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Scott Volumeter

Conforms To ASTM B 329-06, ASTM B 873

Scott Volumeter

Used to determine "apparent density" of a variety of free flowing powders. These volumeters consist of a wood base and support, a stainless steel upper funnel, glass baffles over which the powder falls into the container, a bottom stainless steel funnel and either a 25cc brass density cup or a 1" measure and counter poise.





The Paint-Pigment Volumeter is used to determine apparent density of dry pigments or other free flowing, fine powders. It provides a means of reproducibly packing a tared cubic inch measure and then weighing the filled container. The upper funnel contains a 40 mesh wire screen support. Uses 1" brass cube measure (which is not certified, however, care has been taken to maintain the highest degree of manufacturing consistency as possible) and counter poise.

The Pharmaceutical Volumeter is used to determine apparent density of microcrystalline cellulose. Referred to in National Formulary 18. The upper funnel contains a 10 mesh wire support. Uses a 25cc brass density cup.

The Metal Powder Volumeter is used to determine apparent density of refractory metal powders and compounds. Referred to in ASTM B 329-06. The upper funnel contains a 16 mesh wire screen. Uses a 25cc brass density cup.

The Stainless Steel version of the Pharmaceutical Volumeter includes a 10 mesh funnel and a certified 25cc brass density cup. It is used to determine the apparent density of microcrystalline cellulose or other pharmaceutical products and caustic free-flowing powders. The use of stainless steel for the funnels, base and baffle box, and glass plates for the baffles makes this unit the easiest to clean and maintain.


Instructions for Use - Paint Pigment Model

  1. Weigh the empty, dry cubic inch measure on a balance sensitive to 0.1 gram.

  2. Place the tared measure below the opening at the bottom of the baffle column

  3. Pour somewhat more than a cubic inch of the powder sample, dry and free from lumps, on the upper funnel and gently rub it through the screen with a non-metallic spatula. When the measure is full to overflowing, level it with a spatula to ensure that it is exactly full, being careful not to compress or shake down the material in the measure.

  4. Weigh the measure and its contents.

  5. Subtract the weight of the empty measure. The difference is the "apparent density" in terms of weight per cubic inch.

  6. After each determination, the funnels and measure should be removed and cleaned with a soft brush and the baffle box should be tapped to free it of any adhering pigment.




Scott Volumeter Diagram

Paint Pigment Model - Component Drawing



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
WG-0601 Paint Pigment Volumeter with 40 mesh funnel with 1" measure counter poise $695.00
WG-0603 Pharmaceutical Volumeter with 10 mesh funnel with a 25cc brass density cup 725.00
WG-0605 Metal Powder Volumeter with 16 mesh funnel with a 25cc brass density cup 725.00
WG-0607 Pharmaceutical Volumeter with 18 mesh funnel, ≥616, ≤USP with a 25cc brass density cup 725.00
WG-0631 SS Pharmaceutical Washdown Volumeter 10 mesh with a 25cc brass density cup 2,495.00
Other Volumeters available in stainless steel - call for pricing.
Accessories - Balance, 0.1 gram sensitivity
WG-0616 25cc Brass Density cup, Replacement 184.80
WG-0618 1" Measure and Counter Poise, Replacement 203.70
WG-0620 SS Funnel with 10 mesh screen, Replacement 108.15
WG-0622 SS Funnel with 16 mesh screen, Replacement 108.15
WG-0624 SS Funnel with 40 mesh screen, Replacement 108.15
WG-0626 SS Funnel with 18 mesh screen, Replacement 108.15
WG-0628 SS Funnel with 70 mesh screen, Replacement 156.45


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