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8660 Permacel 99 Tape Replacement

Paint Adhesion Test Tape Replacement

ATTENTION Tape Statement

Due to the unforeseen discontinuation of the Permacel 99 tape used in the ASTM D3359 Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test, the industry is forced to find a replacement tape for this method. ASTM will begin testing to qualify a tape “suitable” to be used in place of the Permacel 99. One of the tapes ASTM will be testing is the 8660 manufactured by Interpolymer Group. Because the testing will take time, we have asked some of our customers to do some testing of their own using the 8660. The findings from our customers so far have been favorable.

Therefore, the 8660 tape is what we, The Paul N.Gardner Company, will be selling in place of the Permacel tape until the ASTM testing is complete. Although we have found the 8660 tape to be “suitable” for this test, users should report in their documentation any differences in the results of their testing compared to past results. Your feedback would be most appreciated.

Comparison Data
  Permacel 99 8660
Thickness: 5.5 mils 5.0 mils
Steel adhesion: 52 oz./1” width 60 oz./1” wide

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Item Number Item Prices
8660 Roll Tape - (Polyester Rope Fiber Laminate) Adhesion Test Tape


Paint Adhesion Test Kit
Click Here to Order the P.A.T. Kit or Learn More!

The Crosshatch Paint Adhesion Test Kit (P.A.T.) produced by Gardco is a visual adhesion test used for evaluating adhesion by cutting the paint or coating into small squares, thereby reducing lateral bonding. The adhesion test kit for paint and coatings contains all of the tools and materials needed, except for the multi-tooth cutter blade, for conducting adhesion tests on paints applied to a flat, uniform surface in accordance with ASTM Test Method D3359, method B and DIN Standard No. 53151. The multi-tooth cutter blade is furnished separately to permit choice among the various available designs.


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