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SMP Series Melting Point Apparatuses

SMP50, Automatic Melting Point Apparatus


Stuart has been instrumental in making the automatic melting point a commonplace piece of laboratory equipment. By utilizing the latest in digital imaging technology, users for the first time, had the opportunity to record a video of the melt.

This provides proof of measurement for traceability, and more importantly allows scientists to trust the automatically obtained result. To ensure that the Stuart automatic melting point continues to be at the cutting edge of technological advancements, we have released the SMP50 to replace the already successful SMP40.


Storage - The SMP50 features a useful storage drawer to house all standard capillary tubes. The drawer also contains a small glass cutter that can be used to accurately cut capillary tubes sealed at both ends. Not only will the glass cutter always get the cut in the centre of the tube, but it will also reliably give a clean cut making sample loading cleaner and safer.

Camera - The latest digital camera technology is employed to produce a high resolution video of the sample melt, this allows the intelligent melt algorithm to identify the smallest of changes within the sample, accurately and reliably determining the melting point of up to three samples simultaneously.

Secure - The sample chamber is protected by a safety hood that not only protects your sample from accidental sideswipes but also acts as a light shield, ensuring that any adjustments to the ambient lighting conditions don’t affect the automatic melting point determination.

Samples - The unit also features handy storage for pre-prepared samples, safely away from the heat source eliminating accidental sample melting.

Digital Media - A generous 8GB on-board storage is included, which should comfortably hold approximately 300 melt files including videos. Results can also be transferred via USB stick on to a PC for a more permanent long term record. All video files include a temperature stamp, so whatever device you view them on you can confirm the automatically obtained result.

Measurement - The user interface, whilst aesthetically pleasing, is logical and well laid out, with all common tasks easily accessed from the home screen. New measurements can be quickly programmed or by editing saved methods. For those samples that you haven't managed to identify and therefore aren’t able to set a plateau temperature, you can use the rapid ramp mode. The entire temperature range is quickly scanned through at 20°C/min until your sample melts, providing users with the data required to setup another more accurate measurement.

Display - All operation is via the 7" high definition colour touchscreen. Once programmed, users can leave the SMP50 to complete the melt analysis independently. Alternatively the melt can also be observed on the screen live or post-melt. During post-melt review additional measurement tags, such as meniscus point, can be added if required or the automatically obtained result can be overwritten.

Interface Design - The SMP50 has a custom designed user interface based on an established Android platform for intuitive setup and navigation. The familiar elements of an Android operating system help the user to feel comfortable, with everything where you would logically expect it.


SMP30, Melting Point Apparatus

The SMP30 replaces the SMP3 with many improvements and novel features, many of which are patented, like the unique head up display that allows the user to see a display of the block temperature through the sample viewfinder.

Head up display - While performing a manual melting point, it is natural to glance at the temperature of the block to see when the melt should occur. Unfortunately this means taking your eye off the sample, and you risk missing the start of the melt. But with the SMP30’s unique patented ‘head up display’, a temperature display is housed within the eyepiece, so you can see the sample tubes and temperature simultaneously, eliminating the need to refocus your eye. The position of the display in your eyeline can be adjusted or even switched off if you would prefer not to use this feature.

Head adjustment - The SMP30 offers a two way head adjustment for comfortable use. The head can be pivoted from the unit towards the user, after which the angle of the head can be adjusted to ensure that the most comfortable viewing angle can be obtained. The head will firmly hold in place in the desired position until moved again.


Block cleaning - Like the SMP40 the SMP30 has been designed to allow easy access to the block for cleaning.

Accessory printer - To keep a more permanent record of results, an accessory printer is available, providing printouts of each result individually, including date and time.

Maximum temperature and cooling - The SMP40 has a maximum temperature of 400°C, allowing a greater array of materials to be measured. Cooling from 350°C to 50°C is also possible in approximately 12 minutes, allowing for fast sample throughput.

Illumination - To allow for the clearest view of the samples, bright white LEDs have been used to give clean and clear lighting. LEDs also have the advantage of longevity over conventional bulbs.

Control - To assist with the melting point process, the SMP30 has the largest display yet on a manual unit. The custom user interface runs on an impressive 40 x 4 character display, guiding users through the entire process and always informing them of important information, such as time and block temperature.


SMP10 & SMP20, Digital Melting Point Apparatus


The SMP10 and SMP20 have been designed with safety and ease of operation in mind making it ideal for use in education. The temperature is selected, measured and displayed digitally making it accurate and negating the need for a thermometer. The SMP10 displays temperature to 1 degree resolution while the more advanced SMP20 has a 0.1 degree resolution as well as a variable ramp rate and hold key so that the exact melt temperature can be recorded.

Clear observation and use - Two samples can be tested simultaneously. They are viewed via a magnifying lens with clear observation aided by built in illumination. Extendible back feet allow the unit to be operated at the optimum viewing angle. Full access to the block aids cleaning. The simple to follow instrructions are printed directly on the instrument in most European languages for ease of use.



Storage and connectivity
- To operate simply select a plateau temperature via the digital display and press “start”. The unit quickly heats up and remains at the selected plateau temperature until the user is ready to start the test. Insert the sample tubes and press “start”.

The unit then heats at a fixed rate of 2°C per minute for the SMP10 and at a user selected rate of between 1 and 10°C per minute for the SMP20. When the sample is seen to melt, note the temperature on the display. Press “stop” to end heating and cool the block.



SMP11, Analog Melting Point Apparatus


Up to three samples can be viewed and tested at any one time. Samples are illuminated by a bright white LED and viewed via a magnifying lens. The magnifying lens can be detached for cleaning, using the simple-to-follow instructions printed on the instrument.

Safety features - Supplied with a safe, spirit filled mercury free thermometer, the low toxic blue spirit will not pose a health hazard in the event of a breakage. With these safety and user-friendly features, the SMP11 is ideal for use in education.


Variable heating rate - With a manually adjustable heating rate, the SMP11 will rapidly heat samples up to 20°C per minute to the melt temperature of 250°C. Accurate readings to within 1°C of the melt temperature can be achieved by using a slower heating rate of between 1 and 10°C per minute.

Easy to operate - Easy to follow instructions are printed directly on the apparatus.

Melting point tubes - Made from soda glass, these tubes are easy to seal in a Bunsen flame and break into two. Supplied in packs of 100 in robust tube holders Melting Point Tubes
Tube overall length = 100mm
Tube diameter = 1.9mm
Inner diameter = 1.3mm
Wall thickness = 0.3mm


Technical Data

Technical Data
  SMP11 SMP10 SMP20 SMP30 SMP50
Melting Point Method: Analog Digital Digital Digital Automatic, via Digital Imaging
No. of Samples: 3 2 2 3 3 simultaneously
Temperature Range: 50°C to 250°C Ambient to 300°C Ambient to 300°C Ambient to 400°C Ambient to 400°C
Temperature Resolution: - 1°C 0.1°C 0.1°C 0.1°C
Display: - 3 Digit LED 4 digit LED 40x4 LCD 7 inch HD color
Ramp Rates: 1 to 10°C per min 20°C per min plateau, 2°C per min to melt 20°C per minute plateau variable between 1-10°C
per minute to melt
0.5-10°C in 0.1°C increments 0.1-20°C in 0.1°C increments
Temp Sensor: Thermometer PT100 Platinum Resistance PT100 Platinum resistance PT100 Platinum Resistance PT100 Platinum Resistance
Memory: No No No 8 results per tube 8GB (approx. 300 results with video)
Accessory Printer Available: No No No Yes No
Date/Time Display: No No No Yes Yes
Cool Down Time 350-50°C: - 40 mins (300-50°C) 40 mins (300-59°C) 12 mins 12 mins
Heat Up Time 50-350°C: 15 mins 15 mins 15 mins 6 mins 6 mins
Electrical Supply: 120/240V, 50/60 Hz, 50W 120/240V, 50/60 Hz, 50W 120/240V, 50/60 Hz, 50W 120/240V, 50/60 Hz, 50W 120/230V, 50/60 Hz
Onboard Capillary Storage: No No No Yes Yes
Built-In Glass Cutter: No No No No No
Language Variants: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish English & French
Temperature Units: °C °C °C °C °C, °F
Dimension hxdxw (mm):

4.3x5.5x14.5 inches
110x140x370 mm

6.4x8.7x6.8 inches
170x220x160 mm
6.4x8.7x6.8 inches
170x220x160 mm
12.7x7.8x6.8 inches
325x200x170 mm
6.5x14.2x11.8 inches
164x360x300 mm
Net Weight (lbs): 3.7 lbs/1.7 kg 4 lbs/1.8 kg 4 lbs/1.8 kg 7.9/3.6 kg 10.14 lbs/4.6 kg



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
TE-210110 Model SMP10 Digital Melting Point Apparatus, 240V $1,186.00
TE-210114 Model SMP10 Digital Melting Point Apparatus, 120V 1,220.00
TE-210120 Model SMP20 Digital Melting Point Apparatus, 120V 1,405.00
TE-210122 Model SMP20 Digital Melting Point Apparatus, 240V 1,408.00
TE-210130 Model SMP11 Analog Melting Point Apparatus, 240V 1,057.00
TE-210132 Model SMP11 Analog Melting Point Apparatus, 120V 1,046.00
TE-210134 Model SMP30 Digital Melting Point Apparatus, 120/240V 2,238.00
TE-210138 Model SMP50 Automatic Melting Point Apparatus, 120/230V 6,122.00
TE-210153 Cooling plug 63.00
TE-210161 Capillary melting tubes, glass, open at both ends, pkg/100 53.00
TE-210163 Capillary melting tubes, glass, closed at one end, pkg/100 50.00
TE-210171 Spirit filled thermometer, 0°C to 250°C 102.00
TE-210181 Capillary melting tubes, glass, closed at both ends, pkg/100 71.00
TE-210190 Accessory printer with power supply (for use with SMP30 only) 743.00


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