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Sale Terms & Conditions for All Laboratory Ovens

Orders are not subject to cancellation without seller's written consent and then only upon agreement to compensate seller for loss caused by such cancellation.

All prices NET F.O.B. Shipping Point, packed for domestic shipment. Prices quoted are current in effect as of quote date. In the event of increases in prices on auxiliary operating equipment, such equipment will be involved at prices in effect on date of shipment. We reserve the right to correct all typographical or clerical errors which may be present in the prices or specifications on this quotation.

Based on present conditions, estimated shipment can be made as shown, subject of course, to any U.S. Government restrictions. Shipment dates are approximate and based on prompt receipt of all necessary information to us by the factory. We shall not be liable for loss, damage, detention or delay caused by fire, strike, civil or military authority, insurrection or riot or for any other cause beyond our reasonable control.

The customer is responsible for any addition which may be necessary to cover any tax or charge now existing or hereafter imposed by Federal, State, or Municipal authorities upon equipment or services herein described, or the production, sale, distribution, or delivery thereof, or upon any feature of this transaction.

All apparatus shall be installed by and at the expense of the purchaser unless otherwise stipulated. The manufacturer will furnish, at its option, engineers to supervise the installation and starting of the apparatus, if, and as, expressly stipulated in the quotation. The expenses incurred to be subject to agreement. Standard installation not requiring special technical assistance must be conducted in a timely fashion in accordance with the instructions in the manual provided with shipment.

This equipment is quoted and will be sold, if ordered, subject to the mutual agreement that it is warranted by the manufacturer free from defects or material and of construction, which warranty we will make good by replacement or repairing at manufacturer's factory any defective material or construction, which becomes apparent within 90 days after this equipment is received, without damage of any kind and the purchaser, by the acceptance of this equipment will assume all liability for the consequences of its use or misuse by the purchaser, his employees, or others. We make no warranty in respect to thermostats, recorders, control equipment or other accessories, except as warranted by their respective manufacturers.


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