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1510 Pressure Density Cup

1510 Pressure Density Cup

Simple pyknometers are best suited for measuring the density of non-aerated samples. Any materials which contain a significant volume of entrapped gas or air during manufacture can only be accurately measured using the 1510.

The Pressure Density Cup takes a fixed volume (100 cc) of the sample and compresses it so that any errors due to entrapped air or gas are eliminated. As air is more soluble at high pressures, it is believed that the entrapped air is lost by its dissolution into the test material. Any undissolved bubbles are then compressed to a fraction of their original size. By then weighing the pressurized sample, its true density may be calculated. Repeatability of this test is therefore very good.


Method of Use

  1. Weigh cup (all components) completely clean and dry and note weight.
  2. Remove pressure release housing by turning handle (A) anticlockwise.
  3. Remove pressure release cap (B)
  4. Unscrew plunger (C) by turning handle (D) anticlockwise, while leaving it located in the cup body.
  5. Pour the test sample into the cylinder until almost full. Confirm that the test temperature is correct.
  6. Replace the pressure release cap (B) and re-assemble the pressure release housing, clamping the cap in place. Ensure that the cap is located centrally with respect to the cup body and turn handle (A) fully clockwise to set the release pressure.
  7. Allow up to 30 minutes for both the pressure density cup and the sample to reach temperature equilibrium.
  8. By taking a firm grip on the body of the cup, slowly turn handle (D) to its fully depressed position (clockwise) to increase the internal pressure to 10.3 bar (150 p.s.i.). while doing so, the pressure release housing should be pointed towards a suitable container to catch any expelled material.
  9. Wash off any expelled sample and thoroughly dry the exterior of the cup.
  10. Again weigh the cup and note the value.
  11. Subtract the empty weight (step 1) from the full weight (step 10) to calculate the mass of the sample. (This is for 100 cc ±0.1 cc of sample.)

  12. Completely disassemble the cup and clean all surfaces thoroughly before the material dries or hardens.



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Item Number Item Prices
WG-1510/83.2 1510 Pressure Density Cup (83.2 cc) $2,208.00
WG-1510/100 1510 Pressure Density Cup (100 cc) 2,320.00


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