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MaxDetail MaxEvent Eschenbach Magnifiers Hand Lens
Eschenbach Magnifiers
Hand Lens
The easiest-to-fit binocular distance system, they will focus on objects from distances of 10 feet (3 meters) to infinity.
These hands-free, head mounted glasses provide 2x magnification and can be adjusted so that each eye lens can be focused separately.
Several types of Eschenbach magnifiers including: System Vario Plus, Clip-On Loupes and Linen Testers.
The Model 239 is a high quality, precision Ramsden hand lens, it is rugged and lightweight with a durable black anodized finish.
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SnakeEye IIâ„¢ & IIIâ„¢ Video Borescope Illuminated & Inspection
SnakeEye II™ & III™
Video Borescope
Extech Borescopes
Illuminated & Inspection
Lets your eyes travel where you can't. A versatile diagnostic tool that can inspect areas as small as 4mm.
Wireless Inspection Camera great for water restoration, HVAC & refrigeration, electrical inspection, automotive, pest control, etc.
Waterproof borescopes, completely submersible in water down to 1 meter for 1 hour.
A variety of magnifiers that have built in lights and ones that contain a fine quality coated achromatic lens.
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Mag Stick Light Inspection Mirrors Deep Hole Inspection Light
Mag Bright Stick & UV Light
Inspection Mirrors
Deep Hole Inspection Light
LED Flashlight Mirror
The Magnetic Bright Stick is a magnetic pocket sized flood light. A UV version is also available.
A vareity of inspection mirrors, some with LED lights and some with magnetic pick up features.
A self-contained light for viewing into deep holes around corners, under deep grooves, etc.
Extendable LED flashlight with magnetic ends and inspection mirror.
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Pocket Optical Comparator Optical & Illuminated Magnifying Devices Comparators & Reticles
Pocket Optical Comparator
Optical & Illuminated
Magnifying Devices
Comparators & Reticles
Convenient for checking angles, thread measurements, hole sizes and more.
Fowler Magnifiers are of the highest optical quality and offer fine resolution.
Many types of magnifiers used for almost any need in the laboratory, on the field or daily use.
Information and data on a large number of magnifying reticles and comparators.
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Articulated Arm Magnifier Polariscope Stereoptic Magnifier Polariscope
Articulated Arm Magnifier
These illuminated magnifiers provide hands-free viewing for greater detail and reduced eye strain.
Essential tool for detecting strains in all transparent materials, can be used to check production items, incoming materials & parts.
The Visolux Digital HD is a hand-held video magnifier with LCD screen and anti-glare coating.
The SmartLux Digital is a revolutionary portable video magnifier for an economical price.
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Pocket Comparator Set Stereoptic Magnifier
Pocket Comparator Set
Stereoptic Magnifier
The 10x Pocket Optical Comparator Set comes with an illuminator, 9 reticles and compact case.
Ideal vision aid for technical benchwork, inspection & quality control, lab work, etc., where image magnification is a necessity.
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DPM 232B Industrial Stereo Microscopes Digital Microscopes
DPM 200, 300, & 400
USB Microscope
Stereo Microscopes
Digital Microscopes
The digital pocket microscopes deliver crisp, clear color images with a resolution up to 1280 x 1024 pixels.
Small, portable, inexpensive and easy microscope that can be connected directly to a PC. Supplied with software for immediate inspection and measuring.
Variety of stereo microscopes including trinocular zoom, inclined head-dual and head-fixed.
Designed for university and lab use with superb optical clarity & reliable mechanical engineering assure years of top performance.
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Illuminated Pocket Stereo Microscope PTC Microscopes Eschenbach Microscopes
Illuminated Pocket
Stereo Microscope
PTC Microscopes
Eschenbach Microscopes
Hand held unit for quality control, inspection, field use, electronics, metal analysis, clinical observation, cloth/ paper & plant studies.
This microscope includes 1X and 3X objectives, 10X eyepiece and 12 volt incident (top) illuminator with an off/on switch.
Hand held microscope and pocket sized microscope both come complete with an illuminator.
Micro and Tube magnifiers both have precise focusing by means of adjustment ring and they're illumination can be connected if required.
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Micro-Mike 232B Industrial
Pocket-Scope & Micro-Light
232B Industrial
Easy on-the-job viewing with the Pocket-Scope and Micro-Light, invaluable for inspection and measurement.
Microscope offers 20X or 40X magnification and a measuring scale graduated from 0 to 50 in increments of 0.002 inch and 0.004 inch.
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Pocket PAL 1, 2, & a Pocket PAL 3 Pocket PAL 22S (Honey) Pocket PAL-Urea
Pocket PAL 1, 2, & α
Pocket PAL 3
Pocket PAL 22S (Honey)
Pocket PAL-Urea
Highly durable sample stage ideal for measuring cutting oils, organic solvents, etc.
Full Scale, 0-93% Brix, Pocket Refractometer, light-weight and small in size, transports easily from your pocket to your palm.
Digital Hand-held Pocket Honey Refractometer, the PAL-22S is the best way to check the %water content in honey.
Quickly & accurately measure the urea concentration in
emissions-reducing diesel exhaust fluid additives.
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Pocket PAL BX/RI Pocket PAL 10S (Urine) Pocket PAL's Pocket PAL's
Pocket PAL BX/RI
Pocket PAL 10S (Urine)
PAL-BX/Acid Series
Additional Pocket PAL's
Digital Hand-held Pocket refractometer with a dual scale that measures both Brix and Refractive Index.
Urine S.G. refractometer for safe and easy measurement of urine specific gravity.
Pocket brix-acidity refractometer and master kits, easily measure brix and acidity with one unit.
Refractometers for coolant, salinity, wine and fatty, dark samples.
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Additional Pocket PAL's Pen-Urine S.G. Master URC Series QR-Brix
Pocket PAL List
Pen-Urine S.G.
Master URC Series
QR-Brix Refractometer
Table of our line of Pocket PAL Refractometers for all types of testing mediums.
Digital hand-held "pen" urine S.G. refractometer that is extremely water resistant.
Specific gravity can be measured with only one drop of urine.
The QR-Brix is a digital suction-type refractometer with convenient single-handed operation.
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Hand-Held Pen-Pro QR-Brix In-Line Refractometers
Pan-1 Refractometer
In-Line Refractometers
Hand-held refractometers featuring the master series, analog,specific gravity and salinity testing refractometers.
Digital Hand-Held “Pen” Refractometer with continuous measurement feature to expand measuring methods.
Digital immersion refractometer, a simple concentration monitoring system.
In-Line refractometers with cutting edge technology and brix or concentration measurement.
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In-Line Refractometers In-Line Refractometers PR-Alpha "Palette" AP-300 Polarimeter
SAC-i Auto Saccharimeter
DD-7 Refractometer
Introducing An Ideal In-line Unit for Low Concentration Samples
Process Refractometer features a new design of the detection unit, which is to be mounted on the wall of a vessel.
Provides high accuracy measurement over a wide range & maximum usability with its touch screen.
Digital Differential Refractometer, the ultimate snswer for monitoring low-concentration liquids.
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RX-5000α-Bev RX-5000i RX-5000α RX-5000α-PLUS
The RX-5000α - Bev Automatic Digital Refractometer is answering the demand for a quick and easy sample clean up refractometer for beverages.
Digital Refractometers with the ease of touch-screen technology.
The RX-5000α  (Alpha) Digital Refractometer, with internal heating/cooling mechanism, provides the ultimate in digital accuracy and precision.
The RX-5000a-PLUS has all of the same great features of the traditional RX-5000a, but also boasts the unheard of accuracy of ±0.00002 nD and ±0.01% Brix.
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RX-7000α RX-007 RX-9000α AP-300 Polarimeter
AP-300 Polarimeter
Best for high refractive index samples this model offers up to 1.7000 in refractive index measurement and up to 70°C in measurement temperature.
With high quality and high accuracy the RX-007a is suitable for measuring water solutions of very low concentrations and at a very high accuracy.
Fully automatic digital refractometer with highest level of accuracy of its kind. Designed with a wide measurement of temp range and accuracy.
A multifunctional automatic polarimeter at a reasonable price!
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Automatic SMART-1 Abbe DR-M Series Abbe NAR Series Abbe A1
Automatic SMART-1
Abbe DR-M Series
Abbe NAR Series
Abbe DR-A1
An automatic refractometer with a wide measurement range.
These Refractometers, with multiple wavelengths and auto Abbe no. measurement are the 1st instruments of their kind for the high-level iIndex analysis of liquids, glass, plastic, & film.
The Nar Series Abbe Refractometers are designed for many measurement needs like; liquids, solids, high temp compounds, etc.
The Model DR-A1, with its digital display, provides the user with a precision instrument for the Brix and Refractive Index (nD) analysis of liquids, glass, plastic, & film.
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Polax-2L Polarimeter In-Line Refractometers Pen-Urine S.G. PR-Alpha "Palette"
Polax-2L Polarimeter
RePo Series
T3-NE Clinical Refractometer
PR-Alpha "Palette"
The Polax-2L is widely used in the sugar, pharmaceutical, chemical, perfume and educational industries.
The RePo Series is a portable refracto-polarimeter that is a fusion of refractive index and angle of optical rotation.
One versatile unit for the serum protein concentration, urine specific gravity and refractive index.
This digital Refractometer has ELI, a new technological feature to ensure taking accurate measurements indoors and outdoors.
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NATA on USG Testing
NATA on USG Testing
Report from the Journal of Athletic Training by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Inc.
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