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Tapped Density Testers

Measures the Tapped Density of Powders, Granules and Similar Products

In accordance with Methods 1 and 2 of USP Chapter <616> and European Pharmacopoeia Chapter 2.9.34. Conforms to ASTM B527.

This technique is particularly useful in powder flowability studies and also in determining the amount of settlement during transit in order to optimize pack sizes e.g. washing powders. Tapped density is achieved by mechanically tapping a measuring cylinder (i.e. raising the cylinder and allowing it to drop the specified distance of 3 +/- 0.2 mm under its own weight) containing the sample under test.

Two versions of the tester (JV 1000 and JV 2000) are available dependent on the number of test stations required (one or two). Both versions utilize 250mL measuring cylinders as standard; however, 100 mL cylinders (and smaller) together with appropriate platforms are also available if required. Both of the instruments are equipped with membrane keypads for setting the number of strokes or time and an LCD screen to set the appropriate parameters and monitor the progress of the test.

Autotap / Dual Autotap Autotap / Dual Autotap
JV 1000 with 1 x 250 mL
Measuring Cylinder
JV 2000 with 2 x 250 mL
Measuring Cylinder



Technical Data

Scale of Flowability
Compressibility Index (%) Flow Character Hausner Ratio
< 10 Excellent 1.00 - 1.11
11-15 Good 1.12 - 1.18
16-20 Fair 1.19 - 1.25
21-25 Passable 1.26 - 1.34
26-31 Poor 1.35 - 1.45
32-37 Very poor 1.46 - 1.59
> 38 Very, very poor > 1.60




The mode of operation is identical on both models. Weigh out a predetermined amount of the sample, say 100 g +/- 0.1%, place it in the graduated cylinder provided and note the unsettled volume. Secure the graduated cylinder to the test platform of the tester using the bayonet fitting provided for this purpose. Unless otherwise specified, set the number of taps via the membrane keypad on the front of the instrument to 500 and operate the device making a note of the resulting tapped volume. Repeat this operation for a further 750 taps noting the volume once again. Continue repeating the test in increments of 1250 taps until the difference in tapped volume is less than 2%. Note the final reading.


More Info

The tapped density in grams per mL can now be calculated by dividing the sample weight by the final tapped volume. Measures of the ability of the powder to flow and its compressibility can now be given in the form of the Hausner ratio (Tapped Density/Bulk Density) and the Compressibility Index (Tapped Density - Bulk Density/Tapped Density x 100). In a free flowing powder, interparticulate interaction is less significant and unsettled and tapped densities will be closer in value. In poorly flowing powders, the inverse is to be expected. It follows that the closer the Hausner ratio is to 1, the better the flow. Powders with poor flow generally have a ratio of greater than 1.25.

A special acoustic cabinet capable of reducing the noise level of the volumeter from about 80 db to 58 db is available on request. The tapped density testers measure 11 x 9.85 x 26.4" (280 x 250 x 670 mm) - W x D x H.

Cylinder Kits also available with special platform, O-Ring and Bayonet Cap. 50mL Cylinder Kit used in the below example:

Autotap / Dual Autotap

Stand the Cylinder on the platform
Fit the O-Ring on top of the cylinder Fit the Bayonet cap, turn until it locks.



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
WG-490010 JV 1000 Tapped Density Tester 100-120V, 60Hz (1 x 250 mL Cylinder) $3,565.00
WG-490020 JV 2000 Tapped Density Tester 100-120V, 60Hz (2 x 250 mL Cylinder) 4,075.00
Note: 240 V, 50Hz or 60 Hz also available
Optional Accessories
WG-490131 IQ/OQ/PQ Documentation Pack 332.00
WG-490141 Qualification Tools for the JV contains UKAS calibrated digital caliper, digital stopwatch with traceable certificate, compact balance with traceable certificate and a tachometer calibrated in the range 20-200rpm 2,168.00
WG-490151 Measuring Cylinder 250 mL (spare) 138.00
WG-490153 Measuring Cylinder 100 mL (option) 138.00
WG-490161 Special Platform for use with 100 mL Cylinder (option) 204.00
WG-490155 50mL Cylinder (only) 138.00
WG-490173 25mL Cylinder (only) 138.00
WG-490175 10mL Cylinder (only) 138.00
WG-490177 5mL Cylinder (only) 199.00
WG-490211 Acoustic Cabinet 3,749.00


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