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Haze-Gloss® Meter

This Small, Portable Instrument Evaluates the Appearance of High Gloss Surfaces.

In accordance with ASTM E430, D523; ISO 2813; DIN 67530

Haze-Gloss Meter
  • Multiple measurement modes
    • Specular gloss 20° & 60° & 85°
    • Mirror reflection for metal surfaces
    • Reflection Haze

  • Very high accuracy due to reference beam principle

  • Remains in extended calibration for approx. two months.

  • Convenient, full statistical evaluation inside the instrument

  • Standard RS232 interface for data transfer and control of instrument from a PC.

  • Flexible reflection haze measurement to evaluate:
    • high gloss specimens
    • dispersion degree & flocculation
    • compatibility of resins and additives
    • influence of substrates




  • Sample support table optionally motorized and controlled with a foot switch
  • Illuminated target for ease in sample positioning
  • High accuracy due to reference beam principle
  • Operation without warm-up time
  • Self-diagnostic
  • High measurement reliability
  • Simple operation
  • Remains in extended calibration for approx. 2 months.
  • Automatic calibration
  • Statistic mode including: average, min/max, standard, deviation, coefficient of variance
  • Display in English, French, German, Spanish & Italian
  • RS 232 C interface for data transfer to PC and control of haze-gloss via PC
  • High lamp lifetime (min. 3 years)


Gloss Measurement


The two samples below illustrate a real life problem for gloss measurement: two identical gloss values (20° - 91), yet an obvious visual difference.This appearance phenomenon is known as haze and to date there has not been a practical way to measure it.

Haze 20°: 6 Haze 20°: 73
Gloss Image Fig. 1 The reflected image appears clear & distinct. There's hardly any scattered light: true high-gloss surface. The distribution of the light intensity shows a sharp gloss peak. (See Fig. 1) Gloss Image Fig. 2 This reflected image appears quite hazy to us. Microscopic defects on the surface cause an increased amount of scattered light with low intensity. (See Fig. 2)

Haze Diagram

Only Gloss and Haze measurement allow a complete evaluation of the phenomena “gloss”.  
Until Haze-Gloss, it was very difficult and expensive to measure the phenomena reflection haze. The Haze-Gloss enables you to measure reflection haze as easily and fast as you can measure gloss. You can measure specular gloss, mirror reflection and reflection haze all in one unit. In the development of the Haze-Gloss, equal emphasis was placed on accuracy, reliability and measurement comfort.

The simultaneous measurement of gloss and reflection haze allows a secure and objective evaluation of the surface quality. In addition, the haze value is an indirect method to evaluate paint and raw material properties, such as: dispersion degree, flocculation behavior and wetting properties.



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Item Number Item Prices
GL-4601 Haze-Gloss Meter (Complete with software & cable) $19,525.00


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