.
Power Supply: NiMH rechargeable battery, 50 hours continuous logging (8 channel x5s)
Battery Charging: Fast charge; standard power cable (less than 2 hours for a full charge)
Reset: Manual “safe reset”, internal reset switch to select factory reset defaults

DataPaq Software

Datapaq’s powerful Insight software has been designed specifically to convert raw temperature data into meaningful information that can be used to control, understand and optimize your cure process. Complex calculations are simplified allowing quick and comprehensive analysis.
  • SmartPaq - LED indicator tells you immediately upon oven exit if your process is in control and your run was successful based on your choice of pass/fail criteria
  • BakeChart - prove your coating cure conforms precisely to your paint supplier’s bake window specifications.
  • Ramp Up Analysis - meet paint suppliers specifications to eliminate solvent pop ensures.
  • Temperature Difference Probe - check temperature variations from opposite sides to confirm specification.
  • Datapaq Value - the industry accepted index of Cure Calculation.
  • Calibration reminder - Lets you know when your data logger is due for calibration. Important for ISO 9000 traceability.
  • Customized Reporting - create your own customized profile report. Share by exporting to PDF.
  • Files easily located and emailed.
  • All previous Paqfuiles can be easily read by Insight.
Detailed information of your oven gives you the reporting power you need in a single page report. It’s easy to use, highly accurate and efficient.

Choose the level of functionality to suit your needs:

Insight Professional
- full insight package. Includes the ability to choose which functions remain active and which to hide; reintroduce feature as and when your process requirements change.

Insight Basic
- basic insight package. Just as accurate and efficient as Insight Professional, but with reduced functionality. Ideal for new users or for situations where collecting data for use by others is the only requirement.

Insight software Software



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
6 Channel System - Professional
TH-705315 Oven Tracker XL2 System w/6-point OvenPaq OP-X02-6 (which includes Thermal Barrier, Heat sink, MemoryPaq, Transducer Interface, 6 Magnetic/Clamp or 6 Micro Mag Surface/Air, or 12 Heavy Duty Patch or 15 Patch Probes, USB Computer Interface, Hard Carry Case & Complete Documentation $11,920.00
8 Channel System - Professional
TH-705325 Oven Tracker XL2 System w/8-point OvenPaq OP-X02-8 (which includes Thermal Barrier, Heat sink, MemoryPaq, Transducer Interface 8 Magnetic/Clamp or 8 Micro Mag Surface/Air or 16 Heavy Duty Patch or 20 Patch Probes, USB Computer Interface, Hard Carry Case & Complete Documentation 14,792.00
(Professional Systems also include: TC Cable Tidy, Probe Hanger, Probe ID Tags and Insight Professional Software)
6 Channel System - Basic
TH-705335 Oven Tracker XL2 System w/6-point OvenPaq OP-X02-6 (which includes Thermal Barrier, Heat sink, MemoryPaq, Transducer Interface, 6 Magnetic/Clamp or 6 Micro Mag Surface/Air, or 12 Heavy Duty Patch or 15 Patch Probes, Insight Basic Software, USB Computer Interface, Soft Carry Case & Complete Documentation 9,948.00
NOTE: Aluclamp Probes for all systems available at additional cost. Up to 16 Channels available with special configuration. Call for pricing.
Replacement/ Accessories
TH-704611 MemoryPaq with Charger 2,559.00
TH-704613 Thermal Barrier 3,514.00
TH-704615 XL2 6 Channel Transducer Interface 2,843.00
TH-704618 XL2 8 Channel Transducer Interface 3,988.00
For probe selection, click the link Probe Section


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