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MiniTest 3100

The Minitest 3100 is a small, portable instrument designed for fast, accurate, non-destructive measurement of coating thickness on metals.

Conforms to: ASTM: B 499, B 244, BS: 5411, DIN: 50981, 50982, 50984, ISO: 2178, 2360

Mintest 3100 The Minitest 3100 gage is suited to many testing requirements on the shop floor, in production, laboratory or field inspections.
• non-magnetic coatings on steel   
• insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals  
• non-ferrous metal coatings on insulating substrates

Minitest 3100 MINITEST 3100 possesses a total memory capacity of 10,000 readings and the possibility to store readings in 10 application memories with 10 batches each. A calibration once performed remains in the application memory. Statistiacal evaluation of a measuring series allows the user to assess the coating with mean value, max., min., standard deviation and number of readings taken within one measuring series. Different probes are available which can be connected In order to select the "right" probe, the thickness of the coating to be measured as well as that of the substrate and the geometry have to be taken into consideration.

A full range of probes suitable for standard as well as special applications are offered. For measurement on steel, the magnetic induction principle is used allowing measurements of all insulating coatings e.g. paint, enamel etc. and as well as plating on steel and ferrous metals. Probes that utilize the magnetic induction principle are referred to as F probes.

For measurement of insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals, the eddy current principle is used. Probes working on this principle are referred to as N probes. A probe selection chart can be found below.





Connected to a PC, the MINITEST 3100 function can be controlled through a program making the instrument an integrated part of a network or automated testing unit. The 10,000 reading memory features a variety of statistical data processing methods. MINITEST 3100 is the only measuring gage at present which can work with different probes between 1 micron and 10 cm. Up to 500 groups of readings can be defined by their individual data and time of measurement and print-out.

The intelligent probes can be adapted for special applications. The parameters of particular samples (shape or coatings properties) are stored in the probe. Our springloaded probe systems ensure precise, vertical and sure positioning of the probe on flat as well as on round surfaces. The probe tip is manufactured from an extremely hard wear resistant metal, ruby or ceramic material.

  • Large display with indication of functions
  • Any number of probes can be used
  • Backlight display (optional - standard on 4100)
  • Last reading display after gage is turned on
  • Ambient temperature of the probes -10°C …70°C/15°F…160°F, briefly up to 120°C/250°F
  • Auto-switch-off 1.5 min or continuous mode
  • Measurements in microns or mils
  • Continuous measuring mode w/ high speed readings to identify min/max vals
  • AC operation


Technical Data

Technical Data
Minitest Memory Capacity
Total memory capacity for individual readings - 10,000
Number of application memories - 10
Number of batches for each application memory - 10
Number of batches with individual value memories - 100
Memory saves all data (switch-off, battery change)
Minitest Statistics
From single values x, s, kvar, n, min, max
From single values x, s, kvar, m, min, max, Cp, CPK
Block statistics (mean of mean etc.) x, s, kvar, m, min, max
Block statistics (mean of mean etc.) x, s, kvar, m, min, max, Cp, CPK
Print values and statistics separately to Appl Batch groups
Display and print out of date and time of first measurement in every Batch
Minitest Interface
RS232C bi-directional for Miniprint, PC op. & Mitituyo processing units
Minitest Calibration Methods
Zero on the uncoated substrate without foil
Zero and Calibration with one foil
Calibration through a coating (CTC) Int.
Original Calibration: The probe characteristic can be changed for special applications via a PC, e.g. if the probe tip is worn.




  1. Probe socket
  2. Indicates a statistical value (mean value shown)
  3. Indicates whether the reading is within or beyond limits
  4. 4-digit LCD w/floating point & measuring unit
  5. Zero setting indicator
  6. Analog bar (if limits are set)
  7. On/Off key
  8. Key for activating upper (red) key function
  9. Key for zeroing with calibration standards
  10. Key for calibrating with standards
  11. Key for activating Direct- or Appl-Batch mode
  12. Key for selecting a Batch group within a certain app. number
  13. Socket(option):1. external trigger feature (e.g. for foot switch) 2. Signal to confirm reading (e.g. lamp or horn)
  14. Probe socket
  15. Bat: Low battery / storage battery indicator
  16. Indicates that the gauge is currently controlled via PC. MiniTest key-lock activated.
  1. Indicates that tolerance limits are set.
  2. Combi interface (for MiniPrint data printer, Mitutoyo miniprocessor or PC)
  3. Appl Batch mode indicator
  4. Key for printout of readings, statistics and histogram
  5. Continue: Switching to continuous mode/Stats: calling statistics
  6. Arrow key for selecting all parameters such as calibration values or tolerance limits.
  7. Delete key.
  8. Offset/Limit: Key for entering Offset or limit values
  9. Battery compartment at bottom side.
  10. Non-Ferrous (indicates readings on non ferrous metals)
    Ferrous (indicates readings on ferrous metals)
  11. Measuring unit: Switches automatically according to probe connected, setting and/or measuring value: μm, mm or mils, inch

Trade-In Policy
Base Material/Coating
Non-Conductive Coatings: paint, enamel, plastic, anodizing… Non-Ferrous Metals: chrome, copper, zinc, tin, electroless nickel…
Iron and steel alloyed and hardened ferro-magnetic steel F-probes FN-probe F-probes
Non-Ferrous Metals:
aluminum, copper, zinc and austenitic steel
N-probes FN-probe
*see note
Non-Metallic Substrates:
epoxy, ceramic, plastic…
* only for slightly conductive metal coatings on highly conductive metals like titanium, chrome and tin on copper, aluminum and brass up to 40 μm/1.6 mils coating thickness



  • Paint, enamel, plastic and other insulating coatings on iron and alloyed and hardened steel
  • Chrome, copper, zinc on steel
  • Paint, anodizing and other insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals and on stainless steel
  • Copper coatings on insulating substrates i.e. Cu laminations on PC boards
  • On large and small, concave and convex, flat and round parts


Magnetic Induction

Measuring Principle: Magnetic Induction
  F05 F1.6 F3 F1.6/90 F10 F20 F50
Range Max.: 24 mils 60 mils 120 mils 60 mils 400 mils 800 mils 2000 mils
Displayed Resolution: .01 mils .01 mils .01 mils .01 mils .20 mils .40 mils .20 mils
Measuring Uncertainty: ±1-3%* ±1-3%* ±1-3%* ±1-3%* ±1-3%* ±3%* ±3%*
Minimum Base Thickness: .01" .02" .02" .20" .04" .08" .08"
Minimum Area for measurement: .12" dia. .20" dia. .20" dia. .20" dia. .80" dia. 1.60" dia. 12" dia.
Min Curvature Radius Concave: .20" .40" .40" .25" .63" 1.20" 2.00"
Min Curvature Radius Convex: .04" .06" .06" Flat .20" .40" 7.88"
Dimensions: .60" dia. X 2.5" .60" dia. X 2.5" .60" dia. X 2.5" .32" q X 6.4" 1.0" dia. X 1.9" 1.6" dia. X 2.6" 1.77"dia. X 2.75"
*Tolerance stated as variable, % of the reading, each probe also has a fixed tolerance and they are as follows: F06: +.03 mils, F1.6: +.04 mils, F3: +.04mils, F10 & F20: +1 mil, F50: ±2 mils


Magnetic Induction and Eddy Current

Measuring Principle: Magnetic Induction and Eddy Current
  FN1.6P FN1.6 CN 02
Range Max.: 60 mils 60 mils .4 - 8 mils
Displayed Resolution: .01 mils .01 mils .01 mil
Variable Tolerance as a % of Reading: ±1-3%* ±1-3%* ±1-3%*
Minimum Base Thickness: F: .02" / N: .002" no limit
Minimum Area for measurement : 1.20" dia. .20" dia. .28" dia.
Min Curvature Radius Concave: Flat .40" Flat
Min Curvature Radius Convex: Only .06" Only
Dimensions: .83" dia. X 3.50" .60" dia. X 2.44" .67" dia. X 3.15"
*Tolerance stated as variable, % of the reading, each probe also has a fixed tolerance and they are as follows: FN1.6P: +.04 mils, FN1.6, CN02: .04 mil


Eddy Current

Measuring Principle: Eddy Current
  N02 N1.6 N1.6/90 N10 N20 N100
Range Max.: 8 mils 60mils 60 mils 400mils 800mils 4000
Displayed Resolution: .01 mils .01 mils .01 mils .40 mils .40 mils .01 mils
Variable Tolerance as a % of Reading: ±1-3%* ±1-3%* ±1-3%* ±1-3%* ±3%* ±3%*
Minimum Base Thickness: .002" .002" .002" .002" .002" .002"
Minimum Area for measurement : .08" dia. .08" dia. .20" dia 2.0" dia. 2.76" dia. 8.00" dia.
Min Curvature Radius Concave: .40" .40" .40" 4" 4" 40"
Min Curvature Radius Convex: .04" .06" Flat 1" 1" Flat
Dimensions: .63" dia. x 2.75" .60" dia. x 2.44" .60" q x 2.44" 51" sq x 6.70" 2.56"dia. x 2.95" 4.96" dia. x 6.10"
*Tolerance stated as variable, % of the reading, each probe also has a fixed tolerance and they are as follows:
N02: +.03 mils, N1.6: +.04 mils, N1.6/90: +.04 mils, N10: 1 mil, N20: +2 mil, N100 +12 mils




MiniPrint portable data printer, connected to the gauge without cable, for printout of measuring values and statistics, with built-in accumulator battery and charger. Portable Data Printer



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Instrument, probe & calibration foils (sold separately, select from list below), Zero standard, Operating instructions, Alkaline battery, Carrying case
DF-MIN/025250 Minitest 3100 (probe not included) $1,695.00
* Note: These probe prices apply only when purchased with instrument.
Catalog Number Probe Range Min. Resolution  
DF-PRO/036000 F-06 0-25 mils 0.01 mils 795.00
DF-PRO/036008 F-1.6 0-60 mils 0.01 mils 675.00
DF-PRO/036010 F-3 0-120 mils 0.02 mils 675.00
DF-PRO/036025 F-1.6/90 0-60 mils 0.02 mils 1,250.00
DF-PRO/036030 F-10 0-400 mils 0.50 mils 895.00
DF-PRO/036040 F-20 0-800 mils 1.0 mils 895.00
DF-PRO/036045 F-50 0-2000 mils 1.0 mils 1,996.00
DF-PRO/036052 FN-1.6 0-60 mils 0.005 mils 1,295.00
DF-PRO/036054 FN-1.6/90 0-60 mils 0.02 mils 1,495.00
DF-PRO/036055 N-02 0-8 mils 0.01 mils 925.00
DF-PRO/036058 N-1.6 0 to 60 mils 0.01 mils 925.00
DF-PRO/036065 N1.6/90 0 to 60 mils 0.01 mils 1,395.00
DF-PRO/036080 N-10 0-400 mils 1.0 mils 1,695.00
DF-PRO/036090 N-20 0-800 mils 1.0 mils 1,895.00
DF-PRO/036100 N-100 0-4000 mils 10.0 mils 2,750.00
DF-PRO/036110 CN-02 .4-8.0 mils 0.02 mils 1,395.00
Recommended Accessories (optional)
DF-MIN/025530 Miniprint Data Printer (standard paper) 925.00
DF-MIN/022090 MSOFT 7000 w/cable RS232 155.00
DF-MIN/025531 AC adapter, 110V ~/9V (220V ~/9V) 96.00
DF-MIN/036040 NiCad battery pack w/charger, 110V ~/9V (220v ~/9V) 70.00
Backlight display (factory fitted option) P.O.R.
Probes include calibration standards. Certification traceable to N.I.S.T. is available - Price On Request. Minitest gauges are warranted for 1 full year


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