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Linear Abraser 5750

Contoured Surface Testing


Measure abrasion resistance and other material properties of finished products of any size or shape - flat, concave or convex.

The Linear Abraser uses a free-floating head to follow the contours of every sample, permitting testing of finished products. With virtually no limit on sample size or shape, the Linear Abraser is ideal for testing consumer products, automotive components, painted parts, printed graphics, optical products, rubber, leather, textiles and for use in testing laboratories.

Linear Abraser 5750





Versatile testing with a single, rugged, durable machine.
With adjustable stroke length, speed, load and a wide selection of Taber attachments, the Linear Abraser allows you to customize test parameters to your exact needs. With accessories, the Linear Abraser can be used to perform scratch, coin scrape, crockmeter, rub, pencil hardness scratch, paperclip mar, chemical rub, wire scrape, plus other tests. An optional specimen table provides additional flexibility for securing samples.

Maintain consistent testing standards with Taber’s world-famous abrasives.
The Linear Abraser abrades with a Wearaser®. The size and shape of a pencil eraser, the Wearaser uses the same high-quality Taber abrasive media found in Taber’s world-famous wheels so you’re assured of consistent test results.

  • Stainless Steel Wearaser Collet for use with vitrified or resilient Wearasers
  • Laser alignment guide
  • CE marked


Technical Data

Technical Data
Variable Load: From 350 - 2100 grams with optional weight discs
Variable Stroke Speed: From 2 - 75 cycles per minute
Stroke Lengths: Eleven stroke lengths (0.2” to 4.0”)
Preset Stroke Speed: Buttons for 2, 15, 25, 30, 40, 60 cycles per minute
Cycles: Programmable to 999,999
Power: 115V/230V switchable



Linear Abraser 5750 Diagram




Price List

Prices listed in US dollars and subject to change    For more info Contact Us or call 954-946-9454    Request a Quote
Item Number Item Prices

Wearaser collet and spline shaft (350 grams), 250 gram weight discs (3 ea.), CS-10 wearasers (pkg/10), H-18 wearasers (pkg/5), Power cords (115V & 230V), Hex L-key tool, Wearaser depth gauge tool, S-14 refacing strips (pkg/50), Hand brush
AB-530101 Linear Abraser 5750 (115/230V, 60/50 Hz) $6,195.00
Linear Abraser - Wearaser®
AB-531505 CS-2 Wearaser Resilient Media (No Abrasive) 49.00
AB-531509 CS-8 Wearaser Abrasive Media - Resilient, extra mild (pkg/10) 49.00
AB-531511 CS-10F Wearaser Abrasive Media - Resilient, very mild (pkg/10) 49.00
AB-531513 CS-10 Wearaser Abrasive Media - Resilient, mild (pkg/10) 49.00
AB-531500 CS-17 Wearaser Abrasive Media - Resilient, harsh (pkg/10) 49.00
AB-532000 H-10 Wearaser Abrasive Media - Vitrified, fine (pkg/5) 33.00
AB-532100 H-18 Wearaser Abrasive Media - Vitrified, medium (pkg/5) 33.00
AB-532200 H-22 Wearaser Abrasive Media - Vitrified, coarse (pkg/5) 33.00
AB-532050 H-38 Wearaser Abrasive Media - Vitrified, very fine (pkg/5) 33.00
AB-532060 Eraser according to MIL 12397B (pkg/5) 44.00
AB-532300 CS-10F Jumbo Wearaser - Resilient, very mild (pkg/10) 60.00
AB-532500 CS-10 Jumbo Wearaser - Resilient, mild (pkg/10) 60.00
AB-533200 CS-5 Jumbo Wearaser - Felt (pkg/5) 40.00
AB-534903 S-14 Refacing Strips, S-14 (pkg/50) 35.00
Linear Abraser - Wear & Abrasion Accessories
AB-534907 Spline kit - 10mm Diameter x 300mm Stainless Steel 180g 419.00
AB-534917 Wearaser Collet Kit, Stainless Steel (98g) 211.00
AB-534920 Wearaser Collet Kit, Plastic (16g) 265.00
AB-534921 Jumbo Wearaser Collet Kit (43g) 231.00
AB-535300 Crock Meter Kit (165g), includes finger, clamp ring & cloths 226.00
AB-535200 Crocking Cloths, 2” x 2” (pkg/1,000) 75.00
AB-534923 Universal Attachment, 25.4mm diameter (98g) 242.00
AB-535325 Wire/Cable Scrape Abrasion Kit, includes 2 attachments: remote start/stop kit, abrading wire and specimen mount 2,256.00
Linear Abraser - Scratch & Mar Accessories
AB-535723 45° Multi-Mar Scratch Attachment, includes loop stylus 394.00
AB-535731 Copper Coin (for use with Multi-Mar) 35.00
AB-535733 Conical Scratch Tip, 0.1mm Diameter 195.00
AB-535739 Hemisphere Scratch Tip, 1.0mm Diameter 85.00
AB-535741 Hemisphere Mar Tip, 7.0mm Diameter 88.00
AB-535400 Coin Holder Attachment - 45° (27g) 172.00
AB-535700 Coin Holder Attachment - 75° (27g) 172.00
AB-535705 Pencil Hardness Scratch Kit (Includes Pencil Set) 405.00
Linear Abraser - Table Options
AB-534215 T-Slot Universal Table 603.00
AB-534200 Universal Specimen Table, includes base mount, low profile base, three interchangeable heads & spacer 494.00
Linear Abraser - Set-Up Options
AB-536920 Auxiliary Weight - 20 gram (each) 118.00
AB-536900 Auxiliary Weight - 50 gram (each) 110.00
AB-536800 Auxiliary Weight - 75 gram (each) 126.00
AB-536700 Auxiliary Weight - 100 gram (each) 132.00
AB-536600 Auxiliary Weight - 150 gram (each) 135.00
AB-536500 Auxiliary Weight - 250 gram (each) 88.00


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