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CT3 Texture Analyzer

Compression And Tension Testing For Rapid Qc Analysis

CT3 Texture Analyzer

CT3 with Fixture Base Table and
Cylindrical Probe in compression mode

An extensive history and customer input have contributed to the development of the most powerful, low cost, stand-alone Texture Analyzer ever produced.

With six test modes (plus calibration check) and a wide choice of accessories, no other texture analyzer has ever done so much without a computer and software.




Standard Test Modes
  • Normal Test: a single compression cycle
  • Hold Time Test: compress and hold
  • Cycle Count Test: compress multiple times
  • Bloom Test: gelatin bloom strength test
  • TPA Test: texture profile analysis
  • Tension Test: tensile testing
  • Static Load Test: calibration check
Tension Mode
  • Provides tensile testing capability
Texture Loader Software
  • Allows up to ten custom tests and ability to lock parameters
Compression Distance
  • Up to 10cm, can accommodate sample up to 22.5cm, almost 9 inches tall. Probe shaft is 8cm from back wall
Choice of Base Tables
  • Allows for larger samples and more accessory choices
Choice of Load Cells
  • 7 measurement ranges up to 50kg


Technical Data

Technical Data
Model # Load Range/Resolution†
CT3-100 0-100g / 0.01g
CT3-1000 0-1000g / 0.10g
CT3-1500 0-1500g / 0.20g
CT3-4500 0-4500g / 0.50g
CT3-10kg 1-10000g / 1.0g
CT3-25kg 1-25000g / 2.0g
CT3-50kg 2-50000g / 5.0g
Speed Range: 0.01-0.1 mm/s*
0.1-10 mm/s**
Speed Accuracy: ±0.1% of set speed
Position Range: 0-101.6 mm
Resolution*: 0.1 mm***
Accuracy: 0.1 mm

g=grams kg=kilograms
Full Scale Range (FSR)
m=millimeter s=seconds
*Increments of 0.01mm/s
**Increments of 0.1mm/s
***Resolution 0.01mm when used with Texture Pro CT Software


TexturePro CT Software

TexturePro CT Software
Sample Test Set-up
Collect Data And Perform Detailed Data Analysis With Real-Time Graphic Plotting

While the CT3 can perform many tests in stand alone mode, use of the TexturePro CT Software permits creation of multiple tests and automatic execution without operator involvement. Collect data and perform detailed data analysis with real time graphic plotting during the test. Easily create custom reports and graphs right from the menu screen.
Computer Requirements
  • 800 MHz or better Pentium processor
  • 30MB of available Hard drive space
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000, XP, or Vista operating system
  • One USB or RS-232 port


Software Features and Benefits

  • Easily select test parameters
  • Database file structure for easy-to-manage files
  • Sample identification set-up screen helps new operators quickly get started; test method setup defines a variety of parameters
  • Intuitive set up for test methods and database file structures in a single window
  • Data is captured as a graph and stored in tabular database format
  • Advanced data analysis with built-in parameter calculations such as springiness, chewiness, hardness and much more!
  • Evaluate mean and standard deviation of each result parameter for up to 30 samples
  • 21CFR compliant with optional TexturePro software
On Screen Live Force Deformation Curve


What is Texture Analysis


Texture analysis is primarily concerned with measurement of the mechanical properties of a product, often a food product, as they relate to its sensory properties detected by humans. Fifty years of texture research has developed a set of definitions relating the sensory properties of a product to the instrumental properties which can be calculated from the results of a two cycle texture profile analysis test. Texture analyzers perform this test by applying controlled forces to the product and recording its response in the form of force, deformation and time.

These graphs show two ways of looking at the data from one 2 cycle Texture Profile Analysis test. The force vs time graph clearly shows the force peak resulting from each compression cycle, while the force vs distance graph better displays the response of the sample to the application and removal of strain.



Testing Parameters

Testing Parameters
Parameters Sensory Definition Instrumental Definition
Hardness Force required to compress a food between the molars (Defined as force necessary to attain a given deformation) Peak force of the first compression cycle P1
(PELEG, 1976)
Measurement of how a sample recovers fro deformation in relation to speed and forces derived Resilience is the ratio of work returned by the sample as compressive strain is removed (known as recoverable work done A2 ), to the work required for compression (known as hardness work done A1) A1

Adhesive Force
(Fiszman and Damaio, 2000)
The maximum force required to separate teeth after biting sample Maximum negative force generated during probe return
Adhesiveness The work necessary to overcome the attractive forces between the surface of the food and the surface of other materials with which the food comes into contact (e.g. tongue, teeth, palate) (Work required to pull food away from a surface) The negative area for the first bite, representing the work necessary to pull the compressing plunger away from the sample
Springiness Index
Preferred for comparing samples of different lengths
Ratio of the height the sample springs back after the first compression compared to the maximum deformation Springiness divided by total deformation Ds

A measurement of how well he structure of a product withstands compression
The strength of internal bonds making up the body of the product (Greater the value the greater the cohesiveness) The ratio of the work during compression (downward stroke only) of the second cycle B1 divided by that of the first cycle A1 B1

Corrected Cohesiveness (PELEG, 1976) Net work invested in the non-recoverable deformations of the first and second chews The ratio of the net work of the second cycle B1 - B2 divided by that of the first cycle A1 - A2 B1- B2

A1- A2
Solid foods only
The energy required to chew a SOLID food to the point required for swallowing it The product of hardness, cohesiveness and springiness index B1

P1 x _____x DS

Corrected Chewiness The net energy required to chew a SOLID food to the point required for swallowing it The product of hardness, corrected cohesiveness and springiness (B1- B2 )

P1( x_____ x) DS

(A1- A2)
Applies to semi-solid products only if they have no springiness & undergo permanent deformation
Energy required to disintegrate a SEMISOLID food product to a state ready for swallowing (Related to foods with low hardness levels) The product of hardness and cohesiveness B1

P1 x_____



CT3 Accessories

For A Wide Range Of Tests While many CT3 accessories have multiple applications, some are particularly useful for specific industries. The following color coded icons are used here to identify these industries.   screen Foods
screen Cosmetics
screen Pharmaceuticals
screen Materials & Packaging
screen Devices - Mechanical




TA-KF screen
Kieffer Dough and Gluten Extensibility Fixture quantifies maximum force and distance needed to break sample. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-JPA screenscreen
Junior Punch Fixture is for punching through flat samples; 12.7mm max. diameter probe. Hole in fixture is 14mm. Rotary Base Table required.
TA-TPB screen
Three Point Bend Fixture is used with TA7 blade from general probe kit. Fixture Base Table required. Small scale version TA-JTPB is also available.




TA-JTPB screen
Junior Three Point Bend Fixture. Small scale version of Three Point Bend fixture and is used with TA7 blade from general probe kit.
TA-DSJ screen
Dough Stickiness Fixture is standard test for measuring dough stickiness; important for processing raw dough. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-DE screen
Dough Extensibility Fixture for holding sheet of raw dough or flat bread to measure breaking point of stretched sample. Fixture Base Table required.




TA-CTP screen
Compression Top Plate for applying uniform compression forces on samples up to 4x6 inches (10x15cm) Fixture Base Table required.
TA-VBJ screen
Volodkevich Bite Jaws for testing bite force of meat products using shear cutting- test. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-PTF screenscreen
Pizza Tensile Fixture quantifies cooked pizza firmness by measuring the tensile force and deformation distance to break sample.




TA-FMBRA screen
Standard dough pot set for preparing dough samples and measuring dough firmness.
TA-AACC36 screen
AACC spec probe for measuring bread firmness and performing texture profile analysis (TPA). Fixture Base Table required.
TA-SBA-WB screen
Shear Blade for products where a cutting-shear test is meaningful: meat, fish, sausage, etc. Fixture Base Table required.




TA-SFF screen
Spaghetti Flexure Fixture quantifies flexure characteristics of uncooked spaghetti and other dry pastas.
TA-OC screen
Ottawa Cell for extruding assorted soft samples, like pasta or diced fruit and vegetables. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-PFS screen
Pasta Firmness and Stickiness Fixture measures the firmness and stickiness of uncooked pasta. Fixture Base Table required.





TA-PFS-C screen
Pasta Firmness and Stickiness Fixture measures pasta and like products. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-KSC screen
Kramer Shear Cell for shear-cutting and extrusion test on small fruits and vegetables such as grapes, figs, corn and beans. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-CSF screen
Circular Support Fixture provides support for round samples and retains any potential fluid expressed during the test. Fixture Base Table required.




TA-WSP screen
Wire Shear Plate cuts through the sample. Good for products with significant stickiness like cheese and butter. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-CEF screen
Cheese Extensibility Fixture measures the extensibility of molten cheese sample to breaking point.
TA10 screen
TA10 probe and spec Bloom bottle TA-GBB-2 sold in package of twelve bottles. (Sold Separately)




TA-DGF001 screen
Dual Grip Fixture is a pair of grips for tensile testing of thin films or integrity of seals for packaging.
TA-MCF screen
The Multiple Chip Fixture is used for testing the penetration or firmness of multiple chips / french fries. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-CJ screen
Confectionery Jig for holding candies and similar products for penetration testing. Fixture Base Table required.




TA-TRF screen
Tortilla Roll Up Fixture evaluates changes in corn tortilla texture per AACC technical paper by measuring the force to roll up a tortilla.
TA-CKA screen
Craft Knife Adapter cuts cleanly into and through material with minimum deformation of the sample.
Shear Blade used for cutting tests, especially meat, poultry, fish or similar products. Fixture or rotary base table recommended.




TA-MP screenscreen
Mesh Probe quantifies the consistency of products such as mayonnaise and yogurt.
TA-BEC screenscreen
Back Extrusion Cell for measuring consistency of applesauce, pudding, yogurt and similar products. Rotary Base Table required.
TA-AVJ screenscreen
Adjustable Vice Fixture for holding small samples for puncture test. Good for jelly beans, gum drops, etc. Rotary Base Table required.




Multiple Probe Assembly consisting of nine 3mm probes and base plate designed to hold nine small samples of irregular geometry. Rotary Base Table required.
TA-DEC screenscreenscreen
Dual Extrusion Cell for either forward or back extrusion of fruit puree, pudding, yogurt or similar products. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-STF screenscreenscreen
Spread Test Fixture quantifies the spread force of a material. Comes with 1 male cone probe, 4 four samples cups and 1 sample cup holder. Base Table required.





TA-HCF screen
Hair Combability Fixture measures the effect of hair dye, shampoos and conditioners on the combability of hair.
TA-EP screenscreen
Eye Pencil Test Fixture measures hardness of cosmetic pencil tips for eye- or lip-lining products and can also be used for artistic type pencil tips. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-LC screen
Lipstick Cantilever Test Fixture allows imitative tests on lipstick and similar products to quantify strength of product. Fixture Base Table required.




TA-TEF screenscreen
Tube Extrusion Fixture measures the force needed to squeeze cream or paste out of a tube. Base Table required.
TA-MA screen
Muco Adhesion Test Fixture Simulates body/temperature conditions and force needed to pull a tablet away from a mucosal surface.
TA-RT screen
Raft Tester measures alginate Raft Strength by pulling wire raft hook out of the sample material.




TA-MDI screen
Metered Dose Inhaler Fixture measures the push-button force to actuate the inhaler. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-STJ screen
Syringe Test Fixture for measuring the force required to push or pull syringe plunger. Important to all syringe markets. Base Table required.
TA-TCA screen
Tablet Coating Adhesion Fixture measures the adhesion force of a tablet coating to a tablet. Fixture Base Table required.




TA-BLS screen
Bi-Layer Shear Fixture measures shear strength by cutting a two-part tablet or capsule using a guillotine blade. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-BPS screen
Blister Pack Support Fixture is used to measure the force required to remove the tablet from its blister pack. Fixture Base Table required.
TA-CLT screen
Capsule Loop Tensile Test Fixture is used to measure the force required to split one half of a hard gel capsule. Fixture Base Table required.




TA-DGF screenscreenscreen
Dual Grip Assembly Fixture for tensile testing of thin films or integrity of seals for packaging.
TA-ATT screenscreen
Adhesive Tack Tester for measuring stickiness of pressure sensitive adhesive materials such as tape. Rotary Base Table required.
TA-FSF screenscreen
Film Support Fixture for puncture test to measure strength of fine films. Fixture Base Table required.




TA-LTT screen
Loop Tack Test measures the adhesive strength of pressure sensitive tape and stickers according to ASTM D6195.
TA-TSF screen
Tape Stickiness Fixture measures adhesive force to pull tape off of a surface. Multiple tape samples can be tested simultaneously for average value.
TA-GPJ screen
General Peeling Jig measures the adhesive strength needed to remove the lid from a sealed container at 0°, 45°, and 90° angles.




TA-PF90 screen
90° Peel Fixture measures the adhesive strength to pull a tape off of a rigid surface using force at a 90° angle.
TA-RCA screenscreen
Roller Cam Accessory grips measure the tensile strength and tear characteristics of material such as polymer films.
TA-SFJ screenscreen
Sliding Friction Jig measures the coefficient of friction for packaging materials according to ASTM D1894.





TA11 screen
Cylindrical probe TA11 is used to measure the force vs. distance in mechanical springs. TA11: included in TA-P-KIT2 or as a standalone part.
TA-MTP screen
Magness Taylor Probe Kit

Magness-Taylor Probes for puncture test to measure hardness of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fixture Base Table required.
Standard Probe Kit

A variety of cylindrical (8), cone (3), ball (2), needle (1), knife-edge (1), and wire cutting (1) probes. Complies with BS and AACC standards.

Fixture Base Table

Rotary Base Table

Calibration Weight Set



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Instrument with choice of load cell, Texture Loader Software and USB Cable

What you need, but not included...
Rotary Base or Fixture Base Table and at least one probe or test fixture
FM-071001 CT3-100 Texture Analyzer, 100g Load Range, 115V $7,415.00
FM-071013 CT3-1000 Texture Analyzer, 1000g Load Range, 115V 7,415.00
FM-071025 CT3-1500 Texture Analyzer, 1500g Load Range, 115V 7,415.00
FM-071037 CT3-4500 Texture Analyzer, 4500g Load Range, 115V 7,415.00
FM-071049 CT3-10kg Texture Analyzer, 10000g Load Range, 115V 7,415.00
FM-071055 CT3-25kg Texture Analyzer, 25000g Load Range, 115V 9,429.00
FM-071060 CT3-50kg Texture Analyzer, 50000g Load Range, 115V 9,429.00
Pricing of Texture Analyzers does not include fixtures, jigs and probes. These items must be specified separately.
Optional Accessories
FM-071091 TexturePro CT Software without USB Cable 1,008.00
Note: For compression testing choice of (1) Table Required.
FM-071063 Rotary Base Table 463.00
FM-071065 Fixture Base Table 591.00
FM-070237 Gelatin Bloom Bottle Kit (12 bottles, 120ml volume each, includes stoppers) 591.00
FM-070267 Calibration & Certification CT3 P.O.R.
FM-070221* Calibration weight set,100g, with case and certificate 741.00
FM-070223† Calibration weight set,1000g, with case and certificate 846.00
FM-070225† Calibration weight set, 1500g, with case and certificate 1,031.00
FM-070227 Calibration weight set, 4500g, with case and certificate 1,224.00
FM-070229* Calibration strip for 100g units (Bloom) 1,191.00
FM-070231† Calibration strip for 1000g/1500g units (Bloom) 1,158.00
FM-070236 Calibration weight set, 10 kg, with case and cert 2,067.00
CT3 Accessories
FM-070401 TA-KF Kieffer Dough and Gluten Extensibility Fixture 3,809.00
FM-070009 TA-JPA Junior Punch Fixture 597.00
FM-070403 TA-TPB Three Point Bend Fixture 1,014.00
FM-070008 TA-JTPB Junior Three Point Bend Fixture 626.00
FM-070405 TA-DSJ Dough Stickiness Fixture 1,230.00
FM-070011 TA-DE Dough Extensibility Fixture 608.00
FM-070407 TA-CTP Compression Top Plate 789.00
FM-070409 TA-VBJ Volodkevich Bite Jaws 1,274.00
FM-070411 TA-PTF Pizza Tensile Fixture 700.00
FM-070209 TA-FMBRA Standard Dough Pot Set 828.00
FM-070413 TA-AACC36 AACC Spec Probe 337.00
FM-070415 TA-SBA-WB1, 1 mm Shear Blade 926.00
FM-070416 TA-SBA-WB3, 3 mm Shear Blade 1,440.00
FM-070419 TA-SFF Spaghetti Flexure Fixture 499.00
FM-070220 TA-OC Ottawa Cell, 112 cc 1,395.00
FM-070421 TA-PFS Pasta Firmness and Stickiness Fixture 800.00
FM-070423 TA-PFS-C Pasta Firmness and Stickiness Fixture 527.00
FM-070425 TA-KSC Kramer Shear Cell 2,161.00
FM-070427 TA-CSF Circular Support Fixture 568.00
FM-070429 TA-WSP Wire Shear Plate 377.00
FM-070431 TA-CEF Cheese Extensibility Fixture 1,542.00
FM-070121 TA10 Probe Clear Acrylic, Bloom
FM-070237 TA-GBB-2 Spec Bloom Bottle (pack of 12) 591.00
FM-070433 TA-DGF001 Dual Grip Fixture 1,315.00
FM-070435 TA-MCF Multiple Chip Fixture 932.00
FM-070437 TA-CJ Confectionery Jig 1,588.00
FM-070439 TA-TRF Tortilla Roll Up Fixture 1,112.00
FM-070441 TA-CKA Craft Knife Adapter 654.00
FM-070219 TA52 MOHRS Shear Blade 539.00
FM-070443 TA-MP Mesh Probe 348.00
FM-070007 TA-BEC Back Extrusion Cell 597.00
FM-070110 TA-AVJ Adjustable Vice Fixture 1,351.00
FM-070010 TA-JMPA Multiple Probe Assembly 1,450.00
FM-070445 TA-DEC Dual Extrusion Cell 788.00
FM-070447 TA-STF Spread Test Fixture 805.00
FM-070449 TA-HCF Hair Combability Fixture 2,402.00
FM-070451 TA-EP Eye Pencil Test Fixture 365.00
FM-070453 TA-LC Lipstick Cantilever Test Fixture 568.00
FM-070455 TA-TEF Tube Extrusion Fixture 1,389.00
FM-070457 TA-MA Muco Adhesion Test Fixture 1,946.00
FM-070459 TA-RT Raft Tester 191.00
FM-070461 TA-MDI Metered Dose Inhaler Fixture 660.00
FM-070463 TA-STJ Syringe Test Fixture 1,957.00
FM-070465 TA-TCA Tablet Cating Adhesion Fixture 660.00
FM-070467 TA-BLS Bi-Layer Shear Fixture 1043.00
FM-070469 TA-BPS Blister Pack Support Fixture 736.00
FM-070471 TA-CLT Capsule Loop tensile Test Fixture 794.00
FM-070006 TA-ATT Adhesive Tack Tester 301.00
FM-070473 TA-FSF Film Support Fixture 535.00
FM-070218 TA-LTT Loop Tack Test 2,033.00
FM-070475 TA-TSF Tape Stickiness Fixture 360.00
FM-070477 TA-GPJ General Peeling Jig 1,290.00
FM-070479 TA-PF90 90° Peel Fixture 1,529.00
FM-070481 TA-RCA Roller Cam Accessory 1,112.00
FM-070483 TA-SFJ Sliding Friction Jig 1,598.00
FM-070123 TA11/100 Cylindrical Probe
FM-070125 TA11/1000 Cylindrical Probe 103.00
FM-070487 TA-MTP - Magness Taylor Probe Kit t Includes (1 of each): 5 Flat End Probes (3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 7 mm), 2 Round End Probes (3 mm and 4 mm), 3 Radius End Probes (5 mm, 6 mm, 7mm) 1,544.00
FM-070197 TA-P-KIT2 - Standard Probe Kit - Includes: (1 of each) FM-070153†, FM-070117, FM-070191, FM-070193, FM-070121, FM-070112†, FM-070157†, FM-070161, FM-070173, FM-070129†, FM-070187, FM-070175, FM-070115†, FM-070139, FM-070141, FM-070185, and Carrying Case 1,297.00
FM-070111* TA3/100, 25.4 mm D, 35 mm L, Clear Acrylic, Low Mass 492.00
FM-070112† TA3/1000 25.4 mm D, 35 mm L, Clear Acrylic 103.00
FM-070113* TA4/100, 38.1 mm D, 20 mm L, Clear Acrylic, Low Mass 524.00
FM-070115† TA4/1000, 38.1 mm D, 20 mm L, Clear Acrylic 103.00
FM-070117 TA5, 12.7 mm D, 35 mm L, Black Delrin 103.00
FM-070119* TA6, 6.35 mm D, 20 mm L, Black Delrin, Low Mass 103.00
FM-070123* TA11/100, 25.4 mm D, 35 mm L, Clear Acrylic, AOAC standard, Low Mass 429.00
FM-070125† TA11/1000, 25.4 mm D, 35 mm L, Clear Acrylic, AOAC standard 103.00
FM-070127* TA24, 4.0 mm D, 20 mm L, Black Delrin, Flat End, Low Mass 128.00
FM-070129† TA25/1000, 50.8 mm D, 20 mm L, Clear Acrylic 158.00
FM-070131 TA35, 5.0 mm D, 20 mm L, Black Delrin 168.00
FM-070133 TA36, 7.0 mm D, 35 mm L, Stainless Steel 103.00
FM-070135 TA39, 2.0 mm D, 20 mm L, Stainless Steel, Flat End (Margarine) 103.00
FM-070137 TA40, 4.5 mm D, 20.5 mm L, Stainless Steel, Flat End (Margarine) 174.00
FM-070139 TA41, 6.0 mm D, 35 mm L, Stainless Steel 103.00
FM-070141 TA42, 3.0 mm D, 35.8 mm L, Stainless Steel 103.00
FM-070143 TA44, 4.0 mm D, Stainless Steel 103.00
FM-070145 TA45, 1.0 mm D, Stainless Steel 386.00
FM-070151* TA2/100, 60°, 30 mm D, Clear Acrylic (low mass) 174.00
FM-070153† TA2/1000, 60°, 30 mm D, Clear Acrylic 103.00
FM-070155* TA15/100, 45°, 30 mm D, Clear Acrylic (low mass) 183.00
FM-070157† TA15/1000, 45°, 30 mm D, Clear Acrylic 183.00
FM-070159 TA16, 40°, 29 mm D, Clear Acrylic 103.00
FM-070161 TA17, 30°, 24 mm D, Clear Acrylic 103.00
FM-070163 TA27, 20°, 12.4 mm D, Clear Acrylic 128.00
FM-070165 TA29, 15°, 8 mm D, Stainless Steel 103.00
FM-070167* TA32/100, 90°, 30 mm D, Clear Acrylic, Low mass 291.00
FM-070169† TA32/1000, 90°, 30 mm D, Clear Acrylic 103.00
FM-070171 TA8, 6.35 mm D, Stainless Steel 168.00
FM-070173 TA18, 12.7 mm D, Stainless Steel 103.00
FM-070175 TA28, 2.0 mm D, Stainless Steel 103.00
FM-070177 TA31, 1.0 mm D, Stainless Steel 128.00
FM-070179 TA33, 3.0 mm D, Stainless Steel 365.00
FM-070181 TA38, 10.0 mm D, Stainless Steel 174.00
FM-070182 TA43, 25.4 mm D, Nylon 103.00
FM-070187 TA53, 0.33 mm D, 40 mm W, Stainless Steel 237.00
Miscellaneous Probes
FM-070191 TA7, Knife edge, 60 mm W, Clear Acrylic 292.00
FM-070193 TA9, Needle, 1.0 mm D, 43 mm L, 10° Maximum Taper 168.00
FM-070195 TA19, 1 cm2 Kobe Test Probe, 11.3 mm D, 25 mm L, Stainless Steel 103.00
FM-070211 TA22, 18 swg bar frame 360.00
FM-070213 TA23, 12.7 cm DIA round end, Black Delrin 103.00
FM-070217 TA49, 25.4 cm DIA round end, Clear Acrylic 221.00
* = for use with 100g CT3 instruments
†=for use with 1000 and 1500g CT3 instruments


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