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Washability Tester Item List & Information

Specifications Compliance

With hundreds of millions of strokes to our credit the Gardco washability machine has been proven as the industry standard for testing wear, scrubbability, washability breakaway and kinetic friction. This work horse is designed, built and manufactured in the USA, Gardco Washability machines are used in all the major laboratories around the globe, with an emphasis on reliability and durability it is the solid choice for your testing needs.

All Gardco designed and manufactured linear motion test equipment is described and specified in much greater detail than is called for in most of the many methods of test developed and promulgated by ASTM and other industrial and federal agencies. Care has been taken in design and manufacture not only to overcome deficiencies in earlier equipment of this type but also to comply with the specifics as well as the intent of existing standards that call for the use of such equipment. The following is a list of standards and methods of test that call for this type of equipment.


Specifications References

ASTM D1792 "Long Term Removability Properties of Emulsion Floor Polishes" • ASTM D2198 "Stain Removal from Multicolor Lacquers" • ASTM D4213 "Wet Abrasion Resistance of Interior Paints" • ASTM D2486 "Scrub Resistance of Interior Latex Flat Wall Paints" • ASTM D3206 "Standard Test Method for Soil Resistance of Floor Polishes" • ASTM D3450 Washability Properties of Interior Architectural Coatings & ASTM D4828 • ASTM D4488 Standard Guide for Testing Cleaning Performance of Products Intended for use on Resilient Flooring and Washable Walls • ASTM D6279 Test Method for Rub Abrasion Mar Resistance of High Gloss Coatings, Military Specifications: MIL-C-3004, MIL-C-46057, MIL-E-11237, MIL-P-1334, MIL-P-15422 • Rock Island Arsenal Specification RIX-268 • Commonwealth of Penna. Specification No. W-4 • Canadian Government Specification 26-G-3 • FTMS 141, Method 6141, "Washability of Paints" • FTMS 141, Method 6142, "Scrub Resistance" • FTMS Method 536/6701 • Federal Specifications: P-D-220, P-R-1760, P-W-155, T-1279,TT-P-26, TT-P-29, TT-P-30,TT-P-47, TT-P-508, TT-P-1932, TT-E-505, TT-E-506, TT-E-509, TT-C-535, TT-C-555.



Gardco warrants the equipment of its manufacture against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety days. Components in the equipment produced by others are warranted only to the extent of the warranty furnished by the producer of the component. The total responsibility of Gardco under this warranty is to replace any item of the equipment, determined by Gardco to be defective, within the warranty period. This warranty is void if Gardco determines that the equipment has been damaged under conditions or use beyond the limits covered by Gardco literature on the equipment. Any returns are the responsibility of the buyer and must first have the approval of the Paul N. Gardner Company.



The information contained herein, or supplied by us or on our behalf in any other manner is based on data obtained by our own research and is considered accurate. However, NO WARRANTY IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED REGARDING THE ACCURACY OF THESE DATA, THE RESULTS TO BE OBTAINED FROM THE USE THEREOF, OR THAT ANY SUCH USE WILL NOT INFRINGE ANY PATENT. This information is furnished upon the condition that the person receiving it shall make his own tests to determine the suitability thereof for his particular purpose.


Applications On-Site or for Lab

Anodic Coatings
Coated Papers
Coated Plastics
Coatings, Industrial
Coatings, "Slip-Proof"
Floor Coverings
Foils and Films
Paints, Architectural
Paper Board
Wood, Etc.


Price List - D Manual VF & VFI Manual VP Manual V Manual

Prices subject to change    Prices listed in US dollars for domestic shipments within US, Canada, & Mexico only    Export orders require quotations - click here for a quote     For more info call us 1-800-762-2478 or 954-946-9454.
Item Number Item Prices
WA-2151 D10, Basic Set Speed Model 6,563.00
WA-215111 ASTM D2486** Standard Test Accessory Package includes: WA-2230 Lily Frame,
WA-2205 Pan, WA-2235 Glass Plate, WA-2211 Brush Box, WA-2272 Nylon Stag Brush 5x4x13, PC-GP121-10N Gardco Scrub Test Panels and WA-2228 Brass Shims
WA-215113 ASTM D4213** includes: WA-2220 Sponge Box, WA-2222 Sponge, WA-2214 Scotch-Brite, WA-2230 Lily Frame, WA-2235 Glass Plate, WA-2205 Pan 1,303.00
WA-215118 ASTM D4828**includes: WA-2220 Sponge Box, WA-2222 Sponge, WA-2323 Sponge Box Weight (must be used with WA-2220 to equal 1Kg requirement), WA-2235 Glass Plate, WA-2205 Pan 1,200.00
WA-215121 ASTM D3450**WA-2220 Sponge Box, WA-2222 Sponge, WA-2320 Sponge Box Weight (must be used with WA-2220 to equal 1.5Kg requirement), WA-2235 Glass Plate, WA-2205 Pan 1,210.00
WA-2153 D10V, Variable Speed Model 7,347.00
WA-2155 D10VF, Variable Speed and Force Model 10,349.00
WA-2163 D12V, Variable Speed Model without Cut-Out Base 7,767.00
WA-2164 D12V, Variable Speed Model 8,279.00
WA-2171 D16, Basic Set Speed Model 6,351.00
WA-2173 D16V, Variable Speed Model 7,767.00
WA-2653 D10VP Pneumatic, Variable Speed Machine complete with 1/4 NPT quick-disconnect air source fitting, muffler and filter for exterior connection to machine P.O.R.
WA-2157 D10VFI, Variable Speed and Force Model with RS232 P.O.R.
WA-2166 D12VF, Variable Speed and Force Model P.O.R.
WA-2168 D12VFI, Variable Speed and Force Model with RS232 P.O.R.
WA-2175 D16VF, Variable Speed and Force Model P.O.R.
WA-2177 D16VFI, Variable Speed and Force Model with RS232
** Kit only works with 10 inch machines. Machines not included in kit.
Linear Motion Test Equipment Accessories
WA-2210 Brush Box 361.00
WA-2211 Same as above with Low Center of Gravity 361.00
WA-2220 Sponge Box 381.00
WA-2225 Abrasion Boat (same as Friction Boat) 446.00
WA-2195 Extended Drive Fork (for cut-out base models only) 417.00
WA-219105 Optional Voltage Transformer 110-120V to 220-240V 1000w 205.00
WA-2320 Rectangular, Steel weight to replace weight for sponge box to achieve a total weight of 1500g to meet (ASTM D-3450) 371.00
WA-2323 Special additional sponge box weight for total of 1000g 353.00
WA-2324 Weight Tare Replacement for sponge box  2lb gross wt total 353.00
Brushes Available for Brush Box
WA-2262 Nylon Bristle Brush, ASTM, Aluminum Base, 5/4x13 Rows 255.00
WA-2264 Hog Bristle Brush, Aluminum Base, 5/4x13 Rows 193.00
WA-2265 Hog Bristle Brush, ANSI w/water holes, 5/4x13 Rows 244.00
WA-2272 Nylon Bristle Brush, ASTM, PVC* Base, 5/4x13 Rows 61.00
WA-2274 Hair Bristle Brush, PVC* Base, 5/4x13 Rows 61.00
WA-2276 Nylon Bristle Brush, PVC* Base, 5x12 Rows 61.00
WA-2278 Hair Bristle Brush, PVC* Base, 5x12 Rows 61.00
*A stainless steel weight shim is furnished with each PVC brush.
Sponges Available for Sponge Box
WA-2222 Sponge for Sponge Box (D-3450) 3.9" x 3.1" x 1.5" wet cut 8.00
WA-2322 Sponge for 1500g Sponge box (D-3450) 3.9"x 3.1"x 1.75" 9.00
WA-2336 Cut your own sponge from 1 .5" x 10" x 15" block (can be used with Brush Box) 22.00
WA-2337 Cut your own sponge from 2" x 10" x 15" block (can be used with Brush Box) 24.00
WA-2338 Cut your own sponge from 3" x 10" x 15"block (can be used with Brush Box) 37.00
- All Sponges are Fine Pore, Uncompressed, Wet Cut
Sponge Available for Brush Box
WA-2212 Sponge for brush box (D-4213) 3 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 1 5/8" wet cut 8.00
Sample Tray and Accessories for Models with 7", 8", 9" and 10" Stroke Lengths
WA-2205 Test Sample Tray, 18" (Standard) with “C” clamps 500.00
Accessories for 18" Sample Tray
WA-2230 Lilly Frame, 17.75" (Standard) 415.00
WA-2235 Glass Plate, 17.75" (Standard) 46.00
Friction and Hardness Accessories
WA-2224 Friction Box and Sled (Complete Replacement) 772.00
WA-2225 Friction Boat (same as Abrasion Boat) 446.00
WA-2227 Friction Boat Auxiliary Weight 290.00
WA-2226 Spherical Bed Abrasion Boat 932.00
WA-2326 Hardness Measuring Boat 860.00
WA-2281 Force Checking Assembly complete with clamp pulley weights = 6lb 819.00
Sample Tray and Accessories For Models with 12" and 16" Stroke Lengths
WA-2207 Test Sample Tray, 24" (Long) with “C” clamps 564.00
Accessories for 24" Sample Tray
WA-2233 Lilly Frame, 23.75" (Long) 448.00
WA-2237 Glass Plate, 23.75" (Long) 45.00
Replacement Parts
WA-2194 Standard Drive Fork (Replacement) 478.00
WA-2280 Replacement Weight Shim for PVC Brush 21.00
Scrub Test Panels - Click here for more info
PC-P121-A Type A Scrub Test Calibration Panels(box of 3) 63.00
PC-P121-C Type C Scrub Test Calibration Panels(box of 3) 63.00
PC-P121-10N Leneta Plastic Scrub Panels, Black, (box of 100) 272.00
PC-P123-10N Leneta Plastic Scrub Panels, White, (box of 100) 242.00
PC-GP121-10N Gardco Black Scrub Panel P121-10N (1 Box) 239.00
PC-GP122-10N Gardco White Scrub Panel P122-10N (1 Box) 244.00
Materials and Applicators
WA-SC-1 Standardized ASTM Scrub Medium, Non-Abrasive 36.00
WA-SC-2 Standardized ASTM Scrub Medium, Abrasive (See Leneta ASTM Scrub and Staining Media) 36.00
AP-U-DOW-NK Dow Straddle Applicator, Latex Film 589.00
WA-2228 Brass Shim (2), 12"x0.5"x0.01"(ASTM D2486) Set 18.00
WA-2214 Scotch-Brite #7448 6 X 9 Box 20 Ultra-Brite Pads 43.00


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