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8400K Digital Optical Micrometer



The 8400K Digital Optical Micrometer lets you measure the vertical depth of surface features, usually to evaluate the severity of mechanical damage such as scratches, corrosion, pits or blemishes difficult to observe by other methods. The micrometer optically measures the depth, or difference in height, of one surface to another. Focus sharply on a good surface near a scratch or pit and set display to "0.0000", then carefully focus into bottom of scratch or pit and read depth on digital display.

8400K Digital Optical Micrometer





Clearance - Height of Objective Lens Above Surface - The "working distance" refers to how far the objective lens is from a surface when in focus. The working distance for the 10X lens is .250", for 4x lens, 1.275" above surface. (This means that .250" and 1.275" are the maximum scratch depths that could be observed, in theory, without the lens "bumping into" the surface). The 4X objective provides the most clearance, and is thus used for larger features and for transparencies, where the near and far sides can be focused upon without lens interference.

Transparencies - Use 4X Objective Lens - The 4X objective lens is ideal for transparencies. The wide field of view allows observation of more and larger features, and the long working distance prevents the lens from contacting surface - even when focusing on the far side of a thick transparency (up to 1.9"). Accuracy is not compromised by using the 4X objective.

Rugged and portable - The 8400K was designed for use in the field. The sealed, non-magnetic case is dustproof and shockresistant to withstand everyday shop use. The hardwood instrument case also contains adapters and lenses for use on convex, concave, or any combination of these surfaces.

Real cost savings - With the 8400K, damage can be measured optically in a fraction of the time needed for other methods such as "blend-out." Spending time on a part that may need replacement is costly, and in many cases, the 8400K can be used to inspect parts while on an aircraft, whereas removal is often necessary using other methods.

Serial port for PC access - In addition to the clear LCD readout "floating zero" and other features, the 8400K's digital display also has an RS232 serial port for data export to the optional processor/printer.

The 8400K Digital Optical Micrometer Kit is packaged in a sealed, non-magnetic, shock resistant case. It includes a new and improved acrylic V-block base for measuring cylindrical samples. It also includes the black base, MT-801917, which is a special base that enables the customer to measure as close as .375” from the edge of a part.

8400K Case
8400K Stand
8400K V Block
8400 Micrometer Digital Optical Kit With 5500L Stand (optional) With Acrylic V-block base

Technical Data

Technical Data
8400K Kit in case: 16" x 7" x 5", 5lbs
Micrometer only: 9"H x 3" Diameter Base, 1.5 lbs
Width (diameter of field of view): 10X objective (with 20X / 10X eyepieces): .040" / .070" wide
4X objective (with 20X / 10X eyepieces): .110" / .175" wide
Width Measurement- 10X Reticule Eyepiece: Use 10X reticule eyepiece with the 10X objective lens only. Scale range of eyepiece is .040 inches with .002" accuracy and .001" resolution (also 1.00mm, with .02mm accuracy and .01mm resolution).
Approximate Magnification power: 40X & 80X (with 4X objective) 100X, 200X (with 10X objective)

Instructions for Use

Procedure - First, focus on a smooth surface next to a scratch. Then, zero out the digital display (you can choose a readout in either inches or millimeters). Next, focus on the bottom of the scratch. The digital display shows depth relative to the surface.

Calibration is recommended once a year. Equipment needed - Gage blocks, calibrated and traceable to NIST. Sizes: 0.0625, 0.1000", 0.1250", 0.2000"

Calibration Procedure
1. Wring 0.1000" and 0.0625" gage blocks together by sliding one block lengthwise across the top of another (a) creating a step with the 0.1000" gage block on the bottom (b). Calibration Procedure
2. Place micrometer over the step created by the two blocks (c). Position so approximately one-half of the field of view is on the upper block. Calibration Procedure Drawing
3. Zero "0.0000" digital display
4. Focus on lower back.
5. Read display; if equipment is functioning properly the display will show thickness of upper block.
6. Repeat steps 1-5, using the 0.1250" and 0.2000" as the upper block.


Microset Surface Replication Kit

  • Many grades are offered instead of just one grade. Microset offers 12 standard grades; four for aerospace and industrial and eight for nuclear. Custom compounds offered as well. (Cure times, viscosity and color are the most common variables in that order.)

  • An advanced delivery system is provided, not just “a stick and a scrap of cardboard”. Microset offers delivery systems for industrial, not dental applications. The dispensing guns use custom mixing nozzles, with 32 instead of 24 “folds”, because complete mixing is critical. Other products are mixed by hand with a “stick on piece of cardboard”.
Replication Kit
  • Microset represents itself as a strictly industrial and not dental compound. The phrase: “for replication of metal surfaces” is printed on Microset cartridges and the website shows industrial applications ONLY; with no dental context or reference whatsoever. • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funded a study citing desirable properties of Microset. The DOE funded a study on engine wear and friction that featured the use of Microset to examine bearing surfaces. This report cites the ideal industrial replication characteristics of Microset compounds.

  • Microset compounds are engineered to leave no harmful residues on specimens under study. Some replication compounds contain harmful chemicals that can damage the specimen under study. Over the years, Microset has worked closely with the nuclear industry and has removed undesirable elements and fillers. Some chemicals which are still present by necessity have been reduced to minimal or trace levels, as dictated by customer requirements.

  • Microset has eliminated “clear surface layer” issues that can compromise accurate analysis. Microset compounds are designed for macro and micro (sub-micron) microscopic examination. As a result, they exhibit no clear or translucent surface layer. Products which do exhibit a clear-layer effect are problematic because it is difficult to determine whether a microscope is focused on the top or bottom of the ambiguous clear layer.

8400 Micrometer Video



Prices listed in US dollars and subject to change For tax exempt orders please call us at 954-946-9454

Optical Micrometer with Digital display, 3 Interchangeable bases, 2 eyepieces & 2 objective lenses, Flashlight w/ spare batteries, Sealed foam-lined case, Scratch sample plate (for demonstration & training, not for calibration), CofC and accuracy certificate
Item Number Item Prices
MT-8010 8400K Digital Optical Micrometer Kit (switchable from imperial to metric)
MT-801915 Corner Access 2-leg Base (for easy access in corner spaces) 150.00
MT-801917 Special Base - Close Edge Measurement 245.00
MT-8021 Model DP-1A Printer Processor (Cable required) 571.00
MT-8024 Cable, 80 inches 76.00
12167 Flashlight Replacement for 8400K Digital Micrometer 62.00
MT-802011 4400M Microset Surface Replication Kit $1,374.00
MT-802021 Dispensing gun (50 ml) 135.00
MT-802023 Replication Compound (General purpose fast curing THIXOTROPIC material) 88.00
MT-802025 Replication Compound (General purpose fast curing FLUID material) 88.00
MT-802027 Nozzle Pack, 50 ml, pkg/10 37.00
MT-802029 Backing Slides 60mm x 40mm, pkg/50 91.00
MT-802031 Backing Paper 70mm x 60mm, pkg/100 39.00
MT-802041 Carrying Case 237.00
MT-802051 Tilting Stage Base 502.00
MT-802061 Tall Tripod Base, 4.5” Dia (for use with 8400K and Tilting Stage Base) 244.00
MT-802070 5500K Lab Stand 1,495.00
15183 17025 Certification For Digital Optical Micrometer 195.00


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