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Total Appearance Control - color and gloss in one unit

ASTM D2244, E308, E1164, E1477, D523, D2457, D2805*; DIN 5033, 5036, 6174, 67530; ISO 7724, 2813, 7668 *Only pertains to the spectro-guide sphere instruments CL-6834 and CL-6836

The overall appearance of a product is influenced by color and gloss. A sample of the same color but higher gloss level is visually perceived darker and more saturated than a low gloss sample. In order to get a uniform appearance, both attributes need to be controlled. The spectro-guide is unique as it measures both attributes simultaneously. Thus, the cause of a mismatch can be clearly defined in any situation.





Spectro-Guide Screen

The spectro-guide makes quality control simple and secure - even for color beginners. Thanks to the intuitive pull-down menu and the four cursor button operation quality control has never been easier.

  • Light weight and small size - weighs only 500 g
  • Ergonomic design - can easily measure difficult to access areas
  • Designated buttons for standard and sample readings
  • Customization of the display to your needs
  • Easy to use and handle


Technical Data

Technical Data
Description spectro-guide sphere gloss spectro-guide 45/0 gloss
Color Geometry: d/8 spin 45/0
Gloss Geometry: 60° 60°
Color Aperture: 11 mm 11 mm
Gloss Aperture: 5 x 10 mm 5 x 10 mm
Spectral Range: 400 - 700 nm
Spectral Interval: 10 nm
Repeatability: 0.01 ΔE*, 1 σ1
Reproducibility: 0.2 ΔE*, 1 σ2
Color System: CIELab/Ch; Lab(h); XYZ, Yxy
Color Differences: ΔE*;  ΔE(h);  ΔEFMC2; ΔE94;ΔECMC;ΔEgg; E2000
Indices: YIE313;  ID1925;   WIE313;   CIE;   Berger;   Color strength,   Opacity,  Metamerism
Illuminants: A; C; D50; D55; D65; D75; F2; F6; F7; F8; F10, F11; UL30
Observer: 2°, 10°
Standards: ASTM D2244, E308, E1164, E1477
DIN 5033, 5036, 6174
ISO 7724
110 consecutive measurements on white tile
2 average on 12 BCRA II tiles
Gloss Range: 0 - 180 GU3
Repeatability: 0.2 GU3
Reproducibility 1.0 GU3
Memory: 200 Standards, 999 Samples
Language English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese
Power Supply: 4 AA alkaline, NiCd/MH battery
Operating Temp: 50°F - 110° (10°C - 42°C)
Humidity: <85% relative humidity, non-condensing/95°F (35°C)
Dimensions: 3.2x7x3.7in (8x18x9.5cm)
Weight approx.: 1.1 lbs. (0.5 kg)
Standards: ASTM D523, D2457
DIN 67530
EN ISO 7668
3Gloss Unit


Highly Repeatable on Textured Surfaces

The key criterion for a 45/0 instrument is a circumferential illumination. Spectro-guide 45/0 is the only instrument with a 100% circumferential illumination by using a unique, patented measurement principle.

A white coated hemisphere acts as a mixing chamber and guarantees completely uniform illumination. Thus, any influence of measurement direction is eliminated and excellent repeatability even on highly textured surfaces is guaranteed.

Circumferential Illumination


Always Precise Color Values

With the new spectro-guide you can measure any colors: dark - brilliant - steep reflectance curves. The 10 nm spectral resolution not only ensures highly precise color results, but also an excellent agreement with competitive color instruments - even bench-top units.

Additionally, a patented illumination control provides temperature independent results - also in extreme conditions.

Temperature Stability


Always Ready to Use


Economical and reliable operation of a color instrument is often taken as given. Spectro-guide guarantees superior accuracy for many years and low maintenance efforts.

  • Long lasting standard AA batteries - up to 8,000 readings per set
  • 10 year warranty on the light source - no lamp changes needed
  • Rugged and compact design
  • Stable, long-term calibration - needed only every three months

Spectro-Guide In Use



Spectro-Guide In Use

ISO 9000 requires documentation of color data. Easy-link, included with the spectro-guide, offers all of the necessary tools:

  • Easy and direct data transfer from the instrument to Excel®
  • Predefined QC-report templates (Lab-plot, trend graphs, etc.) are included
  • All relevant quality data can be easily summarized in one report: Color - Gloss - Film Thickness
  • Easy management of your standards


Easy Management of Your Standards

Manual entry of standards
If you have to match colors and the physical sample is no longer available, you can easily enter the spectral data in Excel®. The standards can then be transferred to spectro-guide - all within a second.

Back-up your standard data
For safety reason, it is recommended to store your complete data base of standards on the PC. They can be downloaded with the individual tolerances to spectro-guide - whenever needed.

Establish your tolerances
Use the auto tolerancing feature to easily set up your production window. Measure at least 20 visually accepted production trials, transfer the readings to Excel® and have the tolerances automatically calculated for you - saving time and headaches.



Spectro-Guide S

Increased accuracy for 60° gloss in the low gloss range (0-10 GU) - Besides the tougher accuracy, the S-type units have the same features as the regular instruments and come with the same accessories. Thus, no additional demo unit is necessary for your presentations. There are different certificates for the S-units which document the tighter specifications. In addition, there will be special checking standards offered with a low gloss tile for the 60° geometry.
  • Color and 60° gloss in one unit
  • Stable, long-term calibration
  • Highly repeatable results, even on textured surfaces independent of measuring direction
  • Long lasting AA batteries
  • 10 year warranty on the light source
  • Easy to use, even for color beginners
  • easy-link for direct transfer to Excel®
  • 10 nm resolution for precise readings on brilliant and dark colors

Spectro-Guide S
Gloss S-type Regular Color ΔE*
Repeatability: ±0.1 ±0.2 0.01
Reproducibility: ±0.5 ±1.0 0.2


Auto-QC Software (Optional - NOT included)

Auto-QC Software

For advanced color analysis, the spectro-guide family can also be interfaced to the universal Windows® based color control software auto-QC:

  • User definable screen layouts and print-outs
  • Easy creation of macros to simplify routine procedures
  • Manual and automatic tolerance setting
  • Powerful, built-in Access® database for any search routine
  • Exports data to common Windows® spreadsheet programs


Replacement and Checking Standards


As the spectro-guide also performs a gloss reading, it is additionally recommended to periodically use a medium gloss checking standard to control the gloss readings.

Replacement and Checking Standards


Accessories for Cosmetics

Measurement of cosmetic products - A uniform, attractive appearance of the products is essential for the customer acceptance. Consistent raw materials and stable process parameters are the key to uniform and repeatable color and appearance quality. For each different product type (e.g. nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow, foundation...) a standardized sample preparation is required in order to guarantee repeatable measurement results.

Measurement of small and/or curved products - Sample Holder Cosmetics The Sample Holder Cosmetics is especially designed for solid color measurements using spectro-guide on small as well as curved products, e.g.

• Lipsticks
• Artificial Nails
• Cosmetic Packaging such as hair spray cans

For repeatable results the product is placed into a sample drawer, which can be comfortably opened and closed. Magnets keep the drawer from sliding open. A mask is fit on top of the sample drawer to hold the spectro-guide in place and allow non-contact measurements of your products in a completely shielded compartment.

• Easy handling
• Precise and repeatable positioning of sample
• No ambient light
• Durable, easy-to-clean material
• Non-contact measurement



3 Sample Holder Kits Available for Your Needs:



Lipstick Kit
  • Prismatic clamp for inserting lipsticks with various diameters

  • Magnets on the bottom plate provide a reliable locking feature, and allow for simple attachment and removal

Nail Kit
  • Exchangeable nail attachment, which is customizable for various nail shapes

  • Reliable rigid placement via magnets on bottom plate
Cylinder Kit
  • Customizable inlays for various diameters of cylindrical shaped products

  • Optimum form closure guarantees tight fit of inlays inside the Sample Holder Cosmetics


Measurement of Wet Drawdowns


Wet Drawdown Template - C
The Wet Drawdown Template - C is especially designed for solid color measurements using spectro-guide on non-drying drawdowns, e.g.

• Drawdowns of Lipstick Paste
• Drawdowns of Liquid Foundation

To simulate how the color of a product will look like when applied, a drawdown is made on a test chart. The template is then placed over the drawdown without touching the surface of the wet sample. For repeatable non-contact measurements. The template is equipped with a mask to hold the spectro-guide.

• Made of easy-to-clean hard-anodized aluminum
• Non-contact measurements ensure clean and fast handling



Measurement of Powdery or Pasty Products


Sample Holder Round Dish - C
The Sample Holder Round Dish - C is developed for solid color measurements using spectro-guide on powdery or pasty materials, e.g.

• Pressed Powders
• Creamy Eye Shadows

For repeatable results the product is pressed or poured into a sample cup. During sample preparation of pressed powders, it is important to always maintain the same plunger pressure as well as the same plunger tissue. It is recommended to use a fine-woven fabric to create a smooth, non-textured surface. The holder is equipped with a mask onto which the spectro-guide is placed for non-contact measurements.

• Made of easy-to-clean hard-anodized aluminum
• Non-contact measurement to protect the instrument's optics
• Customized adapter rings are offered to use the holder with custom specific cuvettes




Accessory Descriptions

Accessory Descriptions
Sample Holder Cosmetics: Dimensions: 24 x 10 x 10 cm (9.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 in.)
Weight: 2.2 kg (4.9 lbs)
Lipstick Kit: Max. diameter of lipstick compartment: 20.8 mm
Nail Kit: Please provide sample nail for customization of holder
Nail Attachment for 6462: Customized nail holder for use with Nail Kit 6462
Cylinder Kit: Max. Length of cylinder: 229 mm
Max. Diameter of cylinder: 67 mm
Please provide sample for customization of inlays
Wet Drawdown Template - C: Dimensions: 10.0 x 10.0 cm (3.94 x 3.94 in.)
Min. Film Width: 12 mm (0.47 in.)
Max. Film Width: 80 mm (3.15 in.)
Sample Holder Round Dish - C: Including adapter ring and 5 cuvettes Ø 35.5 mm, height 4.5 mm
Measurement distance approx. 1 mm
Adapter Rings for 6806: Five adapter rings of various sizes
Please specify diameter (max. round container size: Ø 60 mm)






Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices

Black calibration standard, White calibration standard with certificate, Green checking reference, High gloss standard, Sample area locator, Software easy-link, USB adapter, Interface cable, 4X AA batteries, Hand strap, Carrying case, Operating instructions, Color theory folder
CL-6834 spectro-guide sphere gloss $11,032.00
CL-6801 spectro-guide 45/0 gloss 10,501.00
CL-6836 spectro-guide sphere gloss S 11,552.00
CL-6802 spectro-guide 45/0 gloss S 11,032.00
CL-6840 Replacement Black Standard $316.00
CL-6844 Checking Standard 60° Gloss 316.00
Note: Please contact us for replacement of white standard and green checking reference.
CL-6815 Sample Area Locator 11 mm Protective Stand
Protective Stand
GL-6822 USB-Serial Interface Cable 198.00
CL-6818 Protective Stand 488.00
CL-6531 BYKWARE auto-QC (optional NOT included) 6,419.00
CL-B6459 Sample Holder Cosmetics 1,998.00
CL-B6461 Lipstick Kit 346.00
CL-B6462 Nail Kit 407.00
CL-B6463 Nail Attachment for 6462 60.00
CL-B6464 Cylinder Kit 200.00
CL-B6445 Wet Drawdown Template - C 622.00
CL-B6806 Sample Holder Round Dish - C 1,005.00
CL-B6416 Adapter Rings 6806 489.00


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