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haze-gard i Haze Meter

In compliance with: Standards ASTM D 1003, D 1044, ISO 13468, 14782


The Objective Standard for a Clear View
Transparent products can have a milky or fuzzy appearance dependent on its light scattering behavior. The haze-gard i quantifies the visual perception with objective measurement criteria:

haze-gard i Haze Meter
  • Total transmittance
  • Transmission haze
  • Clarity

haze-gard i controls complete transparency by taking only one reading.



Reliable and Precise

With state-of-the-art optics and LED technology the haze-gard i delivers an unprecedented performance:
  • Reference beam, self-diagnosis and enclosed optics.
  • LED light source assures long-term stable results for many years: 10 year warranty on the lamp life!
  • Automatic, long-term calibration operator friendly and safe.
  • Superior repeatability and inter-instrument
    agreement are guaranteed.

haze-gard i Haze Meter
Smart and Fast
The new touch display is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for any task:
  • Large touch display in color.
  • Symbols to select a menu function.
  • Dedicated measurement button.
  • Footswitch allows hands-free operation.
Open and Flexible
The open measurement compartment let's you work freely to analyze any sample size:
  • Open design for small and large
  • Fast change and positioning of samples.
  • No influence of ambient light.
  • Versatile sample holder for films and sheets. (optional)
  • Sample holders for taber abrasion test and cuvettes for liquids optional.
  • Customized sample holders can be easily attached.
Horizontal or Vertical Set-up
Sample handling in any position is convenient and allows you highest flexibility.

Onboard Analysis

Measurement data can be analyzed and saved in projects directly in the haze-gard i for efficient work management:
  • Large instrument memory (5000 readings)
  • Complete statistics with averaging, min / max, standard deviation.
  • Limit input for different product specifications with colorful Pass/Fail analysis.
Professional Connection
Data transfer can be performed in all sorts of ways to support you in routine lab work:
  • Direct data transfer via USB-port to PC.
  • Direct LAN connection to your network for further analysis in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).
  • Save data on a USB-stick.
Global Communication
Haze and transmittance control according to international standard methods with one unit. haze-gard i displays all results simultaneously well prepared for any customer specification.
  • ASTM D1003 - illuminants C and A Non-compensated method
  • ISO 13468 - illuminant D65 Compensated method

haze-gard i Screen haze-gard i Screens haze-gard i Screen Close Up

Touch Screen

Screen Close Up

Specifications Screen

haze-gard i Data Transfer haze-gard i in Use haze-gard i Close Up

Data Transfer

Open Measurement Compartment

Horizontal/Vertical Set Up

Technical Data

Technical Data
Illuminants: CIE-C, CIE-A (ASTM D1003)
CIE-D65 (ISO 13468, ISO 14782)
Spectral Response: CIE luminosity function y
Geometry: 0° / diffuse
Measurement Area: 0.7 in (ø 18 mm)
Sample Port: 1.0 in (ø 25.4 mm)
Measurement Range: 0 - 100 %
Repeatability: ± 0.1 units (standard deviation)
Reproducibility: ± 0.4 units (standard deviation)
Memory: 5000 readings
Interface: LAN, USB 2.0, additional front USB-port for memory stick
Power Supply: 115/230V self adapting
Operating Temperature: +50 to 104 °F (+10 to 40 °C)
Storage Temperature: +32 to 122 °F (0 to 50 °C)
Dimensions: 24 x 13 x 9 in (62 x 33 x 22 cm)
Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)

Smart-Lab Haze - Data Analysis Software

Whatever the task, smart-lab haze will do it for you. From simple data tables of single test series to trend reports over time anything is possible.

  • Define your product specifications in standard management by setting up product groups with Pass/ Fail limits.

  • Measure your products online and get instant QC reports displayed: Data table with statistic and line graph including Pass/Fail coloring.

  • Manage your lab work in projects to show production process stability using trend reports. Transfer product specs and projects to haze-gard i and vice versa for daily work management.
haze-gard i Data Software

haze-gard i Software
Shown with optional versatile sample holder - not included.

System requirements
  • Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 or 8.1

  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4

  • Hardware: Core 2 Duo, 2.2 GHz, i7 recommended, or equivalent

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM, 8 GB recommended

  • Hard-disk capacity: min. 300 MB

  • Monitor resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixel or higher

  • Disk drive: CD-ROM or DVD drive

  • Interface: free USB-port or network access


haze-gard i Accessories

Easy replacement of holders for different applications

Special holder for very thin films

haze-gard i Accessories

The measurement of haze is used to determine
abrasion resistance of transparent materials. The
haze-gard i Abrasion Holder facilitates positioning of
the abraded area in the measurement beam.

Liquids are best measured using cuvettes and the
cuvette table.

haze-gard i Accessories

haze-gard i Video



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Hazemeter, Guide carriage for sample holders, Clarity calibration standard, Traceable certificate, Foot switch and power cable, USB-cable and LAN-cable, smart-lab haze software on CD with License Key (2 licenses), Operating manual

GL-4775 haze-gard i Haze Meter $28,057.00
GL-6182 Cuvette for Liquids, 5 mm Path length 5 mm, edge length 50 mm 660.00
GL-6183 Cuvette for Liquids, 10 mm Path length 10 mm, edge length 50 mm 571.00
GL-4776 Clarity Calibration Standard, for 4775 Replacement Standard for clarity, certificate included 641.00
GL-4777 Clarity Reference Standard, Test standard for checking purposes, certificate included 632.00
GL-4778 Transmittance Standard 10, Approx. 10% total transmittance, for checking purposes, certificate included 694.00
GL-4779 Transmittance Standard 30, Approx. 30% total transmittance, for checking purposes, certificate included 694.00
GL-4780 Transmittance Standard 50, Approx. 50% total transmittance, for checking purposes, certificate included 694.00
GL-4781 Transmittance Standard 70, Approx. 70% total transmittance, for checking purposes, certificate included 694.00
GL-4782 Transmittance Standard 90, Approx. 90% total transmittance, for checking purposes, certificate included 694.00
GL-4783 Transmittance Standard Set, Set of 5 pieces in hardbox, certificate included 2,101.00
GL-4784 Thin Film Holder, Special holder for very thin films 740.00
GL-4785 Taber Abrasion Holder, For evaluation of abrasion resistance with the hazemeter 1,489.00
GL-4790 Haze Standard 1, Approx. 1% haze, for checking purposes, certificate included 694.00
GL-4791 Haze Standard 5, Approx. 5% haze, for checking purposes, certificate included 694.00
GL-4792 Haze Standard 10, Approx. 10% haze, for checking purposes, certificate included 694.00
GL-4795 Haze Standard Set, Set of 5 pieces in hard box, certificate included 2,938.00


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