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SUTHERLAND® 2000™ Dual Ink Rub Tester

SUTHERLAND® has been the industry standard in abrasion testing since 1951 and the instrument used in establishing the original ASTM D5264, ASTM F1571 & TAPPI T830

Sutherland 2000 Dual Ink Rub Tester


The SUTHERLAND® 2000™ "Dual" Tester provides the same robust functionality of a single tester while adding the ability to test two specimens side by side. This allows exact duplication of speed and resistance when comparing test results simultaneously. When a large amount of testing is to be completed, the SUTHERLAND® 2000™ "Dual" Tester provides a timely application as well as maintaining a reasonable budget short of requiring two separate testing units.

It also provides more flexibility within the test; for example you can run a test using a 2-lb and 4-lb weight at the same time or different receptors on each weight to compare how different abrasive surfaces affect the test specimen.





Federal and local governments and industries have standards to promote safety and quality. Businesses that are in compliance with these standards help boost consumers’ confidence in their products and services. For this reason, the fabric industry and the makers of packaging labels regularly subject their products to rub testing.

Printed Labels & Rub Testing
For printed labels, the rub test gauges the amount of abrasion or scuff that may result during shipping, handling or storage. The test may be used for the labels of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, as well as the characters on keypads, for example. These labels must be legible and stand up to wear over time.

One of the standard apparatus for performing ink tests on labels and printed materials is the SUTHERLAND® 2000™ Rub Tester. For label testing, the device puts a label in the machine, and, using the same device, attaches a similar label to a weight. By rubbing the two labels together at a specified speed for a specified period of time, the examiner can see how well the label resists damage.

Fabrics & Fastness to Rubbing
In the textile industry, a rub test determines the colorfastness of the color or dye in a fabric. It is an essential test. Fastness to rubbing also determines how well a fabric will resist stains. A test for fastness to rubbing can be performed on dry or wet fabric.

The tester needs a small piece of the fabric and a white test cloth. The test cloth is put on the grating and stag using stainless steel wire. The cloth swatches are rubbed together to see how much color rubs off on the test cloth. The examiner then uses the grey scale to access the degree of change in color.

The Meaning Of Colorfastness
If a fabric has good colorfastness, it is likely that it will resist fading when washed. Good marks on the rub test also indicate that a fabric is durable. The rating scale is Grade 1 to Grade 5, with 1 being a high degree of color transfer and 5 being no color transfer. Factors affecting the outcome of this test are how well the fabric is made, its color, its darkness, and how it will be used.

Ensure your product quality standards are hitting the mark. Our SUTHERLAND® 2000™ Rub Tester has been recognized as the industry’s standard for testing abrasion resistance. It offers 4 speeds, allowing you even greater flexibility. The Danilee brand has an established reputation for providing an exceptionally qualified rub testing product.


Hold Down Bracket

Hold Down Bracket for the Sutherland 2000 Dual Ink Rub Tester

When there was a need to have the test specimen stay in position while performing tests, often times tape would be used. Taping for every test can become time-consuming and tedious. As a result, the hold down bracket was designed. This bracket allows the user to simply turn two wing nuts to secure or release the test specimen.

Pictured is the hold down clip installed on a machine.


Optional Heated Weight

Optional Heated Weight for the Sutherland 2000 Dual Ink Rub Tester

This heated weight provides a uniform test for evaluating the "hot abrasion" resistance of printed cartons, labels, and periodicals. Where required, rub resistance specifications may now be based on the number of strokes at a given temperature as well as pressure.


Optional Weights


Several optional weights are offered for the SUTHERLAND® Rub Tester. Each weight would be used for different intensities of testing. Various other weights can be requested; such as kilogram weights. Please call for pricing.

Optional Weights for the Sutherland 2000 Dual Ink Rub Tester


Rubber Pads


In 1990 ASTM determined that the new style pad with its complete coverage of the weight provided more consistent and reliable results.

Note: if changing from "old style" pads to the "new style" pads, new test procedures may be required as the "new style" pads require more rubs to achieve the same results as the "old style" pads. The reason for this is that the "new style" pads decreases the PSI (pounds per square inch) as the weight is being spread over a larger contact area.

Pads should be changed a minimum of every six (6) months.

New Style Rubber Pads for the Sutherland 2000 Dual Ink Rub Tester Old Style Rubber Pads for the Sutherland 2000 Dual Ink Rub Tester
New Style - 3 Pads Old Style - 5 Pads
Each set of "new style" pads comes with a base pad
(2 - 5/8" x 6") and two (2) small pads (2" x 4").
Each set of "old style" pads comes with a base pad
(2 - 5/8" x 6") and four (4) small pads (1" x 2").


Price List

Prices listed in US dollars and subject to change    For more info Contact Us or call 954-946-9454    Request a Quote
Item Number Item Prices

Comes with two (2) 2-lb and two (2) 4-lb weights, a scoring fixture, and two (2) sets of replacement pads.

AB-010321 SUTHERLAND® 2000™ Dual Ink Rub Tester 115V/60Hz $6,799.00
Optional Accessories
AB-0112 Heated weight (optional) 2 lbs 1,244.00
AB-0114 Heated weight (optional) 4 lbs 1,244.00
AB-0147 Stainless steel hold down bracket (to secure base test specimen) 140.00
Additional accessories and replacement parts are available.
Replacement Pads
AB-0121 New Style: 1 pad (base) 2-5/8" x 6" and 2 pads (weights) 2" x 4" 40.00
AB-0123 Old Style: 1 pad (base) 2-5/8" x 6" and 4 pads (weights) 1" x 2" 67.00
AB-0125 Base Pad (2 5/8" x 6" black rubber pad with adhesive back) - 3/box 74.00
AB-0129 Silicone Pad (for heated weight) 78.00


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