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Balanced Beam Scrape Adhesion and Mar Tester

ASTM D2197, D2248, D2454, D5178; FTMS 141a, Method 6303.1; General Electric Company Spec.
F50TF7-S1; Military Spec. MIL-P-7788H

Balanced Beam Scrape Adhesion and Mar Tester


Used to perform scrape adhesion and mar resistance (scratch hardness) tests of coatings and surfaces of various materials.



This instrument consists of a pivoted beam with a 45° stylus holder, weight post and holder for supporting the total test load mounted on one end. On the other end of the beam is a counterweight. A cam is rotated to lower and raise the stylus and a sample bed mounted on ball bearings is used to move the test panel against the stationary stylus.
  • For differentiating the degree of adhesion of coatings to substrates
  • Provides relative ratings for a series of coated panels
  • Scrape Adhesion Test - The stylus used for scrape adhesion is a 1.6 mm (0.0625 inch) drill rod, bent to a 180° loop with 6.5 mm (0.256 inch) OD, hardened, buffed and chrome plated. Supplied with the tester is a set of twelve slotted weights with storage rack. In the adhesion test, weights are applied in 0.5 kg increments to a maximum of 10 kg.
  • Mar Resistance Test - By moving a free edge of the test film against the needle under a variable load expressed in grams, mar-resistance is determined as the minimum load in grams required to cut through the film to the substrate. In the mar (scratch resistance) test, weights can be applied in increments from 10 grams to a maximum of 12 kg.
  • Exceeds Requirements of ASTM D2197 Standard Test Method for Adhesion of Organic Coatings by Scrape Adhesion
  • Meets ASTM D5178 Standard Test Method for Mar Resistance of Organic Coatings
  • Meets Aircraft Engine Group Spec 50TF61-S1
  • Meets Naval Laboratory Spec WS 12858, Part 4.5.5 Hardness

Technical Data

Technical Data
Dimensions: 8 x 24 x 15 in (203 x 610 x 381 mm)
Net Weight: 51 lbs (23.1 kg)
Shipping Weight: 57 lbs (25.9 kg)

Coin Adapter Rod

The Balanced Beam Coin Adapter is a device originally developed as a quality control tool for determining the ease of removability of special "scratch-off" coatings applied to lottery tickets. It has been found to be equally useful in testing properties of paint, coatings, and other materials that include paper and paper products. The Coin Adapter is a rod fixture that can hold a coin in its chuck to be used as a scratching tool. The adapter clamp can accommodate a coin (Nickle, Dime, Euro, etc.), and allows the user to test the resistance of his coatings to scratch and mar from the milled edge of the coin.

In adhesion testing, sometimes the edge of a Hoffman type stylus may be too sharp, and the loop or needle stylus may not be sharp enough. In this case, the edge of a coin may have just the right edge. Not only will a coin provide a different type of cutting edge, but the adapter also allows the user to insert practically any type of test coupon desired (such as a thin wafer), as long as it has roughly the same thickness as a coin. When using the Coin Adapter, employ the normal operating procedure.

Balanced Beam Scrape Adhesion and Mar Tester Balanced Beam Scrape Adhesion and Mar Tester
Shown with Coin Close-up

Prices - Balanced Beam Adhesion Mar Tester Manual

Prices listed in US dollars and subject to change    For more info Contact Us or call 954-946-9454    Request a Quote
Item Number Item Prices

Tester, Loop stylus and needle stylus, Weight post and holder, Weight rack and set of 12 weights: 1 x 10gm, 2 x 20gm; 1 x 50gm; 1 x 100gm; 2 x 200gm; 1 x 500gm; 1 x 1000gm; 2 x 2000gm; 1 x 5000gm, and Operating instructions
PA-5780 Balanced Beam Adhesion/Mar Tester $3,894.00
100861666 Coin Adapter Rod 457.60
PA-5781 Loop Stylus Replacement; U shaped stylus 98.00
PA-5782 Needle Stylus Replacement needle stylus: 0.15 mm (0.006 inch) diameter
PA-5783 Rod Stylus Tungsten steel, 1.6 mm (0.064 inch) diameter 116.00
PA-5784 Ball Point 1/8 in 3.2 mm (1/8 inch) ball 95.00
PA-5785 Ball Point 1/16 in 1.6 mm (1/16 inch) ball 95.00
PA-5786 Spit stylus Larger diameter needle stylus, 60° point, 1.9 mm (0.077 inch) diameter 56.00
PA-1611 Hoffman Scratch Tool To perform the Hoffman scratch test 138.00
PA-5787 Stylus Holder Replacement Cylindrical steel rod 239.00
PA-6977 Weight Set Replacement; 1 x 10 gm; 2 x 20 gm; 1 x 50 gm; 1 x 100 gm; 2 x 200 gm; 1 x 500 gm 287.00
PA-6972 Weight 1000 gm Replacement; 1 x 1000 gm 102.00
PA-6974 Weight 2000 gm Replacement; 1 x 2000 gm 103.00
PA-6976 Weight 5000 gm Replacement; 1 x 5000 gm 215.00


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