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Conn Dispersion Blade®

Conn Blades are patented intensive type stirrers with unique design features and are excellent for low shear blending or high shear dispersion. The louvers formed in the plain of the blade provide maximum pumping action. Giving positive overall material movement with excellent top to bottom flow, they can decrease the required processing time considerably when compared to other blades. Due to finer grind attained in pre-mix, mill time may be reduced or further processing may be unnecessary. The structural and balanced design of the Conn Blades eliminates the need for stabilizer rings and heavy stiffening plates normally required.

Conn Dispersion IT Blade Conn Dispersion ITC Blade Conn Dispersion ITT Blade
IT (Intensive Type) ITC (Intensive Type Cutter) ITT (Intensive Type w/Teeth)



  • IT (Intensive Type) - For agitation; Positive but gentle material flow; Low shear smooth fast mixing without air inclusion.
  • ITC (Intensive Type Cutter) - For shear and agitation; Positive material movement; Good blending and shear for the more fibrous additives and fillers.
  • ITT (Intensive Type with Teeth) - For high shear and agitation; Most positive material movement; Best combination where high shear is required for a rapid and smooth blend or when high shear is not required but is not detrimental.
  • The standard heavier gauge construction give the Conn Blades much longer life against abrasion.
  • Type 304 Stainless is standard however a higher grade Stainless, Titanium, Carbon steel, or other materials are available as well as Case Hardening.
  • Conn Blades are available 2" to 44" diameter with mounting hubs bored as required OR center holes. Blades with the hub type mounting can be easily raised or lowered on the shaft. Multi-piece construction is available for entry through small manways.
  • Standard Conn Blade is right handed, which when viewing from top or along stirrer shaft, would turn in a clockwise direction thus pumping material down or away from the drive unit. Left handed blades used for counter clockwise rotation are also available. For some applications it is desirable to use a right hand and left hand blade on the same shaft thus bringing material up from the bottom and down from the top increasing the blending forces between the blades. This arrangement is also excellent for sparging gas or liquids into the mix.
  • The Conn Blade can be conveniently and effectively used in a hand drill or drill press. Blades come standard with one center hole or hole with keyway, or optional hub mount.
  • Bore sizes and hub mounts available - call for more information

Conn Blades
(Shown with optional Hub Mount and separate shaft.)

Technical Data

Technical Data
Blade Diameter
Center Hole (Bore)
2-9" 1/4"
10-13" 3/8"
14" and above 1/2"



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Description Prices
MX-91001 IT Conn Blade, 2" $72.00
MX-91101 ITC Conn Blade, 2" 76.00
MX-91201 ITT Conn Blade, 2-1/4" 89.00
MX-91203 ITT Conn Blade, 3-1/4" 100.00
MX-91205 ITT Conn Blade, 4-3/8" 121.00
MX-91207 ITT Conn Blade, 6" 176.00
MX-91217 ITT Conn Blade, 13-5/8" 536.00


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