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ETG Electronic Film Thickness Gauge

ETG Electronic Film Thickness Gauge

  • Accuracy ±1%
  • Unaffected by residual Magnetism* *(See "Note")
  • Continuous reading (real-time)
  • Memory to save readings
  • Probe on cable for stable readings
  • Instruction summary on rear label
  • Made in USA with full factory service and support
  • Easy to use
  • Just touch "ON" and begin measuring
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Does not need constant recalibration: Accuracy across the entire range unprecedented stability & repeatability
  • Called for in big three equipment programs (Ford, Chrysler & GM) exclusively
  • Can be upgraded to printout at anytime
  • Complies with ASTM D1186




  1. Full Range Accuracy When ETG is calibrated at 30 mils, readings will be accurate at 10 mils, 5 mils, and 1 mil. ETG's full range accuracy is achieved by creating a custom mathematical curve for each individual probe and then installing that curve into the microprocessor.

  2. Stable & Repeatable Accuracy

  3. Does Not Need Constant Recalibration

  4. Instruction Summary On Rear Label Plus the printing on the labels is covered by a layer of solvent resistant Lexan.

  5. Memory To Save Readings All ETG comes with the ability to store readings in memory so there's no need to try to remember readings or write them down while measuring. Later, you can refer to them, show them to your customer, or put them on paper. For automotive use, an easy to use chart in the instruction booklet enables you to go once around the car and later know at which location the readings were taken. The same procedure can be used in other applications.

  6. Probe On Cable For Stable Readings Having the probe on a cable makes it easier to take readings and enables more accurate and consistent readings because the probe doesn't have a tendency to rock or wobble.

  7. Steel Calibration Plate The test plate and precision thickness foils come with each ETG to make it easy for you to verify calibration. ETG comes with a plate of commercial cold rolled steel for maximum accuracy in industrial applications.

  8. Continuous Reading ETG displays readings instantaneously and continuously. That enables accuracy because you know when you have solid probe contact. Plus it will tell you if the paint is soft and insufficiently cured because the thickness reading will slowly decrease. With an ETG you can even slide the probe across a coated surface to instantly see the thickness variation.

  9. Special Substrate Compensation Circuitry ETG-A was designed with special circuitry to minimize the effect of substrate thickness on the readings. For example, when measuring paint on a vehicle, it is not easy to know the exact thickness of the under lying steel nor is it realistic to recalibrate the gauge every time you move from measuring on a thinner substrate such as a door skin to thicker steel such as in windshield posts or reinforced areas. That's why ETG was designed to have a substantially greater insensitivity to the substrate thicknesses found in automotive and industrial applications.

  10. Always Upgradeable To Print Option You may soon find it necessary or desirable to document the thickness of paint for ISO 9000 SPC or other quality control procedures. You can upgrade an ETG to print at any time.

  11. Customized Programs With Print Model. ETG's print model comes with software which automatically prints out the reading location, such as "left front fender" if you choose. Plus the programs and computer cable are free with print models.

  12. Audible Min/Max Warning ETG allows you to easily set whatever upper and lower paint thickness limits are acceptable for you. Whenever you choose, an audible beep will let you know if the reading is within the acceptable range - without even looking.

  13. Can Be Switched To Metric ETG can be easily changed from reading in mils to microns. Plus when ETG is switched, both the readings in memory and the limits you set will be automatically converted.

  14. Can Be Calibrated It is unlikely you'll need to recalibrate ETG for normal use, but this function is available for extra precision and for measuring coatings on rough surfaces or small parts. For your peace of mind, the factory calibration is never lost; ETG is reset to it every time you enter the calibration mode.

  15. The Rugged, Shop-Hardened ETG meets the robust demands of the industrial and automotive markets such as GM, Ford & Chrysler.

  16. Rubber Covered Probe And Feet Accidents are inevitable when inspecting coatings. That's why ETG's probe has a protective rubber boot to minimize the chance of damaging the finish.

  17. Large Protective Carrying Case ETG is designed to be used in shop and field environments where rough handling often occurs. The foam lined carrying case not only provides plenty of protection, it provides room to store the instruction booklet, calibration foils, printing cable and diskettes for the ETG-P model, and even a pocket microscope or other paint inspection tools.

  18. USA Factory Service. ETG is made in America, and that means factory technical support and factory servicing are easily accessible.




ETG gauges are microprocessor technology electronic coating thickness gauges which measure to .00001 inch (ten millionths) and automatically round off to .0001 (tenths of a mil) or 1 micron for a stable digital display. range: 0 to 40 mils (0 to 999 microns). ETG comes with precision calibration foils and plate, instruction manual, 9 volt alkaline battery, and hard plastic storage case with room for accessories such as print cables and disks.

ETG-I (Ferrous) The Industrial model is specially designed for those who need to use plated calibration thickness standards (NIST calibration sets, for example) or those who need to frequently measure chrome and other hard platings. ETG-I also has an expanded memory.

ETG-A (Ferrous) The Automotive model is designed specifically for measuring paint on steel and has special circuitry to minimize the effect of the substrate on readings. However, ETG-A needs special calibration for measuring chrome platings. Therefore choose ETG-I for measuring hard platings or NIST standards; if not choose ETG-A for its advantages. For further information, look at Feature 9.

ETG-N The Nonferrous model measures the thickness of nonconductive coatings on nonferrous metals such as aluminum and brass. In addition, its circuitry was specifically designed to be minimally affected by the conductive particles in metallic paints or by the variation in thickness and alloy encountered in substrates such as aluminum panels.

Print Models (ETG-AP, ETG-IP, ETG-NP) enable printing the stored readings using a standard DOS (IBM compatible) computer system; no extra cost printer is needed. Not only do ETG printing models cost many hundreds of dollars less than comparable gauges, ETG print programs and computer cable are included for free.


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ETG's easy-to-use programs enable you to automatically print the locations of the readings (Print models) along with high, low, average etc.

Any ETG can be upgraded to print at anytime in the future. Each ETG is designed and dedicated specifically for its ferrous or nonferrous task which does not compromise the accuracy.

*Note: Although it is not visible to the eye, residual magnetism is frequently found in industrial and automotive applications. For example, residual magnetism is generated in steel during arc or spot welding where the heavy current flow creates strong magnetic fields. ETG models do not use the inexpensive Hall sensors and are unaffected by residual magnetism.

ETG Film Thickness Gauge Case



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
DF-9510 ETG-A (Ferrous) Automotive model to measure paint on steel $656.25
DF-9511 ETG-I (Ferrous) Industrial model used with plated calibration thickness standards (NIST calibration sets) or measure chrome platings 766.50
DF-9515 *ETG-AP (Ferrous) Automotive model with print option 766.50
DF-9531 ETG-N (Non-Ferrous) for nonconductive coatings on nonferrous metals 876.75
* Print models print stored readings using DOS (IBM compatible) computer system. Software & cable are included.
Printer Upgrade $220.00
Optional certificate of inspection traceable to NIST is available $105.00 Price and specifications subject to change without notice.


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