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Dispermat® Dispersers

High Speed Dispersers

Dispermat CV


The Dispermat® CV product line offers the most capability for your laboratory dispersing requirements. Mill base quantities from less than 1 pint up to 2.5 gallons (10 liters) can be dispersed. The CV models have a flexible design that can be converted by accessory options to perform media milling, dispersing under vacuum, or homogenization by a rotor-stator. The most current safety device features can be added to the CV models to maximize a safe operating environment.

The CV models have a compact design to save on bench space. The motor design provides a quiet, low maintenance operation. A temperature sensor with automatic shutdown prevents the motor from over-heating

Dispermat Disperser CV

NOTE: The container must be ordered separately


Dispermat CV Features

  • Precise constant speed control for repeatable results
  • Counter weight stand for easy up/down movement of the motor
  • Simple and quiet operation
  • Optional mill base temperature measurement readout
  • The Dispermat CV panel displays the important dispersion parameters for a consistent result.
  • Display of speed, %Torque, Product temperature, Timer
  • Adaptive turn sensitive speed control
  • Timer function with display of pre-selected time or elapsed time
  • Timer control to a second pre-programmed speed

Dispermat CV3 Plus with Safety Device Dispermat CV3 Plus with CDS System
Dispermat® CV3 Plus with safety device Dispermat® CV3 Plus with CDS system
  • Digital speed indicator, time and % torque
  • Optional temperature readout with PT100 purchase
  • Timer function that can auto-adjust to a slower speed
The CDS accessory is a vacuum system that prevents air entrapment during the dispersion process. Available upon request.

Note: Container must be ordered separately


Dispermat CV Technical Data

Model CV Technical Data
  MX-B1432 MX-B1433 MX-B1434 MX-B1456 MX-B1279 MX-B1280
Model: CV3 Plus CV4
Speed RPM: 1.0 h (0.75 kW) 2.0 hp (1.5 kW)
Motor Power: 0 - 20,000
Torque: 0.8 Nm 1.5 Nm
Product Volume:* 0.05 - 5.3 quarts (50 - 5,000 ml) 0.05 -10.6 quarts (50 - 10,000 ml)
Clamping System: Safety Device Heavy Duty Clamps Safety Device Heavy Duty Clamps Safety Device Safety Device
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg) 110 lbs (50 kg) 121 lbs (55 kg) 110 lbs (50 kg) 176 lbs (80 kg) 176 lbs (80 kg)
Stand Base: BK1 BK2G
Voltage: 115V 220V 115V 220V


Dispermat LC

The Dispermat® LC Series offers an economical design for small laboratory volumes to pilot plant volumes up to 10 gallon capacity. The motor design provides a quiet, low maintenance operation. A temperature sensor with automatic shutdown prevents the motor from over-heating.

The Dispermat® LC stand comes with a heavy-duty clamping system to firmly hold the container. The larger Dispermat® LC models have a safety stand that comply with the European machine law standard. The Dispermat design can accommodate accessories that can convert the LC model to a media mill or a vacuum dispersing system.

Dispemat Disperser LC

NOTE: The container must be ordered separately


Dispermat LC Features

  • Simple and quiet operation
  • Durable design for long-term operation
  • Constant speed control for repeatable results - Keeps a constant speed even when the viscosity changes
  • Timer function to track dispersion run time

Dispermat LC30 with APS System Dispermat LC55 with Safety Device
Dispermat® LC30 with APS system Dispermat® LC55 with safety device
  • The APS accessory is a media milling system
  • Interchangeable with vacuum accessory (CDS)
  • Ideal for small volumes to minimize disposal cost
  • Available upon request
  • Digital speed indicator
  • Adaptive turn sensitive speed adjustment
  • Timer function with auto-shutdown

Note: Container must be ordered separately


Dispermat LC Technical Data

Model LC Technical Data
Item # (Model) Volts Motor Power Speed/rpm Product Volume* Clamping System Impellers (mm) Stand Base Weight
MX-B1440 (LC30)
115V 0.4 hp
(0.3 kW)
0 - 20,000 0.05 - 1.1 quarts
(50 - 1,000 ml)
Container Clamp 25, 30, 40, 50 H1 42 lbs
(19 kg)
MX-B1441 (LC30) 220V
MX-B1442 (LC55) 115V 0.7 hp
(0.55 kW)
0.05 - 3.2 quarts
(50 - 3,000 ml)
Safety Device 77 lbs
(35 kg)
MX-B1443 (LC55) 115V Container Clamp 66 lbs
(30 kg)
MX-B1444 (LC55) 220V Safety Device 77 lbs
(35 kg)
MX-B1445 (LC55) 220V Container Clamp 66 lbs
(30 kg)
MX-B1416 (LC75) 220V 1.0 hp
(0.75 kW)
0.05 - 5.3 quarts
(50 - 5,000 ml)
Container Clamp 93lbs
(42 kg)
MX-B1417 (LC75) 220V Safety Device 99 lbs
(45 kg)
MX-B1418 (LC110-12) 220V 1.5 hp
(1.1 kW)
0 - 12,000 0.05 -10.6 quarts
(50 - 10,000 ml)
Safety Device 60 BK2G 198 lbs
(90 kg)
MX-B1419 (LC110-6) 220V 0 - 6,000 1.6 - 15.8 quarts
(1,500 - 15,000 ml)
MX-B1281 (LC220-12) 400V 3.0 hp
(2.2 kW)
0 - 12,000 0.05 - 21.1 quarts
(50 - 20,000 ml)
242 lbs
(110 kg)
MX-B1285 (LC220-6) 400V 0 - 6,000 1.6 - 26.4 quarts
(1,500 - 25,000 ml)
MX-B1293 (LC300) 400V 4.0 hp
(3.0 kW)
1.6 - 31.7 quarts
(1,500 - 30,000 ml)
80 330 lbs
(150 kg)
MX-B1294 (LC400) 400V 5.4 hp
(4.0 kW)
1.6 - 42.2 quarts
(1,500 - 40,000 ml)
90 374 lbs
(170 kg)
*Product volumes are based on mil base viscosity below 3,000 centipoise.


Dispermat® CN High Speed Dissolvers


Dispermat® CN is a Dissolver with the electronics Built into the Motor - no separate power box. The dispersion CN is designed to give you maximum performance at a low price.

It is an excellent dissolver for dispersing small to medium size quantities of varying viscosities.

Dispermat Dissolvers CN
NOTE: The container must be ordered separately


Dispermat CN Features

  • Compact stand with safety device and electrical height adjustment - uses very little space
  • Compact drive unit contains the strong 3-phase motor along with a separately driven low noise ventilation system - you hardly know it is running.
  • The central clamping system securely holds the container in place in the proper position and automatically centers it with the dissolver - no guesswork necessary
  • The conveniently located control box features the following:
    • 1. ON/OFF switch (all models)
    • 2. Safety and error signal lights
    • 3. An emergency stop button
    • 4. A digital display of RPM that is infinitely variable
      from 0-11,000 rpm and % torque
    • 5. A dual display digital timer that enables the dispersion
      time to be pre-set with automatic shut-off
  • Choose from 2 models:
    • 1. CN 10: typical performance of 10 kg (medium viscosity) to 6 kg (high viscosity) of product
    • 2. CN 20: typical performance of 20 kg (medium viscosity) to 10kg (high viscosity) of product


Dispermat CN Technical Data

Model CN Technical Data
Model CN 10 CN 20
Power: 1.5 hp (1.1 kw) 3.1 hp (2.2 kw)
Voltage: 230 VAC / 50 Hz 3-phase*
Speed: 0 to 11,000 rpm 0 to 11,000 rpm
Torque: 1.8 Nm 3.6 Nm
Impellers: 60 mm 60 mm
Stand: H2L H2L
Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg) 242 lbs (110 kg)
Instrument Dimensions Stand H2g Stand H2l
Height: 51.2 in (1300 mm) 32.2 - 50.7 in
Depth: 19.3 in (490 mm) 21.6 in
Width: 25.2 in (640 mm) 19.2 in
  Container H2g Container H2l
Diameter: 2.0 - 13.7 in (50 - 350 mm) 2.0 - 13.7 in (50 - 350 mm)
Height: 15.9 in (400 mm) 17.7 in
* Standard 3-phase voltage is 400 VAC/50/60 Hz, any other voltage is available on request.



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Description Prices
CV Models

CV Models - Dispermat®, Control box, Operating Manual, Impellers: 25, 30, 40, 50 mm, (CV-4 will also include a 60 mm)
MX-B1432 Dispermat CV3 Plus, 115V, w/safety device $13,919.00
MX-B1433 Dispermat CV3 Plus, 115V, w/heavy duty clamps 11,980.00
MX-B1434 Dispermat CV3 Plus, 220V, w/safety device 13,543.00
MX-B1456 Dispermat CV3 Plus, 220V, w/heavy duty clamps 11,438.00
MX-B1279 Dispermat CV4, 115V 18,780.00
MX-B1280 Dispermat CV4, 220V 17,755.00
*Product volumes are based on mill base viscosity below 3,000 centipoise
LC Models

LC Models - Dispermat®, Control box, Impellers 25, 30 40, 50mm, Operating Manual
MX-B1440 Dispermat LC30, 115V, w/container clamp $7,344.00
MX-B1441 Dispermat LC30, 220V, w/container clamp 7,034.00
MX-B1442 Dispermat LC55, 115V, with safety device 10,279.00
MX-B1443 Dispermat LC55, 115V, with w/container clamp 8,277.00
MX-B1444 Dispermat LC55, 220V, w/safety device 9,793.00
MX-B1445 Dispermat LC55, 220V, w/container clamp 7,682.00
MX-B1416 Dispermat LC75, 220V, w/cont. clamp 9,229.00
MX-B1417 Dispermat LC75, 220V, w/safety device 10,712.00
MX-B1418 Dispermat LC110-12, 220V, w/safety device 12,411.00
MX-B1419 Dispermat LC110-6, 220V, w/safety device 12,411.00
MX-B1281 Dispermat LC220-12, 400V, w/safety device 15,057.00
MX-B1285 Dispermat LC220-6, 400V, w/safety device 15,057.00
MX-B1293 Dispermat LC300, 400V, w/safety device 17,854.00
MX-B1294 Dispermat LC400, 400V, w/safety device 20,762.00
CN Models

Dispermat, Safety device, Central clamping system, SS telescopic shaft protection pipe, 2 safety limit switches, Impeller, Operating instructions.
MX-B1650 Dispermat CN 10 $15,654.00
MX-B1651 Dispermat CN 20 16,534.00




Dispermat® Accessories

Stainless Steel Double Wall Temp. Control Containers


In the laboratory and pilot plant it is often necessary to process material at defined temperatures; for example during dispersing, stirring and exothermic reactions it is often preferable to remove excess heat. Other applications may require heat to be added.

The high-quality double wall temperature control containers are ideal for these and other applications. They are available in many sizes and models. The stainless steel containers can be cleaned very easily due to their polished surface. The containers up to 5000 ml have self-sealing quick connect/disconnect fittings (ordered separately MX-B1257, MX-B1258 or MX-B1277) guaranteeing easy handling and time saving cleaning. Self-Sealing valves on the coupling and hose prevent leakage.

The 10 to 65 liters double wall containers are equipped with standard hose fittings to enable heating or cooling. Stainless steel covers or split covers are available for all containers.

Stainless Steel Containers


Stirring, Milling, and Dispersion Impellers


Heavy Duty Dispersion Impellers
Stainless steel, with tooth profile, w/5mm hole and thumb screw.
Sizes Avail: 30, 40, 50, 60
Sizes Avail: 70, 80, 90, 100, 125 & 150 mm Ø 250 mm with thread hub & female.

Dispersion Impellers Pearl Mill Impeller MC 25
Diameter Ø 60 mm
Height 42 mm
Impeller Ø 40 mm
Lightweight Dispersion Impellers
Stainless steel
Sizes Available: 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 & 60 mm Ø
Dispersion Impellers Mini Pearl Mill Impeller
Diameter Ø 40 mm
Height 30 mm
Impeller Ø 25 mm
Heavy Duty Propeller Blades
Stainless steel
Sizes Available: 40, 55, 80, 90 and 125 mm Ø
Dispersion Impellers Micro Pearl Mill Impeller
Total Ø 28 mm
Height 17 mm
Impeller Ø 19 mm
Lightweight Propeller Blades
Stainless steel
Sizes Available: 50, 70 and 100 mm Ø
Dispersion Impellers EMS Single Teflon Impellers
(Fixing device required). Available in 6 different sizes
Stainless steel Strator-Rotor-
System for dispersing low viscosity substances
Dispersion Impellers DMS Double Milling Impeller
Made of polyamide, available in 7 different sizes


Accessories Prices

Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Capacity Inside x Height Prices
SS Double Wall Containers
MX-B1250 125 ml 50 x 70 mm $1,238.00
MX-B1251 250 ml 65 x 85 mm 1,451.00
MX-B1252 500 ml 80 x 110 mm 1,670.00
MX-B1253 1000 ml 100 x 130 mm 1,987.00
MX-B1254 2000 ml 120 x 180 mm 2,445.00
MX-B1255 3000 ml 140 x 200 mm 3,068.00
MX-B1256 5000 ml 180 x 200 mm 3,381.00
MX-B1311 10 liter 24 x 24 cm 5,073.00
MX-B1273 25 liter 32 x 32 cm 6,325.00
MX-B1257* Quick Coupler for attaching tubing for 125-1000ml vessels 131.00
MX-B1258* Quick Coupler for attaching tubing for 2000-5000ml vessels 141.00
* Please note 2 couplers/ fittings are needed per vessel
*Single wall containers and additional accssories available. Depending on application. Please call for pricing.
Item Number Diameter Attachment Prices
Heavy-Duty Dispersion Impellers
MX-B1201 30MM Thumb Screw $194.00
MX-B1202 40MM Thumb Screw 214.00
MX-B1203 50MM Thumb Screw 250.00
MX-B1204 60MM Thumb Screw 268.00
MX-B1205 70MM Hub With Female Screw*• 281.00
MX-B1206 80MM Hub With Female Screw*• 304.00
MX-B1207 90MM Hub With Female Screw*• 324.00
MX-B1208 100MM Hub With Female Screw*• 340.00
MX-B1209 125MM Hub With Female Screw*• 407.00
MX-B1210 150MM Hub With Female Screw*• 497.00
Light-Weight Dispersion Impellers
MX-B1195 20MM Thumb Screw 88.00
MX-B1196 25MM Thumb Screw 104.00
MX-B1197 30MM Thumb Screw 114.00
MX-B1198 40MM Thumb Screw 136.00
MX-B1199 50MM Thumb Screw 141.00
MX-B1200 60MM Thumb Screw 153.00
Heavy-Duty Propeller Blades
MX-B1220 40MM Hub With Female Screw*• 185.00
MX-B1221 55MM Hub With Female Screw*• 207.00
MX-B1222 80MM Hub With Female Screw*• 359.00
MX-B1223 90MM Hub With Female Screw*• 391.00
MX-B1225 125MM Hub With Female Screw*• 468.00
Light-Weight Propeller Blades
MX-B1226 50MM Thumb Screw 98.00
MX-B1227 70MM Thumb Screw 140.00
MX-B1228 100MM Thumb Screw 152.00
* Not recommended for smaller Dispermats® (LC,N1, F1,CV, FE)
• Attached to the Dispermat® by taking off the conical piece at the end of the shaft
Item Number Diameter Height Disc Diameter Container Capacity Milling Beads Prices
Pearl Mill Impellers
MC 25


60mm 42mm 40mm 500ml Approx. 200ml $924.00
MX-B1230 40mm 30mm 25mm 250ml Approx. 100ml 817.00
MX-B1229 28mm 17mm 19mm 125ml Approx. 50ml 778.00
Item Number Model Diameter Height Container Capacity Milling Beads Prices
EMS Milling Impellers
MX-B1213 EMS T30* 30mm 5mm 125ml Approx. 50ml 140.00
MX-B1214 EMS T45* 45mm 5mm 250ml Approx. 100ml 140.00
MX-B1215 EMS T60* 60mm 5mm 500ml Approx. 200ml 142.00
MX-B1216 EMS T75* 75mm 5mm 1000ml Approx. 400ml 190.00
MX-B1236 EMS T90 90mm 5mm 2000ml Approx. 800ml 224.00
*Adapter fixing device needs to be ordered separately
Adapted Fixing Device
MX-B1217 Adapter Fixing Device For Models EMS T20 - T75 183.00
DMS Milling Impellers
MX-B1315 DMS 28 28mm 22mm 50ml Approx. 20ml 282.00
MX-B1316 DMS 32 32mm 30mm 125ml Approx. 50ml 285.00
MX-B1237 DMS 45 45mm 38mm 250ml Approx. 100ml 319.00
MX-B1238 DMS 60 60mm 50mm 500ml Approx. 200ml 338.00
MX-B1239 DMS 70 70mm
58mm 1000ml Approx. 400ml 383.00
MX-B1249 DMS 80 80mm 85mm 2000ml Approx. 800ml 477.00
MX-B1247 DMS 100 100mm 95mm 3000ml Approx.1200ml 725.00
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