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ReliaPull® Adhesion Test Equipment

ASTM F1842 and ASTM D3359


The ReliaPull® Adhesion Test Equipment was built to help reduce the human variation imposed on the results of Tape Tests performed manually. This equipment mechanizes the test so the tape is applied with a consistent load of 2.1 to 2.5 pounds of force. Tape tests are performed in many industries requiring a quick check on the adhesion of inks, paints or coatings to a surface.

There are multiple standards written to describe consistent ways to perform the tape test, however, experience has proven it is very difficult for one operator to perform the test the same way each time, much less for multiple operators to duplicate the method.

By using the ReliaPull® Adhesion Test Equipment to perform your tape tests, it doesn’t matter who pulls the lever; the method is repeated exactly the same way each time.


How it Works

Step 1 Step 1:
Wind any tape you would normally use to conduct a tape test, for example PA-280630, 600, 610, 810..., through the equipment as shown. Any tape on a 3” core that is between 1/4”and 1” wide will work.

Step 2 Step 2:
To begin a test, tip the equipment up-right, grab the handle attached to the application brush and pull up to dispense a length of fresh tape for each test. Typical standards suggest approximately 3”, however, we’ve found it beneficial to use 7” or more to see patterns of adhesion.

Step 3 Step 3:
Place the equipment on the area of the substrate to be tested. Return the brush to its home position. Note, the brush counter-rotates across the tape with consistent pressure and application motion, therefore this operation can be repeated by any operator.

Step 4 Step 4:
Activate removal. When the tape removal is activated a roller is lowered to ensure the tape is removed at 180° from the angle of application. Again, a repeatable action.

Step 5 Step 5:
Review results. A viewing area is provided in the front of the equipment. Use the same criteria you normally use or reference the appropriate standard. You have the option of removing the section of tape just used for testing to keep with your records/retains. Alternatively, you may record the date/job number on the tape and store on the spool as a record of performing the tests. You may also dispose of the tape neatly as the spool becomes full.



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Item Number Item Prices
PA-790010 ReliaPull® Adhesion Test Equipment $3,672.00
PA-790021 Disposal Spools (pkg/10) 17.00
PA-790027 Application Brush (each) 17.00


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