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Film Thickness measurement determines the depth of an applied coating. It is necessary to identify the amount of material needed to achieve a particular coating thickness that will give the best protection against damage, wear, and corrosion.

Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Gauges, also known as Coating Thickness Gauges or Paint Thickness gauges, measure the thickness of a coating on a substrate or surface after the coating has dried. We offer non-destructive and destructive gauges for single or multiple layers.

Wet Film Thickness (WFT) Gauges measure the thickness of wet paint or any liquid-based coating film right after the application. Wet Film Thickness Gauges or wet paint thickness gauges are simple, inexpensive, easy to use tools that measure the coating thickness of paints, enamels, lacquers, adhesives, & many other wet coatings that are sprayed, dipped or brushed on a smooth surface. Custom Wet Film thickness gauges with company information are available through Gardco for promotional giveaways.

Dry Film Thickness

Positector® 6000 Film Thickness Gauge Positector Inpsection Kit PC Powder Checker Powder Thickness Gauge Positector® 200 Film Thickness Gauge
Positector® 6000 Series III
Positector Inspection Kits
PC Powder Checker
Positector® 200
Coating thickness gages that non destructively measure thickness for a variety of applications on ALL metal substrates.
Unique, variable applicator designed for use where precise thickness control of coil coatings & other types of coatings is required.
The PosiTest PC Powder Checker is a non-contact uncured powder thickness gage.
This instrument non-destructively measures a wide variety of applications using proven ultrasound technology.
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Byko-test Dry Film Thickness Gauge Protective Coatings Field Kit Positector Smartlink Film Thickness Gauge PosiPrinter
Protective Coatings Field Kit
Positector SmartLink
The byko-test gauges offer a unique solution to monitor environmental conditions while measuring dry film thickness.
The BYK Protective Coatings Field Kit is a complete solution to evaluate the environmental conditions prior to painting.
This instrument can wirelessly connect your PosiTector probes to your smart device.
This Bluetooth Printer is perfect for wirelessly printing readings and statistical summaries from the shop floor or the job site.
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PosiTest® DFT Dry Film Thickness Gauge Fischer MPOR Series Coating Thickness Fischer Feritscope Coating Thickness Gauge FMP 10-40 Series Coating Thickness Gauge
PosiTest® DFT II
Fischer MPO/MPOR Series
Fischer Feritscope
FMP 10-40 Series
The PosiTest DFT II Coating thickness gauge for Ferrous and All Metal Coatings.
Coating thickness instruments with radio transmitters for electrically non-conducting coatings on non-ferrous metals and other materials.
This instrument is used for non-destructive measurement of the ferrite content.
The FMP10-40 series is comprised of two model types: The base instrument FMP10-20 and the flexible, user definable premium class FMP30-40.
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MMS Inspection Dry Film Thickness Gauge MiniTest 700 Series Coating Thickness Gauge MiniTest 650 Series Coating Thickness Gauge MiniTest 70 Series Caoting Thickness Gauge
MMS Inspection DFT
MiniTest 725 Gauge
MiniTest 650 Series
MiniTest 70 Series
The MMS Inspection DFT is a coating thickness gauge that measures virtually all metals.
Cooting Thickness gauge with SIDSP® (Sensor Integrated Digital Signal Processing) sensor technology.
The Minitest 650 is a rugged coating thickness gage for non-magnetic and insulating coatings.
Designed for quick and easy non-destructive coating thickness measurement.
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Mikrotest PosiTest Coating Thickness Gauge
QNix 5500
QNix 9500
Coating thickness gauge with no power supply and no calibration.
For the non-destructive measurement of non-magnetic coatings on steel.
The QNix 5500 Coating Thickness Gauge is handy, extremely robust gauge designed to measure coating thickness.
The QNix 9500 Coating Thickness Gauge is used to measure the thickness of paint and coatings on metal.
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QNix 8500 Coating Thickness Gauge QNix 4200 & 4500 Coating Thickness Gauge CG204 Coating Thickness Gauge
QNix 8500
QNix 4200 & 4500
ZMM 5000
CG204 Coating Tester
Accurately measure coating thickness on iron & steel substrates as well as non-magnetic metal substrates.
The 4200 for measurements over steel or iron & the 4500 for measurements over steel & aluminum have been designed for various applications.
Digital marking gauge that enables fast and precise determination of the dry film thickness of road markings and similar coatings.
Coating thickness tester features automatic substrate recognition and magnetic induction for ferrous substrates.
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Tooke Coating Thickness Inspection Gauge byko-cut universal Paint Thickness Gauge Paint Inspection Gauge Tooke Gauge Microgroover
Tooke Inspection Gage
byko-cut universal
Paint Inspection Gauge
Tooke Gauge Microgroover
Direct measurement of total coating thickness, and thickness of individual coats of paint.
A multi-purpose paint testing instrument that measures paint coating thickness, paint adhesion, and coating hardness.
The SuperPIG is a destructive precision tool for inspection and thickness measurement on single or multiple coats on virtually all substrates.
A major accessory tool for creating coating incisions for film thickness measurements with the Tooke Paint Inspection Gauges.
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PosiPen Coating Thickness Gauge SmarTest Coating Thickness Gauge Pro Gauge Coating Thickness Gauge
Pro Gauge II
Depth Thickness Gauge
Coating thickness gauge with pin point accuracy & high temperature capability.
The SmarTest is a wireless coating thickness measurement sensor with app.
Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge that measures the thickness of nonferrous coatings on steel.
The Depth Gauge is used for measuring thickness of open and closed fireproofing foam.
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Crash Check Car Body Paint Gauge Determining Dry Film Thickness Requirements Determining Dry Film Thickness Requirements  
Crash Check
Determine DFT Requirements
DFT Certification
Quick on the draw, spot check that is the ideal car body paint checker.
Learn about the SSPC PA-2: procedure for determining conformance to dry coating thickness requirements in this video.
Learn why dry film thickness gauge certification is important and how to do it.
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Dry Film Standards

Fischer Foils & Thickness Standards Calibration Thickness Standards Dry Film Standards Calibration Thickness Standards
Fischer Foils & Standards
Calibration Standards
Dry Film Standards
NIST Calibration Standards
Correct measurement of coatings with a Fischer coating thickness gauge, calibration foils required to verify the accuracy.
Certified coating thickness standards are ideal for verifying the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gages.
Certified Coating Thickness Standards, NIST Calibration Standards, and Measured Calibration Foils.
Used for Coating Thickness Gauges With Zero Plate from the Certified National Institute of Standards & Technology.
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GARDCO Coating Thickness Shims Calibration Thickness Foils & Shims Calibration Thickness Foils & Shims Tooke Thickness Standards
Certified Shims
Calibration Foils & Shims
Tooke Standards
GARDCO Shims are color-coded and color coded miked shims used in dry film thickness testing.
The Gardco 17025 Certified Dry Film Thickness Plastic Shims are dry film thickness standards used for calibration of all brands of dry film thickness gauges.
Precision measured calibration foils and precision plastic shim standards for calibration of thickness gauges.
Tooke Film Thickness Standards are all plastic film standards supplied as individual chips, 2 X 3 inches.
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Wet Film Thickness

Calling Card Gage Wet Film Thickness Gauge "HotCake" Wet Film Gauge Thin Wet Film Thickness Gage Octagon Wet Film Thickness Gage
Calling Card Gauge
"HotCake" Wet Film Gauge
Thin Film Gauge
Octagon Gauge
Measure wet film thickness of paints, enamels, lacquers, adhesives & many other wet coatings.
This gauge makes measurements on slightly curved or irregular surfaces.
This high precision gauge makes measurments on slightly curved or irregular surfaces.
All purpose wet film thickness measurement gauge with a range from 0.4 to 400 mils.
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Model S Wet Film Thickness Gauge Comb & Wet Film Thickness Gage Nordson Wet Film Thickness Gauges Long John Wet Film Thickness
Model S Gauge
Comb & Wet Film Gauge
Nordson Type WFT Gauges
Long John
Standard practice for measurement of wet film thickness of organic coatings by notched gauges.
Provide a useful aid to checking depth of a coating of paint, enamel, lacquer, adhesive or other material.
The Dual Nordson Type Gardco Wet Film Thickness Mil Gauge measures all types of wet coatings in mils and microns.
The Gardco Long John gauge can reach places that gauges previously could not fit.
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Tricombâ„¢ Wet Film Thickness Gauge Coil Coater Wet Film Thickness Gauge Model C Wet Film Thickness Gauge Model IC Wet Film Thickness Gauge
Coil Coater Gauge
Model C Gauge
Model IC Gauge
Disposable wet film gauge with mils and microns, with a unique shape that allows more measurements per edge.
This unique range wet film thickness gauge is the standard gauge for testing coil coatings. New handle available.
The Model C Wet Film Thickness Gauge is a precision instrument for use in the lab, the field and on the production line. New handle available.
Similar in design to the original Interchemical gauges with the distinction of having dual scale in mils & microns with a center eccentric disk. New handle available.
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Pfund Wet Film Thickness Gauge Inmont (IC) Wet Film Thickness Gauge Wet Film Thickness Theory
Pfund Gauge
Inmont (IC) Gauges
Wet Film Thickness Theory
This instrument consists of a spherical convex surface which is forced through the wet paint layer.
The Inmont (IC) Wet Film Thickness Gauges are ideal for thin film applications, popular with measuring wet ink film at the press.
Learn more about Wet Film Thickness, what it is, why it's important and how it is measured .
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