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Heated Circulating Baths

Circulating Baths




  • Intuitive - Whether equipped with the entry-level MX Controller or the most sophisticated Performance Programmable, these Heated Circulating Baths are extremely easy to use. Crisp menu architecture, screen icons, and plain-text prompts make it easy to navigate through operational settings and options.
  • Convenient - LidDock™ helps keep moisture where it belongs - in the bath. And accessing the reservoir drain is as simple as removing the Circulator’s front panel.
  • Safe - All models feature user-settable high-temperature safeties as well as redundant over temperature protection and comply with RoHS, WEEE, IEC 61010-1, IEC 1010-2010. IEC 61326-1, DIN 12876 and are CE and ETL certified. The DuraTop™ surface is cooler to the touch when operating at high temperatures.
  • Precise - Exceptionally exacting temperature control, combined with a tap-water cooling-coil, allow you to maintain bath temperatures at or near ambient with stabilities as precise as ±0.005°C.
  • Versatile - A variety of communication and control options, including Ethernet, USB data logging and computer control, bi-directional serial communication and external circulation with remote temperature control, enhance functionality and applications flexibility.

Bath Features



Technical Data

Technical Data for Heated Circulating Water Baths
  7 liters 15 liters 20 liters 28 liters
Max Temperature: 1 200°C
Min Temperature: 2 Ambient +10°C
Cooling Capacity @ 20°C
Working Access: (LxWxH) 6.18 x 5.59 x 5 in
15.7 x 14.2 x 12.7 cm
8.35 x 10.88 x 5.5 in
21.2 x 27.6 x 14 cm
9.85 x 12.45 x 5.5 in
25 x 31.6 x 14 cm
12.35 x 14.13 x 5.5 in
31.4 x 35.9 x 14 cm
Advanced Programmable: AP07H200 AP15H200 AP20H200 AP28H200
Advanced Digital: AD07H200 AD15H200 AD20H200 AD28H200
Standard Digital: SD07H170 SD15H170 SD20H170 SD28H170
MX: MX07H135 MX15H135 MX20H135  
Working Access
(L x W x H):

6.18 x 5.59 x 5 in.
15.7 x 14.2 x 12.7 cm

8.35 x 10.88 x 5.5 in.
21.2 x 27.6 x 14 cm
9.85 x 12.45 x 5.5 in.
25 x 31.6 x 14 cm
12.35 x 14.13 x 5.5 in.
31.4 x 35.9 x 14 cm
1 Maximum temperature is controller dependent; see Circulator Controller Features
2 Minimum Temperature is show with no external heat load.
Technical Data for Circulator Controllers
  Advanced Programmable Advanced Digital Standard Digital MX
Max Temp: 200°C 170°C 135°C
Temp Stability: ±0.005°C ±0.01°C ±0.04°C ±0.07°C
Swivel 180° Rotating Controller:
Pump: Variable-Speed 2-Speed 1-Speed
Pressure Flow Rate: (max) 60Hz/50Hz 20.1 LPM/16.7 LPM 11 LPM/10.2 LPM 12.8 LPM/10.6 LPM
Suction Flow Rate: (max) 60Hz/50Hz 14.7 LPM / 12.2 LPM    
Closed-Loop Operation:
Open-Looped Operation:    
Fluid Optimization/
Specific Heat Tuning:
Temp Calibration Capability: 10-Point 1-Point
External Temp Control Capability: (Pt100)    
WhisperCool™ Environmental Control System:
Inert Gas Reservoir Purge:  
Display Type & Size: SmartTouch™ Color LCD 4.3 inches LCD Touch-Pad 3.75 inches LCD Touch-Pad 3.75 inches LCD 3.25 inches
Enhanced Data Display Capability: 7 selectable views Message Bar    
Multi-Language Menus or Prompts: 11 languages 4 languages Icon/English Icon/English
Displays Temp Trend:      
Time/Temp Programs & Steps: Open Mode      
Date & Time w/Calendar Start/Stop:      
On-Screen Help or Prompts:    
RS232/RS485 Serial Output: RS232  
USB A and USB B:    
Software Support for LabVIEW Included:      
Remote On/Off Capability:      
Safety & Process Protection
Safety Class: (DIN 12876-1) III I
Over-Temp Protection:
Failsafe Heater Control:
High & Low Temp Limits/Alarms:
Low-Liquid-Level Safety:
Alarm & Fault Indicators: Message Icon



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Male inlet & outlet adapters for 3/8, 1/4 & 3/16” (.95, .63 and .47 cm) tubing. 1/4” NPT to M16 adapters also included on 50 Hz units, Reservoir cover, Bypass tubing
Advanced Programmable Controller
TB-02861 7L Bath, Advanced Programmable, 120V/60Hz $3,662.00
TB-02863 7L Bath, Advanced Programmable, 240V/50Hz 3,662.00
TB-02865 15L Bath, Advanced Programmable, 120V/60Hz 3,972.00
TB-02567 15L Bath, Advanced Programmable, 240V/50Hz 3,972.00
TB-02869 20L Bath, Advanced Programmable, 120V/60Hz 4,239.00
TB-02871 20L Bath, Advanced Programmable, 240V/50Hz 4,239.00
TB-02873 28L Bath, Advanced Programmable, 120V/60Hz 4,461.00
TB-02875 28L Bath, Advanced Programmable, 240V/50Hz 4,461.00
Advanced Digital Controller
TB-02821 7L Bath, Advanced Digital, 120V/60Hz 2,813.00
TB-02823 7L Bath, Advanced Digital, 240V/50Hz 2,813.00
TB-02825 15L Bath, Advanced Digital, 120V/60Hz 3,146.00
TB-02827 15L Bath, Advanced Digital, 240V/50Hz 3,146.00
TB-02829 20L Bath, Advanced Digital, 120V/60Hz 3,399.00
TB-02831 20L Bath, Advanced Digital, 240V/50Hz 3,399.00
TB-02833 28L Bath, Advanced Digital, 120V/60Hz 3,596.00
TB-02835 28L Bath, Advanced Digital, 240V/50Hz 3,596.00
Standard Digital Controller
TB-02841 7L Bath, Standard Digital, 120V/60Hz 2,232.00
TB-02843 7L Bath, Standard Digital, 240V/50Hz 2,232.00
TB-02845 15L Bath, Standard Digital, 120V/60Hz 2,521.00
TB-02847 15L Bath, Standard Digital, 240V/50Hz 2,521.00
TB-02849 20L Bath, Standard Digital, 120V/60Hz 2,716.00
TB-02851 20L Bath, Standard Digital, 240V/50Hz 2,716.00
TB-02853 28L Bath, Standard Digital, 120V/60Hz 2,924.00
TB-02855 28L Bath, Standard Digital, 240V/50Hz 2,924.00
MX Controller
TB-02801 7L Bath, MX Controller, 120V/60Hz 1,902.00
TB-02803 7L Bath, MX Controller, 240V/50Hz 1,902.00
TB-02805 15L Bath, MX Controller, 120V/60Hz 2,256.00
TB-02807 15L Bath, MX Controller, 240V/50Hz 2,256.00
TB-02809 20L Bath, MX Controller, 120V/60Hz 2,394.00
TB-02811 20L Bath, MX Controller, 240V/50Hz 2,394.00


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