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SpectraLight QC

SpectraLight QC

This holistic solution starts with state of the art light sources, and also includes a data-driven back-end that carefully monitors the performance and condition of lamps, as well as a system to educate and certify operators. For brand owners and specifiers, SpectraLight QC is a revolutionary system upon which to build standard operating procedures across your supply chain.

For suppliers, SpectraLight QC is an investment that proves your commitment to best practices in visual color assessment. In fact, at any checkpoint where approvals are necessary across the supply chain - at the supplier, the vendor, the sourcing office, all the way up to product design and corporate quality control - the SpectraLight QC reduces human error, standardizes conditions for visual assessment and saves time and money.




Highest quality natural daylight available
The SpectraLight QC meets or exceeds all relevant international quality standards for filtered tungsten daylight simulation

Adjustable lux with built in lux meter
Real-time digital lux output can be adjusted to comply with ASTM and AATCC standards for sample type or user needs

Automated closed-loop lux adjustment
Built-in sensors automatically adjust voltage to maintain proper lux, compensating for age and wear through out the usable lifetime of the fluorescent lamp

Faster fluorescent lamp stabilization
After initial power-up, lamps achieve almost instant stability when switching between lamps. A helpful indicator acknowledges optimum stability

Ability to create and store Brand Owner profiles
Users can create and store brand owner profiles to configure the seven available light sources for specific brand owner preferences, reducing compliance problems

Reporting and data tracking
Performance data on individual units can be shared to ensure all suppliers are meeting brand owner specifications and enable root cause analysis of potential problems that may arise

X-Rite Visual Color Assessment Institute
eLearning training and certification programs for operator in four areas critical to maintaining alignment of visual assessment environments

User software
Simplifies instrument programming, user operation and report generation

Harmony Room configurations available include:
Luminaire - Wall mounted control panel - Cabling and communication cables


Technical Data

Technical Data
  Overhead Luminaire Viewing Booth
Product Dimensions: Height: 9.84 in (250mm)
Width: 37.00 in (940mm)
Depth: 25.98 in (660mm)
Height: 27.55 in (700mm)
Width: 37 in (940mm)
Depth: 24.01 in (610mm)
Shipping Weight: 116.8 lbs (53.0 kg) 233 lbs (105.69 kg)
Cabinet Color:   Munsell notation N5 or N7
Electrical Power Requirements:
Power: L1NPE, 115VAC, 50/60Hz, 1150W
Main Fuse
115 VAC: F 10 A H 250 V (5x20mm)
Power Cord
Standby Power
Lamp Options:
Simulated Daylight:* Choose one: D50 Noon Sky Daylight 5000k, D65 Average North Sky Daylight 6500k
Fluorescent:* Cool White (CWF) 4150k (Included)
Choose two: U30 (3000k), U35 (3500k), TL84 (4000K)
TL83 available on request
Horizon: Simulates early morning sunrise and late afternoon sunset (Included)
Incandescent A: 2856k, Typical Incandescent Home lighting (Included)
Ultraviolet: Filtered Near UVA (Included)
*Choice of daylight and fluorescent sources. The choice of a specific daylight and fluorescent source should be based on the standard governing your industry or application


The Instrument

The illumination technology used by SpectraLight QC is superior to any lightbooth on the market. It's one instrument that can meet practically any specification, thanks to the number of light sources it features - more than any other product. Including Daylight, Incandescent "A", Horizon, three fluorescent (choice of any combination of CWF, U30, U35, TL83 and TL84), and UVA.

Integrated light sensors provide real-time digital output of fluorescent lamp lux, which can be set by the operator to meet industry standards such as ASTM and AATCC. Its closed-loop fluorescent lamp control allows operators to move from one light source to the next without having to wait for a required warm-up time. The same sensors and electronics ensure that all fluorescent lamps are controlled in real time to maintain precise lux over the life of the lamp. SpectraLight QC also provides factory-calibrated UV, allowing the user the ability to adjust the amount of UV based on the needs of the sample based on their application.


The Information

While visual assessment might start with illumination technology, real supply chain compliance also requires reliable information. To this end, SpectraLight QC generates and traces data on all aspects of visual assessment through its PC-based reporting capability. Data - including company name, customer name, sample ID, lamps used for assessment, lamp condition (age, lamp life remaining, illumination levels and calibration information), operator name and certification (Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test score) - can be printed and sent along with the physical sample, or transferred electronically. Essentially, SpectraLight QC is its own auditing and traceability tool, facilitating the analysis of a rejected sample to isolate the root cause of the problem. SpectraLight QC not only lowers the rejection rate of samples through faster and easier trouble-shooting, but it also allows all parties involved to thoroughly investigate the supply chain and take corrective action to eliminated the potential for future problems. Continuous improvement just got better.


The Operator

A technical solution to the challenges of visual assessment can only be as successful as the operators who use it. SpectraLight QC's user programmability function allows suppliers to create custom profiles based on brand owner requirements for light source, illumination levels and other parameters ensuring that operators only use approved lamps and accurate settings for every program. The system can also generate this information as a report to be shared with customers to identify any inconsistencies. Individual operator profiles also can be created, which can also log their Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test scores. Experts estimate that as many as 2 percent of women and 7 percent of men are color-deficient. In the past, brand owners might have flown an individual operator around the world twice a year as a way to "calibrate" visual assessment tools across its supply chain. With SpectraLight QC, information on customer preferences for instrument settings and operator visual acuity can be shared via PC as often as necessary to improve accuracy and compliance.


The Lighting

SpectraLight QC

Feature comparison of SPL3 and SpectraLight QC
Description SP L3 (legacy) SpectraLight QC
Number of Sources: Six different light sources including Daylight (choice of D50, D65 or D75), Horizon (2300K), incandescent (150 watt), Cool White Fluorescent (4150K), Ultraviolet (Filtered Near UV) and choice of either U30 (3000K), U35 (3500K) or TL84 Seven light sources, more than any light booth on the market. This includes D50 or D65 Daylight, Cool White Fluorescent (CWF), Incandescent "A", Horizon, UVA, Fluorescent (choice of two: U30, U35, and TL84)
Choice of Fluorescent Sources: CWF (F2), U30, U35, TL84 U30, U35, TL84 (TL83 available on request)
Flexibility (ID Source on Display): n/a Can edit display panel for new source
Support for Brand Owner: n/a Create profiles to manage source, lux level, UV inclusion for specific programs and brand owners
Clone Profiles Across Supply Chain: n/a Clone profiles across fleet of SpectraLight QC units
Self-audit and Maintenance of Lighting Performance: n/a Included
Reduce Lux Level for Light Samples: n/a Included
Calibrate/Control UV Content: n/a
Store User Data: n/a Included
Output Status Report and Conformance Report (USB): n/a Included
D65 Simulation Quality: B/B A/B
Standards: Conforms to or exceeds all major international standards for visual evaluation of color including: ASTM D 1729, AATCC EP9, ISO 3664, DIN, ANSI and BSI Conforms to or exceeds all major international standards for visual evaluation of color including: ASTM D 1729, AATCC EP9, ISO 3664, DIN, ANSI and BSI



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
Spectralight QC Booth without Remote Control.

Luminarie, booth, USB Cable and User Software.
CL-13105103 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts $7,200.00
CL-13105105 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 7,200.00
CL-13105107 SpectraLight QC (D50/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 7,200.00
CL-13105109 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts 7,200.00
CL-13105111 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 7,200.00
CL-13105113 SpectraLight QC (D65/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 7,200.00

Spectralight QC Booth with Remote Control

Luminarie, booth, USB Cable, User Software and wireless remote control.
CL-13105203 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts $7,395.00
CL-13105205 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 7,395.00
CL-13105207 SpectraLight QC (D50/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 7,395.00
CL-13105209 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts 7,395.00
CL-13105211 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 7,395.00
CL-13105213 SpectraLight QC (D65/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 7,395.00

SpectraLight QC Single Luminaire without Remote Control

Luminarie, USB Cable and User Software
CL-13105303 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts $6,500.00
CL-13105305 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 6,500.00
CL-13105307 SpectraLight QC (D50/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 6,500.00
CL-13105309 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts 6,500.00
CL-13105311 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 6,500.00
CL-13105313 SpectraLight QC (D65/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 6,500.00

SpectraLight QC Single Luminaire with Remote Control

Instrument, Belt holster, Carry strap, CD, User manual, Carry case
CL-13105403 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts $6,610.00
CL-13105405 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 6,610.00
CL-13105407 SpectraLight QC (D50/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 6,610.00
CL-13105409 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts 6,610.00
CL-13105411 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 6,610.00
CL-13105413 SpectraLight QC (D65/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 6,610 .00

SpectraLight QC Dual Luminaire without Remote Control

2 x Luminarie, Karbiners, USB Cable, User Software and Control Box Kit
CL-13105503 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts $13,365.00
CL-13105505 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 13,365.00
CL-13105507 SpectraLight QC (D50/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 13,365.00
CL-13105509 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts 13,365.00
CL-13105511 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 13,365.00
CL-13105513 SpectraLight QC (D65/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 13,365.00

SpectraLight QC Dual Luminaire with Remote Control

2 x Luminarie, Karbiners, USB Cable, User Software, Control Box Kit and wireless remote control
CL-13105603 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts $13,635.00
CL-13105605 SpectraLight QC (D50/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 13,635.00
CL-13105607 SpectraLight QC (D50/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 13,635.00
CL-13105609 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/U35/CWF) 115 volts 13,635.00
CL-13105611 SpectraLight QC (D65/U30/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 13,635.00
CL-13105613 SpectraLight QC (D65/U35/TL84/CWF) 115 volts 13,635.00


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