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GLE-M Color Matching Luminaire

Multi-Source Overhead Luminaire For Large Sample Color Evaluation

ASTM D1729 Compliant

GLE-M Color Matching Luminaire GLE-M4/32 has Four Light Sources and GLE-M5/32 has 5 Light Sources


Light Sources

Light Sources include (120-240, 50/60 Hz):
For color matching and detecting metamerism and fluorescence… Ideal For:
1. Daylight (D50, D65, or D75) Printing, Packaging, Paint, Inks, Textiles, Plastics, Paper, Automotive, Furniture, Appliances
2. Cool White Fluorescent or TL84
3. Incandescent
4. Optional Source on GLE-M5/32 (TL83 3000K std) unless D50 specified add $75.00 or LED specified add $150.00
5. Ultraviolet (BLB)

Smaller or larger size luminaires available. please call for pricing.



Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
Single, Stand Alone Applications
The GLE-M series is available with either 3 light sources plus UV (Model GLE-M4/32) or 4 sources plus UV(Model GLE-M5/32). Comes complete with "soft touch" digital lamp control and GTI ColorGuard II lamp timing center.
CL-724121 GLE-M4/32 4 Source Luminaire w/GTI ColorGuard II 55 lbs. (D65, CWF, Incandescent, UV) Dimensions: 5"h x 52"w x 30"d, 420 watts* $3,692.00
CL-724123 GLE-M5/32 5 Source Luminaire w/GTI ColorGuard II 60 lbs. (D65, CWF, Incandescent, UV, Optional** ) Dimensions: 5"h x 52"w x 30"d, 420 watts* 3,998.00
*All units shipped for operation on 120V 60Hz unless 240V 50 Hz or other is requested.
**Optional source will be TL83 3000K unless otherwise specified.
Remote Control Applications - (Remote Control Models)
Remote control installations require a luminaire with wireless remote control. The luminaire is equipped with a connector to accept the remote control cable plus two output connectors which can be used to control additional luminaires. It also includes the GTI ColorGuard II lamp timing monitor and digital light source control.
CL-724131 GLE-M4/32/RC GLE-M4/32 complete with wireless remote control 4,814.00
CL-724133 GLE-M5/32/RC GLE-M5/32 complete with wireless remote control 5,120.00
Multiple Unit Applications - (Multiple Unit Models)
Multiple installations can be operated using the remote control or any of the luminaire mounted digital light source controls. Each multiple fixture installation requires one remote control luminaire plus up to 7 secondary luminaires. The secondary luminaires do not include the GTI ColorGuard II timing center and cannot be operated with a remote control.
CL-724141 GLE-M4/32/NT GLE-M4/32 w/o GTI Colorguard II, w/cable & remote inputs 3,692.00
CL-724143 GLE-M5/32/NT GLE-M5/32 w/o GTI ColorGuard II, w/cable & remote inputs 3,998.00


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