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Manual Cupping Tester

Manual Cupping Test


Revolutionary apparatus for testing the resistivity of coatings at various stages of deformation in accordance with ISO 1520.

The built in gear-box minimizes the manual force which is required to deform the test panel, allowing to perform a smooth deformation. The degree or deformation is digitally displayed at a resolution of 0.01 mm. Mandatory test in Qualicoat, QIB and GSB accredited laboratories.

  • Low effort operation
  • Small Footprint
  • On request left hand model available




  • Place the test sample with the coated side up inside the clamp. Do not exceed the panel thickness as stated in the specifications and on the machine. Testing on thicker panels can damage the device shaft and cause deformations that could render the device unusable.
  • Close the clamp to hold the panel in place. Do not use force when clamping, otherwise when removing the panel the required force to release the panel can be too high for the operator.
  • Turn on the micrometer.
  • Gently turn the handle to raise the indenter. To get an indentation speed of about 0.2mm/s requires about half a revolution per second.
  • The test is carried out either to a predetermined indentation depth at where the panel is evaluated or defects in the coating or to the depth where the first defects in the coating form.
  • After the results have been determined turn the indenter back to below the zero position.
  • Release the sample clamp and remove the sample.
Cupping Test Side View Cupping Test In Use


Technical Data

Technical Data
Max. Sample Thickness: 1.2 mm (steel or aluminum)
Max. Sample Width: 95 mm
Max. Sample Length: infinite
Punch Diameter: 20 mm /hardened steel
Die Diameter: 26.8 mm /hardened steel
Gage Resolution: 0.01 mm
Cupping Range/Stroke: 15 mm
Displacement per Revolution: 0.48 mm per handle revolution
Instrument Height: 370 mm (excl. lamp/magnifier)
Instrument Diameter: 230 mm (excl. lamp holder)
Cylinder Diameter: 236 mm
Base Diameter: 300 mm
Total Weight: 16 kg
Materials: Anodized aluminum, Stainless steel, Powdercoated steel, Tungsten Carbide steel


Special Care

  • Though robust in design, this instrument is precison-machined. Never drop it or knock it over
  • Always clean the instrument after use.
  • Clean the instrument using a soft dry cloth. Never clean the instrument by any mechanical means such as a wire brush or abrasive paper. This may cause, just like the use of aggressive cleaning agents, permanent damage.
  • Do not use compressed air to clean the instrument.
  • Always keep the instrument in its case when not in use. Protect gages that lie idle for extended periods of time from rust with an oil coating or oil soaked wrap.
  • Annual calibration recommended.


Safety Precautions

  • Never put hands/fingers in the clamping area.
  • Always have the clamp properly tightened during testing.
  • Never test chattering or breaking materials like glass or acrylics that chatter when exerted to high forces.
  • Avoid using it in over-high or over-low temperature environment.
  • Avoid humidity.


Foil Clamp


For use with thin substrates (foils) like metal sheet brass and copper, an optional foil clamp (PA-920211) can be ordered. Thin substrates tend to curl on the sides and then cannot be removed properly from the clamping mechanism of the cuping test.

Sliding the foil clamp on top of the sample after the sample has been locked into the cupping test standard clamping mechanism will prevent the sample material to curl. After test the coil clamp is removed and the standard clamp is relesed where after the sample can be removed properly.

Foil Clamp for the Manual Cupping Tester






Prices listed in US dollars and subject to change    For more info Contact Us or call 954-946-9454    Request a Quote
Item Number Item Prices

Digital micrometer, Calibration plate, 1mm Allen key and User manual
PA-920205 Manual Cupping Tester $3,295.00
Test Panels are available in a large variety of dimensions, materials and thicknesses. Each panel is equipped with a hole for hanging and handling.


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