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Refo® 3D and Refo® 60D

Meets DIN 67 530, ISO 2813, ISO 7668, TAPPI T 480, & ASTM D 523

Refo Dr. Lange has developed new reflectometers which produce fail-safe measurement and gloss-rating results in accordance with DIN 67530, ISO 2813 , ISO 7668, ASTM D 523, and TAPPI T 480. The reflectometers value should remain within certain limits for the measurement. In general, the viewing geometry of 60° is employed. If the reflectometer values exceed 70 then measurements should be made pursuant to the standard for 20°. The 85° geometry is used for 60°values below 10 (ASTM D 523).

Refo 3D & Refo 60D have an extended measuring range for measuring mirror reflection for metal surfaces in accordance with ISO 7668. This optional mirror standard (GL-1639) has a polished aluminum surface with a transparent quartz coat as protection against corrosion. The metal mirror standard is calibrated against a quartz wedge specified in ISO 7668 at BAM (Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing) in Berlin, Germany.



Refo® 60D - Fundamental Gloss

For accurate routine checks.

Begin objective gloss measurements with REFO® 60, used for accurate gloss measurement during production, i.e. measuring, deciding and correcting while production is in full swing. At the touch of a button the result appears immediately on the display and REFO® 60D stores it for later evaluations. This handy reflectometer goes with you to all places of production.

Refo 60D
With the 60°geometry for a wide range of application.

The 60° measuring geometry is the best one for standard gloss measurement from the physical and optical points of view. The measuring accuracy in the extreme high-gloss and matte ranges is satisfactory for routine purposes. Additionally, REFO® 60D measures metallic surfaces using the optional metal mirror standard (GL-1634).


Refo® 3D - The Gloss Professionals

Refo 3D For best flexibility and measuring accuracy.

REFO® 3D is an easy-handling portable reflectometer with a three-angle geometry which is perfectly suited to each and every field of gloss measurement. Whether in the lower range of matte surfaces (85° angle), in the mid (60°) or high-gloss range (20°), it always provides precise and guaranteed results. Before measuring metal surfaces, REFO® 3D is calibrated against the optional metal mirror standard (GL-1639) specified in ISO 7668

Three modes of operation are at choice:

  • One-angle measurement as single or multi-measurement stating also mean
    value, standard deviation and coefficient of variation.
  • Three-angle measurement as single or multi-measurement stating also mean
    value, standard deviation and coefficient of variation.
  • Gloss difference measurement against a reference variation.
One-button easy operation. Before starting to measure, touch the button to calibrate REFO® 3D to standard within a few seconds. Then measure, read-off, print and evaluate the result.

Measurement memory Refo® 3D. For local measurements REFO® 3D features a data logger to keep all information available for further analysis.

Continual Gloss Measurement. Measurements are made automatically in 3 sec. intervals.


Technical Data

Technical Data
  Refo® 3D Refo® 60D:
International Calibration Standard: Standard A and Metal Standard
Measuring Geometries: 20°, 60°, 85° 60°
Measuring Surfaces: 20° approx. 9 x 9 mm / 60° approx. 17 x 9 mm / 85° approx. 100 x 10 mm
Interface RS 232 C: Refo® 3D, Refo® 60D
Memory for Mobile Application: 450 measurements 300 measurements
Power Supply: mains/batteries battery
Dimensions: 750g 430g


Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Carrying case, DOS software , "A" standard
The metal mirror standard is optional.
GL-1606 REFO 60D Glossmeter, 60° geometry, with DOS software $3,495.00
GL-1616 REFO 3D Glossmeter, 20/60/85° geometry, 115V 5,995.00
GL-1617 REFO 3D Glossmeter, 20/60/85° geometry, 230V 5,995.00
GL-1633 Standard A, replacement for 60D 660.00
GL-1634 Standard metal mirror for 60D 690.00
GL-1638 Standard A, replacement for 3D 735.00
GL-1639 Standard metal mirror for 3D 775.00


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