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MT-1500 Precision Universal Test Systems

Full-Featured Universal Test Stands for Film and Paper

Meets specifications of ASTM D882 Standard Test Method for Tensile Testing of Plastic Film and ASTM D3354 for Blocking Testing of Plastic Film and Sheet

MX-1100 Microgauge

In the past, film and paper producers, and converters have had the choice of test stands and universal test machines which are either value- priced peak-force-only machines, or expensive computer-operated integral-load cell machines. Now you can have the best of both worlds in a single instrument. A simple to use computer operated tester, the Series MT-1500 offers Quality Control software for automatic calculation and graphical display of break, elongation, yield, modulus, and other, tension and compression force information.

The Series 1500 Precision Universal Test Stand is a proven tool for more closely controlling nominal and peak strength and elongation characteristics to speed your: Research and development of new film and paper products, Inspection of incoming film and paper products, In-process checks to ensure on-spec product for converting operations, and Quality-control reporting.

The Model MT-1522 Force Tester with 200 N (50 lb) Integral Load Cell. Shown with Load Cell mounted to Right of Column for Working Table Testing.



Advanced Technical Features in Each Model


Expandable; Industry-Leading Software - Portable and expandable with optional software, printers and computer system. A computer is required for operation. Advanced software for display/hard-copy reporting of statistical and graphical analysis of data including yield, elongation, break strength, modulus, and friction values.

Affordable - Best of all, the series 1500 is economically priced.

Unique, Modular Design - Test Stand can be set up with Load Cell mounted on the front of the column for easy access for strip testing, or with Load Cell mounted to the right of the column for access to the large working table area for testing.

Advanced Engineering & Technology
• Tension & Compression Testing to 550 pounds
• Peak Force, Average Force, and Stress/Strain Testing
• Servo Drive and Integral Load Cells
• Broad Speed Range for full range of testing requirements, 0.1 - 40 ipm
• Uses Timeclock & Speed data for elongation computation
• Computer controlled with Model MT-2500 Software for Full Range of Testing and Graphical & Statistical Display


Techincal Data

Technical Data
  MT-1522 MT-1528 MT-1540
Mode of Operation: Off-Line testing / lab use, Digital force measurement
Capacity: 550 lb (2.5 kN)
Throat Depth: 2.0 - 5.0 inch, adjustable
Load Cell Mounting Options: 1. Front Mounted
2. Right Hand over Work Table
(Factory preset)
Materials: All Sheet Materials
Measurement Range: 0 - 2.2 lb (10 N), 0 - 10 lb (50 N), 0 - 50 lb (200 N),
0 - 100 lb (500 N), 0 - 150 lb (700 N), 0 -250 lb (1000 N)
(other ranges available)
Measurement Accuracy: ±0.02% Full Scale
Measurement Resolution: 0.01 lb / 0.001 lb (depending on range)
Speed Range: 0.1 - 40 ipm
Speed Accuracy: ±1 - 0.01 ipm
Crosshead Travel: 28.0 inches 34.0 inches 46.0 inches
Test Travel: 22.0 inches 28.0 inches 40.0 inches
Return Speeds: Maximum or Jog Speed
Power Requirements: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 230 VAC, 50 Hz, or consult factory for special requirements
Overall Height/Weight: 40 inch/ 75 lb 46 inch/ 80 lb 58 inch/90 lb
Sample Rate: 1000 / sec
Serial Data Communications: RS-232, 9-pin D-Sub(2)


Model MT-2500 Quality Control Software For Tensile and Universal Testers


MT-2500 Quality Control Software system includes Hardware and Software to add computer-based operation and output of Graphics and Data Table Statistics.

Create Custom Recipes with Ease: Setup parameters allow data collection and display flexibility including test mode, scaling, thresholds, automatic motor shutoff and return options, and many more.

Operator Recall of Recipes for Automatic, Error-free Setup and Operation: Recipes or "Test Types" can be recalled with the click of a button, to automatically set up your tensile tester for immediate operation.

Mutliple Test Modes Built-in including Tensile, 1% Secant, Coefficient of Friction, Peel, Seal, TEA, Tensile Stiffness...

Full ASTM Test Data Reporting Capabilities...

Export Data to ExcelTM, AccessTM, MiniTabTM, other packages...


Accessories for Force Test Stands & Tensile Testers

Peel Test Fixture, 180 Degree

Meets ASTM D-903

Peel or Stripping Strength of Adhesive Bonds Peel Test Fixture, 180 degree Metal Face, Specify Sheet Metal Plates Required Upper Grip Required to Complete Fixture Package Requires Crosshead Speed of 12 ipm.

Peel test Fixture, 90 Degree

Metal Face, Travels Perpendicular to Crosshead. Use PT-923215 For Forces > 10 lb, Upper Grip Required to Complete Fixture Package, For Forces < 10 lb., use PT-923219 which includes Travel Synchronizing Cable/Pulley. Upper Grip Required to Complete Fixture Package
Synchronized Non-Synchronized

Coefficient of Friction Fixture

Meets ASTM D-1894

Static and Kinetic Coefficient of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting Meets TAPPI T-549 Coefficient of Static and Kinetic Friction of Uncoated Writing and Printing Paper by Use of Horizontal Plane Method, 200 Gram Weight w/ Attachment Wire, Carrier Sled Attachment w/Pulley Requires Crosshead Speed of 6.0 ipm

Cling Peel Fixture

Meets ASTM D-5458

Peel Cling of Stretch Wrap Film Inclined Plane Fixture and COF Carrier Sled w/Pulley Sample Clamp, Wire Stabilizing Legs Included Requires Crosshead Speed of 5.0 ipm

Blocking Test Fixture

Meets ASTM D-3354

Blocking Load of Plastic Film by the Parallel Plate Method Procedure B Using Constant Rate of Separation Test Device, Blocking Load Test Fixture for Plastic Film 4.00 x 4.00 inch Blocks Requires Crosshead Speed of 0.2 ipm

Puncture Test Fixture, Manual Sample Clamping

Meets Federal Test Method 101B and 101C

Puncture Resistance of Flexible Packaging and Industrial Fabric Puncture Test Fixture, w/ Manual Sample Clamping 1.00 inch Dia. Sample Area, 0.25 inch Dia. Radiused Rod Tip Requires Crosshead Speed of 1.0 ipm

Meets ASTM F-1306

Slow Rate Penetration Testing of Barrier Films and Laminates Puncture Test Fixture, w/Manual Sample Clamping 1.375 inch Dia. Sample Area 0.125 inch Dia. Radiused Rod Tip Requires Crosshead Speed of 1.0 ipm

*Pneumatic version also available

Shrink Force Test Heating Chamber, Retractable

Retractable Chamber, Air-Driven 60 - 150° C (140 - 300° F) Temperature Range 2.00 inch (H) x 1.00 inch (W) Sample Test Area



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
PT-921015 MT-1522 Precision Force Test Stand, Computer Software Controlled $6,090.00
PT-921027 MT-1528 Precision Force Test Stand, Computer Software Controlled 6,700.00
PT-921040 MT-1540 Precision Force Test Stand, Computer Software Controlled 7,800.00
PT-921050 MT-2500 Quality Control Software 1,395.00
PT-921090 Z2-2500 Load Cell (50 lb, 100 lb, 150 lb, 250 lb), Specify 1,595.00
PT-921093 ZP-2500 Load Cell (2,2 lb, 10 lb), Specify 2,265.00
PT-920260 Serial cable for Universal Tester (2 required), Each 170.00
General Fixtures
PT-923210 Peel Test Fixture 645.00
PT-923219 Synchronized Peel Test Fixture 2,265.00
PT-923215 Non-Synchronized Peel Test Fixture 695.00
PT-923230 Coefficient of Friction Fixture 1,295.00
PT-923235 Cling Peel Fixture 1,295.00
PT-923240 Blocking Test Fixture 755.00
PT-923241 Puncture Test Fixture (for flexible packaging and industrial fabric) 1,285.00
PT-923245 Puncture Test Fixture (for films and laminates) 1,285.00
PT-923250 Shrink Force Test Heating Chamber 4,985.00
Test Sample Grips, Mechanical
PT-923253 Parallel Jaw Grip, Serrated,1000 N 375.00
PT-923255 Sheet Grip, Flat, 50 lb 250.00
PT-923257 Thin Film Grip, Rubberized, 50 lb 250.00
Test Sample Grips, Pneumatic
PT-923261 Pneumatic Film/Sheet Grips, 100 lb (pair) 1,695.00
PT-923263 Pneumatic Tissue Grips, 25 lbs (pair) 2,865.00
PT-923265 Air Control Unit w/ Regulator for Pneumatic Grips 525.00
Other Fixtures / Grips also available. Please Contact us with your specifications


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