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Techne Gelation Timers

Determines gelation time for polymers, plastics, sealants, adhesives

Conforms to BS 5350 B5; BS 3532 K; BS 3815 K; BS 5617; BS 2782-8

Techne Gelation Timers


Rheological consistency frequency determines the desirability of a product for a particular application. For example, in resins for surface coatings, in paint manufacture, in adhesives. As a result the accurate laboratory determination of gelation time is necessary for the adjustment of manufacturing formulations or control of processing conditions.

The mechanical compression test utilized by the Techne Gelation Timer is preferred over other methods, for example, gel swelling test, agitation test, SP1 gel time, because it provides repeatable gelation times consistent with the physical and chemical change in the gelating fluid. The instrument is sensitive to elastic rather than viscous changes in the fluid and as a result provides more consistent and repeatable results.




  • Stops automatically when gelation occurs
  • Light shows completion of gelation
  • Digital LED counter shows time to nearest minute or 0.1 minute
  • Easy to use
  • Conveniently mounted from retort stand
  • Plungers removable for easy cleaning
  • Narrow construction. Mount several in lab area
  • Sample cups & disposable plungers available


Technical Data

Technical Data
Dimension inches (mm) Housing - H x W x D: 4.7 (119) x 2.7 (69) x 3.7 (94)
Length With Plunger: 10.6 (269)
Support For Retort Stand: 5.2 (132) long x 0.5 (13) diameter


GT-5: 9999 minutes in 1 .0 min. increments
GT-6: 999.9 minutes in 0.1 min. increments
Amplitude of Reciprocation in. (mm): 0.5 (13)
Accuracy of Gelation Time: ± 2%
Electrical Supply: 120V
Net Weight: 2lb. (0.9kg)


More Info

Models GT-5/6 incorporate a removable stainless steel plunger which is reciprocated vertically by mechanical means in the liquid under test. When gelation occurs the resulting elasticity of the material supports the weight of the plunger causing a switch inside the instrument to close,the clock to stop and an indicating light to come on. Model GT-5 reads to the nearest minute. Model GT-6 to the nearest 0.1 minute. The weights of the plungers are accurately maintained and the effective weight as part of the reciprocating mechanism in the instrument to ensure consistent and repeatable results with the same instrument and between different instruments. A small vibration is applied to the reciprocating motor of the plunger to overcome friction.

Techne Gelation Timers Diagram

Thin body construction enables several units to be mounted side by side and with small water bath.

Photo shows Techne 18/10A Bath with 3 GT-5 Gelation Timers. See Techne Baths Section for more information.

Gelation Timers


Optional Items

Sample Cups
100 ml sample cups are available in packs of 12, having an I.D. of 1.5 in (38mm) and depth of 3.0 in. (76mm) which are suitable for use with GT-5/6. 100 ml is the recommended minimum sample size. To order specify GT-6027846, sample cups, pack of 12.

Disposable Plungers
For applications where it may be difficult to remove the stainless steel plungers, glass disposable plungers are available supplied in packs of 100 with adaptor, accurately weighted to maintain instrument repeatability. Adaptor screws into instrument and glass plunger is a push fit into the adaptor. To order specify GT-6021794, plungers, pack of 100



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
GT-2010500 GT5 Gelation Timer, 1 rpm motor, 120V $2,531.55
GT-2010600 GT6 Gelation Timer, 10 rpm motor, 120V 2,520.00
GT-2010800 GT6 Gelation Timer, 10 rpm motor, 230V 2,557.80
GT-201000/CERT Calibration Certification to NIST (order separately) 242.55
One GT-6020985 plunger is supplied as standard with each GT-5 or GT-6 Gelation Timer. Stand not included. Lab stands are also available in "Dispersion" section of General Catalog. 240V also available
LA-290509 Retort Stand w/clamp, 28" Rod 476.70
Sample Cups
GT-6027846 Cups, 12 105.00
Stainless Steel Plungers
Two sizes of stainless steel plungers are available and can be ordered separately as follows:
GT-6020985 Plunger, 7/8" (22mm) diameter 211.05
Glass Disposable Plungers
GT-6021794 Plungers, Glass 100/package w/adapter 3,144.75


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