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GX Series Balances

Super Hybrid Sensor / Motor-driven Internal Calibration

Revolutionary Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology improves response speed and minimizes maintenance costs. Its unique design provides the fastest response speed in its class-just 1 second! And if the time ever comes when the SHS needs repair, you just replace one of three parts-no need to replace the whole sensor!

This translates to Minimum Maintenance Costs. An additional benefit of the new SHS is that the GX automatically performs self calibration using the internal mass when the balance detects ambient temperature changes.

Picture shows GX Series Balance Showing Super Hybrid Sensor.

GX Series Balance Showing Super Hybrid Sensor GX Series Balances



Technical Data

Technical Data
Exclusive patented Super Hybrid Sensor Assembly: Supplied by a recognized world leader in balance design and technology
Standard RS-232C: Incorporates bi-directional communication with a PC, printer or other peripheral device
Multiple Weighing Units: Significantly increases flexibility
Interval Time Setting: For those applications where analysis is required over time
Capacity Indicator: Allows for instantaneous analysis of current load vs. device capacity
Auto Power-off Function: Automatically turns the display off after a user-selectable time period
Auto Power-on Function: Automatically powers the device when plugged in
Auto Re-zero Function: Re-zeroes automatically after a data transmission to insure the accuracy of the next transmission
Ultra-Fast 1-Second Response Time: Ensures the balance keeps pace with the user
Automatic Self Calibration: Simplifies and speeds calibration whenever the device is moved
On-Demand Push-Button Calibration: Dramatically increases effectiveness, enhancing actual in-use time by reducing calibration "down" time
Exceptionally Visible, Virtually Unmistakable,
Bright, Blue, Vacuum Fluorescent Display:
Simplifies operations and helps avoid errors by being easily visible from even the most obscure reading angles
Quick Reference Card: Speeds the use of the device
Auto Environmental Compensation: Ensures the optimal performance of the device at all times
Large, Easy-to-Read Keyboard: Enhances convenience and precludes reading errors
Unprecedented Low Lifecycle Cost: Immediate return on investment
Front Air Bubble Leveling: Simplified installation
WinCT Free with Every Unit: With WinCT and a third party USB Hub collect data from a number of different balances all at the same time
Facilitates sophisticated real time data collection, analysis, reporting and graphing when using such standard software tools as WinCT and MS Excel
Density Calculation Mode: Automatically calculates and displays the density measurement
GLP/GMP/ISO Compliant: Allows GLP/GMP or LIMS balances management by downloading the balance number and date used to calibrate the balance
Data Memory Function: Actively holds in memory the most used information
Sophisticated Real Time Data Collection and Analysis: Turns every device into a powerful data collection tool
Standard Underhook: Increases value by allowing for density determination and the weight measurement of oversized or magnetic materials
Clock/Calendar Function: Built-in time and date allow for GLP compliance and interval weighing in the data memory function
Five Year Warranty: Easily serviceable or repaired making it the single most important factor in reducing maintenance costs
Percentage Min. Div.: 0.01%
Display Refresh: 5 times per second (stable) / 10 times per second (unstable)
mm: 210 (W) x 317 (D) x 86 (h)
inches: 8.6 (W) x 12.48 (D) x 3.38 (H)
Breeze Break
Dim. (GX-10):
mm: 163 (W) x 163 (D) x 207 (H)
inches: 6.4 (W) x 6.4 (D) x 8.2 (H)
Operating Temperature: 5°C ~ 40°C  /  41° F ~ 104°F RH less than 85% (No Condensation)
Power: 110, 120, 210, 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Standard Accessories: Manual, Plastic Breeze Break (For GX-200, GX-400 and GX-600)


Technical Data for Models

Technical Data for Models
Model BL-GX-200 BL-GX-400 BL-GX-600 BL-GX-800 BL-GX-1000
210 x .001
410 x 0.001
610 x 0.001
810 x 0.001 1100 x 0.001
Decimal ounce (Oz):
7.40755 x 0.00005
14.46230 x 0.00005
21.51710 x 0.00005
1.785744 x 0.00005 38.80135 x 0.0005
Decimal pound (lb):
0.462970 x 0.000005
0.903895 x 0.000005
1.344820 x 0.00005
26.04210 x 0.00005 2.425084 x .00005
Troy ounce (ozt):
6.75165 x 0.00005
13.18180 x 0.00005
19.61195 x 0.0005
520.842 x 0.001 35.36582 x 0.0005
Pennyweight (dwt):
135.033 x 0.001
263.636 x 0.001
392.239 x 0.001
4050.000 x 0.005 707.316 x 0.001
Carat (ct):
1050.000 x 0.005
2050.000 x 0.005
3050 x 0.005
215 x 0.005 5500.000 x 0.005
Momme (mm):
56.0000 x 0.0005
109.3335 x 0.0005
162.6665 x 0.0005
215 x 0.0005 270 x 0.005
Grain Unit (GN):
3240.80 x 0.02
6327.26 x 0.02
9413.74 x 0.02
12500.21 x 0.02 16975.6 x 0.02
Pound x Ounce (x 0.01 oz):
7.41 oz
14.46 oz
1lb 5.52 oz
1lb 12.80 oz 2 lb 4 oz
Standard Deviation:
Stabilization Time:
Approximately 1 second (typical in FAST mode)
Approx 1.5 seconds
Weight (Approx):
4.6 kg / 2.15 lb
Calibration Mass (Optional): Internal Calibration with SHS
Model BL-GX-2000 BL-GX-4000 BL-GX-6100 BL-GX-6000 BL-GX-8000
Gram: 2100 x 0.01 4100 x 0.01 6100 x 0.01 6100 x 0.1 8100 x 0.1
Decimal ounce (oz):
74.0755 x 0.0005
144.6230 x 0.0005
215.1710 x 0.0005
215.170 x 0.005
285.720 x 0.005
Decimal pound (lb):
4.62970 x 0.00005
9.03895 x 0.00005
13.44820 x 0.00005
13.4480 x 0.0005
17.8575 x 0.0005
Troy ounce (ozt):
67.5165 x 0.0005
131.8180 x 0.0005
196.1195 x 0.0005
196.120 x 0.005
260.420 x 0.0005
Pennyweight (dwt):
1350.33 x 0.01
2636.36 x 0.01
3922.39 x 0.01
3922.4 x 0.1
5208.4 x 0.1
Carat (ct):
10500.00 x 0.05
20500.00 x 0.05
30500.00 x 0.05
30500.00 x 0.5
40500.00 x 0.5
Momme (mm):
560.000 x 0.005
1093.335 x 0.005
1626.665 x 0.005
1626.65 x 0.05
2160.00 x 0.05
Grain unit (GN):
32408.0 x 0.2
63272.6 x 0.2
94137.4 x 0.2
94136.00 x 2
12500.00 x 2
Pound x Ounce (x 0.01oz):
4 lb 10.08 oz
9 lb 0.62 oz
13 lb 7.17 oz
13 lb 7.17 oz
17 lb x 13.72 oz
Standard Deviation:
0.01g 0.1g
Stabilization Time:
Apprx. 1 sec (typical in FAST mode)
Apprx. 1.5 seconds
Apprx. 1 second
Weight (Approx):
Approx 5.1kg / 2.05 lb
Calibration: Internal Calibration with SHS


Internal Calibration


The GX automatic self-calibration feature saves time and money. External calibration requires a great deal of skill, time and an expensive external mass. With the internal calibration there is no downtime while the technician calibrates the balance.

  • Automatic Self Calibration - Self-calibrates automatically when the balance detects ambient temperature changes.
  • One Touch Automatic Calibration - Lets you calibrate the balance on-demand, with just the push of a button.
Calibration is essential for accurate weighing. A typical 600 gram high-resolution balance, not equipped with Internal Self Calibration, can drift as much as +/-0.01g within an ambient temperature change of 10 degrees celsius.


Clear VF Display

Clear VDF Display
Easy to see - even in the dark / Wide angle view prevents mistakes
Animal Weighing Automatic Adjustable Environment Comparator Function
Animal Weighing
Automatic Adjustable Environment
Comparator Function
Hold Function for animal weighing Can automatically adapt to the most suitable Environmental Response setting. Shows, as HI/LO/OK, the results of the current sample compared to predetermined weight settings
ACAI Counting Function Percentage Function Capacity Indicator
ACAI Counting Function
Percentage Function
Capacity Indicator
Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement recalculates and updates the average piece weight ensuring optimum performance with even the smallest of parts. Shows the percentage to the standard sample weight. Ideal for comparative weighing and moisture loss applications. Displays, as a percentage, the ratio of the current weighment against the rated capacity of the device.

Standard WinCT
WinCT (Windows Communication Tools Software), provides easy transmission of weighing data from A&D balances to a computer using the RS-232C Interface. Quickly export data to a variety of MS Windows applications.

Standard WinCT
RS-232C Interface
Using a USB/RS-232C Converter, you can transfer data between a USB equipped PC and multiple GX balances. Hot-swap one GX balance for another with ease.






Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
BL-GX-200 210 x 0.001g with 3.6" Breeze Break $1,950.00
BL-GX-400 410 x 0.001g with 3.6" Breeze Break 2,430.00
BL-GX-600 610 x 0.001g with 3.6" Breeze Break 2,880.00
BL-GX-800 810 x 0.001g with 3.6" Breeze Break 3,050.00
BL-GX-1000 1100 x 0.001g with 3.6" Breeze Break 3,240.00
BL-GX-2000 2100 x 0.01g 1,850.00
BL-GX-4000 4100 x 0.01g 2,620.00
BL-GX-6100 6100 x 0.01g 2,925.00
BL-GX-6000 6100 x 0.1g 2,250.00
BL-GX-8000 8100 x 0.1g 2,460.00


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