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Model #5512 Impact Tester

Impact tester for testing of paints and similar coatings for elongation, bending and, by derivation, adhesion and sudden deformation.

In Accordance With ISO 6272 AND DIN 55 669 and following ASTM D 2794
NCCA 11-10 (11-6, 11-16) & X-1, ECCA Meth. No. 5, NFT 30-039 Specifications

The #5512 impact tester consists of a solid base stand with a guide tube support. The guide tube has a slot to direct a cylindrical weight that slides inside the guide tube. A collar fits over the tube and slides up or down to enable the user to easily return the weight to the same dropping position. The #5512 Impact Tester has graduations that are marked along the slot to facilitate reading. A clamping sleeve mechanism holds the test panel in position.

The base of the impact tester includes a die support. The weights have steel balls built into their striking surfaces to provide different geometrical type configurations. It is important that the ball diameter of the impact tester fits that of the die so as to prevent shearing of the test samples at the inner rim of the die. The falling weight of the impact tester is variable by means of adding or removing additional weights. In order to limit the indentation depth of the falling weight, distance rings of different thickness can be fitted.

Impact Tester Directions: place the coated side of the panel facing up or down depending upon the application, i.e. intrusion or extrusion. The test can be performed as a pass/fail test by using a defined impact energy (= falling weight x height) or by increasing the impact energy until failure occurs. For this purpose, raise the weight to a height where no failure is known to occur. Keep repeating this procedure while raising the weight each time to a point greater than last until failure is noticed. The test shall be carried out in at least 4 different places on the test panel not less than 4 cm from each other.

Model 5512 Impact Tester
Height of fall multiplied by
dropping weight is impact energy
in cm/kg or inch/pound.



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Item Number Item Prices

Base plate with clamping device, Guide tube with collar
IM-5512 Ball impact tester - scale in mm and inch. HxWxD: 53 x 10 x 12 in. (134 x 25 x 30 cm) - Note: Die and falling weight must be ordered separately. $2,246.00
Optional Accessories
IM-5520 Dropping weight 2 lbs. ball - 0.500" (12.7mm) 250.00
IM-5521 Accompanying die for IM-5520, 0.7" (17mm) 161.00
IM-5522 Dropping weight 2 lbs. ball - 0.625" (15.9mm) 254.00
IM-5523 Accompanying die 0.83" (21.2mm) 163.00
IM-5525 Accompanying die for IM-5532 163.00
IM-5526 Additional weight for IM-5520 & IM-5522, screw-on, 2 lbs 220.00
IM-5528 ASTM Die for IM-5520, 0.55" (13.9mm) 161.00
IM-5529 5/8" ASTM Die for IM-5522, 0.63" (16.3mm) 161.00
IM-5532 Dropping weight 1 kg. ball, 20mm with lifting pin (ISO 6272) 422.00
IM-5533 Distance Ring Set ( 2-10mm ) 215.00

Caution: The operation of this instrument involves high energy impact. Eyes should be protected with safety glasses. Fingers and hands should be kept clear of the impact area.


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