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SnakeEye IIâ„¢ & IIIâ„¢ Video Borescope Illuminated & Inspection Comparators and Reticles
SnakeEye II™ & III™
Video Borescope
Illuminated & Inspection
Comparators and Reticles
Lets your eyes travel where you can't. A versatile diagnostic tool that can inspect areas as small as 4mm.
Wireless Inspection Camera great for water restoration, HVAC & refrigeration, electrical inspection, automotive, pest control, etc.
A variety of magnifiers that have built in lights and ones that contain a fine quality coated achromatic lens.
Magnifying Comparators and Reticles with transparent barrel focusing magnifier that measures small dimensions accurately and conveniently.
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Polariscope LED Flashlight Mirror Deep Hole Inspection Light Magnifying Devices
LED Flashlight Mirror
Deep Hole Inspection Light
Magnifying Devices
Essential tool for detecting strains in all transparent materials, can be used to check production items, incoming materials & parts.
Extendable LED flashlight with magnetic ends and inspection mirror.
A self-contained light for viewing into deep holes around corners, under deep grooves, etc.
Many types of magnifiers used for almost any need in the laboratory, on the field or daily use.
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Pocket Optical Comparator Optical & Illuminated Magnifiers
Pocket Optical Comparator
Optical & Illuminated
Convenient for checking angles, thread measurements, hole sizes and more.
Fowler Magnifiers are of the highest optical quality and offer fine resolution.
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USB Microscope Stereo Microscopes Digital Microscopes Pocket-Scope and Micro-Light
USB Microscope
Stereo Microscopes
Digital Microscopes
Pocket-Scope & Micro-Light
Small, portable, inexpensive and easy microscope that can be connected directly to a PC. Supplied with software for immediate inspection and measuring.
Variety of stereo microscopes including trinocular zoom, inclined head-dual and head-fixed.
Designed for university and lab use with superb optical clarity & reliable mechanical engineering assure years of top performance.
Easy on-the-job viewing with the Pocket-Scope and Micro-Light, invaluable for inspection and measurement.
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232B Industrial PTC Microscopes
232B Industrial Microscope
PTC Microscopes
Offers 20X or 40X magnification and a measuring scale graduated from 0 to 50 in increments of 0.002 and 0.004 inch.
Hand held microscope and pocket sized microscope both come complete with an illuminator.
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Pocket PAL 1, 2, & a Refractometers Pocket PAL 22S (Honey) Refractometer Pocket PAL 10S (Urine) Refractometer Pocket PAL Refractometers
Pocket PAL 1
Pocket PAL 22S (Honey)
Pocket PAL 10S (Urine)
Additional Pocket PAL's
Highly durable refractometer sample stage ideal for measuring cutting oils, organic solvents, etc.
Digital Hand-held Pocket Honey Refractometer, the PAL-22S is the best way to check the %water content in honey.
Urine S.G. refractometer for safe and easy measurement of urine specific gravity.
Refractometers for coolant, salinity, wine and fatty, dark samples.
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Pen-Urine S.G. Refractometers Hand-Held Refractometers Abbe NAR Series Refractometers NATA on USG Testing
Pen-Urine S.G.
Abbe NAR Series
NATA on USG Testing
Digital hand-held "pen" urine S.G. refractometer that is extremely water resistant.
Hand-held refractometers featuring the master series, analog,specific gravity and salinity testing refractometers.
The Nar Series Abbe Refractometers are designed for many measurement needs like; liquids, solids, high temp compounds, etc.
Report from the Journal of Athletic Training by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Inc.
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NATA on USG Testing
What is Brix?
The Brix scale is a popular scale derived from the refractive index of a solution at 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit).
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