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wave-scan 3 & wave-scan 3 dual Orange Peel Meters

wave-scan Orange Peel Meters

Orange Peel and DOI measurement on medium to high gloss surfaces.

The new wave-scan 3 family comes with a fresh design to accommodate an extra-large color touch display. Operation and feel is as intuitive as you are used to with your smart-phone. Capacitive display technology provides a state-of-the-art haptic touch.

The fastest chip ever calculates complex waviness scales in no time at all, speeds up the measuring time and lets you do more in the same time.

High correlation to the visual perception and excellent agreement with previous wave-scan models.



wave-scan 3 - The next wave-scan generation comes with a fresh, ergonomic design with the easy touch and feel you know from your smart-phone. This BYK Orange Peel meter is considered the Specialist for high gloss finishes. It is used for dullness up to 40 units. wave-scan 3
wave-scan 3 dual - The next wave-scan generation has no longer limited appearance control to the final topcoat inspection. This BYK Orange Peel meter has expanded its measurement range for high gloss to semi gloss surfaces. It is used for dullness up to 65 units. wave-scan 3 dual
Both Models Feature:
  • Objective orange peel and DOI measurement
  • Extra-large color touch display
  • Capacitive display with state-of-the-art haptic touch
  • Quick and easy operation with intuitive icon based menu
  • Scales and scan lengths can be selected from menu
  • Full statistics and data saving
  • For flat and curved surfaces (radius larger than 50 cm)
  • Classical LW, SW and customer specific scales
  • Structure spectrum to analyze appearance changes for optimization
  • Dullness & DOI measurement independent of the paint system
  • Docking station for data transfer to the PC and recharging the batteries of the Orange Peel meter smart-chart software for professional data analysis and documentation

wave-scan 3

wave-scane Docking Station wave-scan dual
wave-scan 3 Docking Station wave-scan dual

Technical Data

Technical Data
  wave-scan 3 wave-scan 3 dual
Application: High gloss, du < 40, linear range High to semi gloss, du < 65, linear range
Repeatability (Std. Dev.): 4% or > 0.4 du < 40: 4% or > 0.4 du > 40: 6% or > 0.6
Reproducibility (Std.Dev.): 6% or > 0.6 du < 40: 6% or > 0.6 du > 40: 8% or > 0.8
Memory: 10.000 readings in 1000 test series
Interface: USB port, WiFi optionally
Display: 2.8 in capacitive color touch display
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian
Power Supply: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, up to 1000 readings depending on usage
Weight: 1.55 lb (0.7 kg)
Operating Temperature: 50 - 104 °F (10 - 40 °C)
Storing Temperature: 32 - 140 °F (0 - 60 °C)
Relative Humidity: Up to 85 % at 95 °F (35 °C) non-condensing
Dimensions: L x W x H 5.9 x 2.7 x 4.3 in (15 x 7 x 11 cm)
Structure Spectrum: du: < 0.1 mm
Wa: 0.1 to 0.3 mm
Wb: 0.3 to 1 mm
Wc: 1 to 3 mm
Wd: 3 to 10 mm
We: 10 to 30 mm
Object Curvature: radius > 50 cm
Scan Length: 5 / 10 / 20 cm
Resolution: 375 Points/cm
Min. Sample Size: 35 mm x 150 mm
Light Source: Laser diode, LED Laser diode, LED and IR-SLED
Laser Energy: < 1 mW (Laser class 2)

Appearance Control

Quality control and trouble shooting for Class A surfaces - Surface appearance changes with the size and distinctness of wavy structures. The wave-scan analyzes waviness intensity with 5 wavelength ranges (0.1 mm - 30 mm) and evaluates the brilliance of the surface. The results form a "structure spectrum" and help you to analyze and optimize the surface quality based on material and / or process parameters. From substrate to top coat, from film thickness to levelling - wave-scan is your diagnostic and QC tool at the same time to keep the process under control.

Measure orange peel on high and medium gloss surfaces - Appearance control is no longer limited to final topcoat inspection. Thus, the surface quality after each paint process step can be objectively evaluated. No more guessing which substrate layer is influencing the final appearance. The wave-scan dual will help you to objectively analyze appearance problems and reduce the time necessary for trouble shooting.

wave-scan dual Appearance

The Wave-Scan Dual is a diagnostic tool for trouble shooting and optimizing appearance. Now, you can establish appearance specifications for each paint layer to ensure the final appearance is always on target.
Steel Quality
E-coat Chart Step 1: Appearance Control after E-coat

Same E-coat system was applied on rough and smooth steel.

The influence of rougher steel can be seen in increased Wb and Wc-values.

Primer Chart Step 2: Appearance Control after Primer Surfacer

The primer surfacer was applied on both panels. The roughness of the steel quality can still be detected in increased Wb and Wc- values.

This primer system could not completely cover the steel influence.

Topcoat Chart Step 3: Appearance Control after Topcoat

The final appearance shows higher shortwave values on the rougher steel panel.

Therefore, the smooth panel will appear more brilliant.



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wave-scan 3 - Instrument, Checking tile, Docking station with USB cable, USB cable for direct data transfer smart-process Software with 2 Licensees for download, 2 rechargeable Li-Ion battery packs, Certificate, Manual, Carrying case, and 1-day training

wave-scan 3 dual - Instrument, Checking tile, Docking station with USB cable, USB cable for direct data transfer smart-process Software with 2 Licensees for download, 2 rechargeable Li-Ion battery packs, Certificate, Manual, Carrying case, and 1-day training

7403 wave-scan 3 $30,995,.00
7400 wave-scan 3 dual 34,995.00


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