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Drum-Mates® Mixers and Accessories

High Efficiency Drum Mixers, Liquid Processing For Industrial Containers

High Efficiency, Multi-Purpose Mixers


These unique, quick setup mixers are air-operated and explosion proof (with MX-0680 grounding kit installed). They provide a lower operating cost than conventional drum mixers and fit any drum sizes or types with standard 2” bung holes with good clearance. The multiple level, Auto-Open-Close, SwingWing™ turbine impellers are effective at any RPM and can be locked down or removed, offering a wide range of mixing patterns.

They virtually eliminate cavitation and are excellent at unifying layered or sedimented solutions with low impact, eddy wave stirring up to a high shear, homogenizing effect. Mixer drives are supplied in Hand, Rim, Bung and Tank Mount models with 3/4 to 4 HP direct or geared air or electric drives. A suitably powered T-grip electric drill can also be used for nonflammable tasks.






Common Mixing Applications

  • Rapid reconditioning of separated or stratified liquids into a uniform compound.
  • Quick break up and dispersal of bottom sediments into a smooth, homogeneous blend.
  • Slow eddy wave stirring of sensitive materials to prevent foaming, oxidation, shear, etc.
  • In-drum mixing for manufacturing of liquid-liquid or powder-liquid ingredients.
  • High shear, high agitation blending for a homogenizing effect.
  • Continuous agitation to maintain suspensions while emptying the drum.


Technical Data

Zinc Plated and Stainless Steel - 3 Tier, 4 Tier and 5 Tier Mixers
Fig. No. Gallon Cap. Bung Size Shaft dia. x len. x tier Cat. No. Zinc Pltd. Cat. No. Stainless Steel
1 1-5 gal 1-1/2" 3/8" x 28" x 3 MX-0546 (304)
2 1-55 gal 2" 1/2" x 36" x 4 MX-0543 MX-0548 (304)
3 200-950 gal 2" 3/4" x 48" x 5* MX-0551 (304)
Not Shown 200-950 gal 2" 5/8" x 33" x 3* MX-05511 (304)
200-950 gal 2" 5/8" x 33" x 3* MX-05512 (304)
*Note: Order shaft length from 33" to 48". Number of turbine impellers depends on application and shaft OD. The 5/8” shafts are now available in: 30,33,36,39,42.45 lengths. The 33” shaft can only fit 3 impeller tiers. After 36”, 4 tiers are OK. The 48” length shaft OD has been revised to 3/4” OD to add shaft strength and stability: Now Avail: (with the same and other impeller designs) 3/4” OD x 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48, 54 & 58” L. 1.0” OD xx 60”x70”L. Other shaft OD’s & Lengths apply based on drive power.


Hand Held Mixer Drive

Hand Held Mixer Drive 1-1/2 HP MX-0643
Permits easy and rapid “batch mix & transfer” in open or tighthead pails or drums in any size from 5 to 55 gallons.

Quickly blends low, medium, and medium thick liquids. Always monitor mixing with care.

Hand Held Mixer Drive


Mixer Drives

Bung Mounting Mixer Drive
3/4 (MX-0644) , 1-1/2 HP (MX-0651) & 4.0 HP

Provides hands-free, continuous or batch mixing in "tighthead", bunged drums or in open drums with Open Drum LidConvert™ (MX-0675). Mounts in plastic coarse threaded drums with "Buttress" (DH-0526) or "Mauser" (DH-0524) ThreadConverters™. Mixer easily clears drumwall and is angled toward drum center for best mixing pattern. Hoist (MX-0682) available for overhead hoist operation.
Bung and Rim Mount Drive


Pail Mixing System

5 Gallon Pail Mixing
3 Step Control System

Perforate drum lid, (cuts 1-1/2" hole); mix through bunghole; seal with poly plug for storage or shipment. Use hand-held or rim mount air drive, or a suitable powered electric drill.

DH-0530 Lid bunghole Cutter
DH-0532 1.5" sealing plug for above cutter
Cutter and Plug


Safety SolventSaver™

Safety SolventSaver™
For Quicker Bung Entry Mixer Cleaning (MX-0561)

Safely stores and cleans any 55 gallon bung entering mixer more safely, thoroughly and quickly. Minimizes operator and environmental exposure to hazardous materials.

Greatly increases quality control over cross-contamination; reduces cleaning spillage and toilsome cleaning jobs. Wall brackets have thumb screw release for rapid wet mixer transfer and solvent change. Capacity: 1.5 quarts. Size: 1.85" I.D. x 36" H. Zinc plated aluminum and steel brackets.

Safety SolventSaver


Safety Solvent SplashCup™

Safety Solvent SplashCap™
For Quicker Bung Entry Mixer Cleaning (MX-0567)

Reusable polyethylene plastic or zinc plated steel cap helps prevent hazardous liquid splashback and fume exposure while bung entry mixing with hand-held mixer drive or bung mount mixers or during cleaning with the rinse tube.
Item # Application Description Material
MX-0566 Splash cap for rinse tube cleaning with MX-0561 zinc plated steel
MX-0567 Splash cap for steel drum mixing with MX-0643 polyethylene
MX-0568 Splash cap for plastic drum mixing with MX-0643 polyethylene
MX-0569 Splash cap for bung mount mixing with MX-0651 polyethylene
Splashcap, Ground Wire, Shaft Couplers
Ground Wire Kit (MX-0680)
Explosion proof grounding wire kit permits operator to mix drum in a volatile environment by connecting grounding and bonding wires to all equipment components as per NFPA 77. Kit includes: Set of four cables - 1 x 1 ft. wire, 2 x 6 ft. wire, and 1 x 10 ft. wire
Mixer Drive Shaft Couplers (Other sizes available on request)
Item # Application Description Material
MX-0564 3/8" x 1/2" coupler with Allen wrench 304 stainless steel
MX-0562 1/2" x 1/2" coupler with Allen wrench 304 stainless steel
MX-0563 5/8" x 5/8" coupler with Allen wrench 304 stainless steel
MX-0560 1/2" x 5/8" coupler with Allen wrench 304 stainless steel


IBC/Tank Mixer

IBC/Tank Mixer
  • Much Safer
  • Quality
  • Economical
  • Efficiency
  • Versatility
  • Adjustable
  • Sensitive
  • Easy To Use
  • Fits square or round tanks

2" bung entry mixing minimizes operator exposure & environmental contamination. Better product uniformity with simultaneous mixing in IBC top, middle and bottom. Increases operation productivity, lowers mixing operation and handling costs. Significant mixing time savings. Blend a full IBC in the shortest possible time. Works in IBC/tank sizes from 250 - 1000 gallons, mixing thin to thick materials. Multiple blade tiers & sizes adjust for a very wide range of applications. High shear and high pumping action impellers also available. Multiple turbine blade design can provide gentle, low impact, eddy current stirring. SwingWing™ turbine impellers automatically open and close on shaft rotation.


IBC/Tank Mixer Technical Data

Technical Data
Tank Mount Dimensions: 37 - 50 inches
Mixing Volume Range: 250 - 1000 gal. (950 - 3800 L)
Minimum Bunghole Size: minimum 2.0” (50 mm) but fits up to 15” filling ports (applies to all mixer models)
Mixer Shaft, Metal Alloy: 304 grade stainless steel
Mixer Shaft Dimensions: 0.625 inch diameter (15.9 mm) 33 to 48 inch length*
Closed Impeller Diameter: 1.90 inch (48.4 mm) (all impellers)
6" Impeller Dimensions: 5.8 inch diameter (147 mm) 9.7 sq inch (24.7 sq cm)
10" Impeller Dimensions: 15.7 sq inch (40.0 sq cm)
Electric Drive Specs: 350 Rpm, 115VAC/1PH/10 amp, geared 5:1


IBC Mixer Accessories

Air Drive Maintenance Awareness
Use for proper air treatment to save air motor maintenance costs! Cleans, de-waters, sets pressure & oil fogs air for best motor longevity.

FRL Assembly, treats air to minimize moisture and give best air drive function. Air filter-regulator-lubricator, de-waters, decontaminates, regulates pressure and lubricates drive with an oil fog. Highly recommended for lowest air motor maintenance and best motor longevity. Air motors operated without an FRL are subject to warranty limitations.

FRL Assembly

Safety, Mounting & Maintenance Accessories for IBC Mixers
Now you can gain a new level of quality control for thin to thick liquids stored in IBC's. The "DM-600 Series" high efficiency IBC (Tote) mixers are excellent for mixing or reconditioning low, medium or high viscosity chemicals, polymers, paints, adhesives, concentrates and other liquids in solid side wall, open mesh or tubular framed totes. This system is specifically designed to help protect contaminant and moisture sensitive materials.

Equipment Operation Accessories Equipment Operation Accessories
IBC ClampLock™ for mesh or tubular frames
The ClampLock™ attaches and locks onto the IBC stand clamp foot pads, ensuring a safe grip on open mesh or tubular IBC frames to prevent stand movement or damage to the IBC.

Exhaust Extension Exhaust Extension, prevents material moisture contamination through the manway or bunghole. The NPT flexible exhaust extension prevents moisture contamination to liquids by mounting the muffler (and any possible moisture condensate emissions) 25 inches away from the manway or bunghole mixer entry point. Longer exhaust extension assemblies are available up to 25 feet.

Air Drive Service Kit, minimizes maintenance downtime. Ensures proper air drive maintenance requirements are fulfilled. To prevent "crisis management" and save costly downtime, always keep an air motor service kit on hand. It includes vanes, seals, gaskets, springs, muffler element and all other components needed for a regular service, or a complete motor rebuild.



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
Zinc Plated Drum Mixers
MX-0543 4 Tier, 55 Gallon $221.50
304 Stainless Steel Drum Mixers
MX-0546 3 Tier, 5 Gallon 211.05
MX-0548 4 Tier, 55 Gallon 318.15
Item # Horse Air Usage Shaft Coupler RPM Prices
Hand-Held Mixer Air Drives
MX-0643 1.5 Hp 10-70 Cfm@40-100psi 1/2" 300-3000 801.15
Bung Mount Air Mixer Drives
MX-0644 .75 Hp 5-40 Cfm@20-100psi 1/2" 100-3000 1,096.20
MX-0651 1.5 Hp 10-70 Cfm@40-100psi 1/2" 300-3000 1,168.65
MX-0683 1/4 inch NPT Filter, Regulator Lubricator Assembly 267.75
MX-0569 SplashCap™ for bung mount mixing with MX-0564 59.85
MX-0564 3/8" x 1/2" coupler with Allen wrench 304 SS 123.90


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