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Feritscope® FMP30C Coating Thickness Gauge

Feritscope FMP30C Coating Thickness Gauge


Chemical, utility and other processing plants are often exposed to heat, aggressive media and high pressure. These circumstances require rust and acid resistant steel that can withstand mechanical stress at high temperatures. If the ferrite content is too low, the weld is susceptible to cracking under heat, if the ferrite content is too high, the weld loses its strength and corrosion resistance. For duplex steel, a lack of ferrite in the area of the weld seam is an indicator of susceptibility to cracking under tension or vibration.

The Feritscope® measures the ferrite content in austenitic and duplex steel according to the magnetic induction method. All magnetic components of the otherwise nonmagnetic structure are recognized. The instrument is suitable for measurements according to the Basler Standard or according to DIN EN ISO 17655, AWS A4.2 and EN ISO 8249. Areas of application are onsite measurements, e.g., of austenitic claddings as well as weld seams in stainless steel pipes, containers, boilers or other products made of austenitic or duplex steel.

Now Includes Data Center Software!




  • Non-destructive measurement of the ferrite content in a range of 0.1 to 110 FN or 0.1 to 80% Fe in austenitic and duplex steel
  • User-friendly instrument operation
  • User-friendly Data Center Software
  • Large display, rich in contrast with 240 x 160 pixels
  • USB port for data transfer to PC or printer
  • Mechanical sliders to cover keys not required for the measurement operation
  • Ready to make measurements right after power-up
  • Measurement automatic upon probe placement through external trigger via instrument button or PC
  • Automatic probe recognition
  • Audible signal of measurement acquisition
  • Only one calibration required for the entire practically relevant measurement range from 0.1 to about 90 FN. Measurement
    accuracy according to ANSI/AWS Ad.2M/Ad., 2:1997 standard
  • Calibration with standards traceable to TWI secondary standards or with customer-specific standards
  • Adjustable instrument switch-off or continuous operation
  • Lockable keyboard/restricted operating mode
  • Various status displays (e.g., warning message when battery voltage drops)
  • Various language settings
  • Measurement units selectable between WRC-FN and %Fe
  • Up to 100 applications for measuring application specific calibrations
  • Capability of allocating readings into up to 4,000 blocks
  • Date and time stamp for blocks
  • Graphical measurement display as a histogram with a Gaussian plot
  • Capability of entering process tolerance limits and computation of the associated process capability indices Cp and Cpk
  • Audible and visual warning when tolerance limits are exceeded
  • Free-running display with additional presentation of the reading as an analog bar between the tolerance limits
  • Matrix measuring made for connected multi-point measurements, e.g., in a pre-defined surface array
  • Capability of averaging measurement data: Only the mean value of several readings will be stored
  • Measurement acquisition through area measurement possible. Only single readings until probe lift-off are captured and averaged
  • Capability to measure continuously with the probe placed on the specimen
  • Outlier rejection for the automatic elimination of erroneous measurements
  • Overwriting of erroneous and already stored readings through overwriting
  • Application linking made: Ability for common normalization/calibration of applications
  • Battery and line power operation (AC adapter optional accessory)
  • Memory for up to 20,000 readings
  • Display of statistical common characteristic values such as mean value, standard deviation, min, max, range in the block and final results. Output of characteristic variance-analytical values

Feritscope FMP30C Gauge in Use






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Carrying strap & case, Interface cable, FGAB1.3-FE probe, Basic Data Center Software, Battery set, Guidelines print version, Operators manuals, USB drivers on flash drive, 1 complete set of standards
DF-830330 Feritscope® FMP30C Coating Thickness Cauge $5,750.00
DF-830313 FGAB1.3-Fe, Cable length: 59” (1.5 m) (included with instrument) PDF - Full Data Sheet 1,045.00
Calibration Standards Set
DF-830910 Set of 5 Ferrite Content Standards, Ferrite contents of approx. 0.3 FN (0/3 Fe%), 1.5 FN (1.5 fe%), 10 FN (10 Fe%), 45 FN (40% Fe), 110 FN (80 Fe%); plus a standardization Base 140 FN (105 Fe%, saturation), with certification 1,315.00
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