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Quick Blades

Quick Blades




Quick Blades HSX Series
The HSX series Turbo blade has serrated teeth that will help with heavier grinds. The serrated teeth have more cutting surfaces to help speed up the dispersion process of high solids batches. The Turbo blade will help reduce your grind time.

Quick Blades HSXP Series
The HSXP series Turbo Pump blade has the same serrated teeth as the HSX series and also includes alternating fins in the center of the impeller to help pump the material through the blade. With a combination of the serrated teeth and the pumping fins, your batch will have the best of both worlds, high dispersion and high pumping action from one blade. If you have problems pulling powders down into the vortex, the HSXP series blade is the right choice for you.

Quick Blades PMP Series
The PMP series impellers are designed primarily for blending, mixing and general agitation. The PMP series blade is designed similar to a fan blade so that your batch is moved around the tank with minimal shear. If you are looking for general agitation or blending of liquids, the PMP is the right choice.

Tungsten Carbide:
The tungsten carbide coated impellers are the right choice for those who demand the most abrasion resistant hard coating available. The tungsten carbide coating is applied using HVOF (high velocity oxygen fuel). This method of coating creates a harder, smoother coating than the more conventional plasma sprayed coatings. The hardness of the tungsten carbide coating is above Rockwell’s ‘C’ chart and will simply last longer than other coatings.

Quick Blades are produced using state of the art, computer controlled machinery in an ISO9001:2000 certified shop. With precision laser cutting and precise forming, you can expect a quality, well balanced blade every time. The standard material of construction is type 304 stainless steel. If you require abrasion resistant blades, order the tungsten carbide coated teeth blade. If you need an easily cleaned blade, order the Teflon® coating.


Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Center Hole Blade Dia. Series Item No. Prices Tungsten Carbide Coated Item No. Prices
HSX Series
0.5 1.625” MX-960101 $50.00 MX-960301 $136.00
0.5 2” MX-960102 50.00 MX-960302 136.00
0.5 3” MX-960103 51.00 MX-960303 136.00
0.5 4” MX-960104 53.00 MX-960304 137.00
0.5 5” MX-960105 69.00 MX-960305 167.00
0.5 6” MX-960106 80.00 MX-960306 182.00
0.625 8” MX-960108 94.00 MX-960308 221.00
0.625 10” MX-960110 109.00 MX-960310 274.00
0.625 12” MX-960112 127.00 MX-960312 319.00
0.625 14” MX-960114 142.00 MX-960314 360.00
HSXP Series
0.5 2” MX-961302 $75.00 MX-961502 $200.00
0.5 3” MX-961303 75.00 MX-961503 200.00
0.5 4” MX-961304 80.00 MX-961504 210.00
0.5 5” MX-961305 105.00 MX-961505 250.00
0.5 6" MX-961306 120.00 MX-961506 275.00
0.625 8” MX-961308 145.00 MX-961508 330.00
0.625 10” MX-961310 165.00 MX-961510 410.00
0.625 12” MX-961312 190.00 MX-961512 478.00
0.625 14” MX-961314 215.00 MX-961514 540.00
PMP Series
0.5 1.625” MX-962101 $45.00 MX-962301 $124.00
0.5 2” MX-962102 45.00 MX-962302 124.00
0.5 3” MX-962103 46.00 MX-962303 124.00
0.5 4” MX-962104 48.00 MX-962304 125.00
0.5 5” MX-962105 63.00 MX-962305 152.00
0.5 6” MX-962106 73.00 MX-962306 165.00
0.625 8” MX-962108 86.00 MX-962308 201.00
0.625 10” MX-962110 99.00 MX-962310 249.00
0.625 12” MX-962112 115.00 MX-962312 290.00
0.625 14” MX-962114 129.00 MX-962314 327.00

Larger blade diameters from 16” to 36” available, P.O.R.
Blades with different size center holes available. P.O.R.
HSXP Series 2" diameter blades require a special 7/8" dia. adapter for use with MX-TS516 or MX-TS038 light weight shaft (1/4" dia. shaft end). Please call for pricing.

For Available Shafts Click Here


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